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Tear Jerker / Batwoman

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Spoilers Off applies to all Tear Jerker pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • In #3, Kate is attacked by the Weeping Woman and subjected to Mind Rape. Recognizing what a threat this woman is, Kate returns to her apartment and tells Bette that their partnership is over in order to protect her. Bette presses her for a valid reason, to which Kate coldly tells her that Bette is nothing more than a glorified pageant queen who can never understand what really drives superheroes like Kate, because all she's ever lost is "a tennis match". Bette slaps Kate and tells her that she probably would've driven away her mother and sister had they not died, then calls her a control freak before leaving. When Maggie Sawyer shows up at Kate's apartment demanding to know why she was stood up, Kate starts crying in her arms.
  • The second 0 issue is written from the standpoint of one of the recorded messages that Kate makes for her father before every outing as Batwoman, just in case she doesn't come back. Kate ends this particular message by telling her father that she "finally became Batwoman" when she realized that her father had lied to her about Beth's death, and that she had no one left she could trust. Nonetheless, she ends her letter with "I love you, Dad."
    • The issue also shows a twelve-year-old Kate sitting in her closet, still in her sleepwear, on the morning of her mother and sister's funeral. When her dad asks her why she isn't ready yet, her answer is heartbreaking:
    Kate: Beth... Beth always helped me pick out what to wear.
  • Jake admitting to a comatose Bette that he loved Beth more than her sister Kate, because Kate reminded him too much of himself.
  • It's sad enough seeing Kate get drugged and beaten up by a relatively minor enemy, but the kicker comes when she goes back home. Bleeding and bruised, Kate heads to the bathroom to clean herself up, and accidentally wakes up Maggie's daughter, who finds her and starts screaming at the sight of a strange, battered woman. This forms a rift between Maggie and Kate that leads to their breakup, and it's made worse since this situation was something Kate specifically promised Maggie she would never do.
  • A meta-example; J.H. Williams III revealed that one of the reasons why he's quitting the series after issue 26 was because the editors forbade Kate to ever actually marry Maggie Sawyer. Which essentially means that Kate's proposal means absolutely nothing.
    • Following this, the inevitable happened in #34: Maggie and Kate break up.
  • About a month after their breakup, Kate runs into Maggie at a crime scene while on patrol, and tries to ask how Maggie's daughter is doing. Maggie acts coldly toward her and eventually tells her to leave the scene before she "contaminates" it any more.

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