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Headscratchers / The Fox and the Hound

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  • Why did Widow Tweed think Tod would be safer at the game preserve than at home with her? It was really a bad idea to drop him off there because 1: Tod was raised as a pet from cubhood, and he therefore had no survival skills. And 2: When she released him, she actually set him up to be hunted by Slade. Though granted, she did drop him off at a game preserve where hunting is forbidden. Maybe she didn't think Slade would be so determined that he would break the law, but it's kind of ironic considering he had already vowed to catch a fox that was somebody else's pet. It's a good thing Tod met Vixey, or he wouldn't have survived for very long.
    • Widow Tweed realized that Amos had a point when he yelled, "You can't keep him locked up forever!" Eventually, Tod would get out again, and Amos would have no qualms at this point about shooting him dead, especially after what happened to Chief. She took him to the game preserve specifically because hunting was forbidden, and she believed Tod would be safer there. She had no idea Slade would go as far as to deliberately break the law just to get a shot at Tod.
  • Why did Slade and Copper think Tod deliberately caused Chief to fall off the track and injure himself? They saw the train coming, and Slade was even yelling at Chief to jump.
    • Slade has had it out for Tod every since he was a kit and "went after his chickens," even though it was Chief that chased him into the chicken coop. Copper only blamed Tod because otherwise, the only person he could blame was himself for letting Tod go in the first place.
  • Why didn't Widow Tweed call the police on Slade?
    • For what? About the only thing the police could get him for was destruction of property for shooting her milk jugs. And then she'd have to explain why there's buckshot holes in Slade's radiator. Any other time he was hunting Tod, it was because Tod was intruding on his property, and thus was fair game.
    • He also hunted in a game preserve, which is considered poaching. That would have gotten him in trouble with the law, whether it was Tod he was after or not.
  • Instead of buying Copper, why didn't Amos simply buy a female Irish wolfhound so Chief could breed with it and produce biological offspring of his own.
    • Amos is implied to not have a very fair view of women, if him referring to Widow Tweed as a "dang-blasted female" after damaging his radiator is any indication.
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    • Or maybe he specifically wanted a coonhound. And what comes to female dogs; they weren't at that time well-liked in hunting simply because they would go into heat.
  • How did Squeaks metamorphosize into a butterfly so quickly? It was perhaps a week at most between when he was last seen as a caterpillar and the end of the movie?