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Headscratchers / The Rescuers Down Under

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  • So McLeach is a wanted man, as evidenced by the WANTED poster we see at the beginning. Given that his truck leaves a trail a blind imbecile could follow, you'd think he'd be easier to find.
    • Who says he's the only one with that kind of truck? It could easily be a common model that a lot of people living in the outback have. Plus, I got the impression that they live in quite a sparsely populated area. While McLeach isn't book smart, he's street-smart enough to know to poach in areas that the Park Rangers usually don't look. (The sad thing is, that's actually Truth in Television...Park Rangers have other duties besides looking out for poachers, and there likely aren't enough to be constantly on the lookout for McLeach. That and park rangers aren't the police.)
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    • But there's one other thing. It always bothered me that the Rangers, who are wildlife officers and presumably know a thing or two about tracking, managed to follow Cody's trail to Crocodile Falls, but not the two sets of footprints leading away from it to the big truck tracks, and they didn't find the big manmade hole in the ground. And furthermore since the Rangers managed to trace Cody to the falls which seems really difficult seeing as how he dropped from the sky, they must have some idea how he got there (i.e. giant bird), so the idea that they wouldn't have an agent monitoring the eagle's nest is really surprising considering how valuable it and the eggs are.
  • There's a strange moment towards the end when Bernard gets McCleach's truck shut off, and steals the keys. McCleach starts looking for the keys, while Bernard hides behind the pedal. Bernard then looks down at something on the floor of the truck, then has this look on his face like he just got an idea, and then.... we just see him jumping out of the truck with the keys, and running into Joanna. What was that all about?
    • Presumably, he saw a way out of the truck, taking the keys with him to hinder McLeach further; realistically, he would look in the truck until he had exhausted every conceivable place they could have fallen into before it occurred to him that they may not be in the truck anymore. That and McLeach isn't very smart to begin with.
  • About Croc Falls... is that water flowing uphill before it gets to the crest of it and goes down to the river?
    • It's possible for water to be appearing to flow uphill depending on the grade of the area. Alternately, even if there is a slight uphill portion in the rivier, the current of the river is probably strong enough to overcome it (especially considering there's a huge honking waterfall at the end).
  • A website cataloging various Disney mistakes and plotholes brought up a good point: McCleach keeps boasting that Marahute will make him rich, but he already got Marahute's mate; why didn't he get rich from THAT bird?
    • Mcleach specifically wants her eggs, which male eagles can't lay.
      • If he wanted the eggs, he would have told Joanna to bring them back up as opposed to eating them. And don't try and tell me she couldn't, she could lift the rocks they were replaced with easy enough.
    • McLeach had already killed Marahute's mate, likely leaving Marahute as the last great golden eagle let in the wild. By taking her alive and destroying her eggs, he would ensure she would be the last great golden eagle, period, thus skyrocketing her value to anyone McLeach wanted to sell her to.
      • Except McLeach tells Joanna that by eating the eggs, she will be helping keep the eagle rare. This strongly suggests that Marahute cannot be the last of her species, because if that had been the case, Mc Leach would've surely wanted to get the eggs too; having the very last eggs of the species destroyed would've been a waste of money in his mind. It would seem then that the eagle is extremely rare but not quite extinct.
Also, keep in mind that female eagles grow bigger than males. Even if he did get a lot of money for the male eagle, the female, being bigger and more spectacular, would be worth even more in his mind. Finally, there's the fact that he implies he has killed the male, whereas the female was captured alive; again, this would've made her more valuable.
  • During the climax, Bernard causes McLeach to fall into the water first, and the crocodiles give chase as the poacher is dragged toward the waterfall. Once they are gone, Cody also falls into the water, followed by Bernard. Then, when the crocodiles notice they are getting too close to the waterfall, they turn around and swim away. Which means they are swimming towards Cody and Bernard again. How come they didn't notice and attack the two?
    • Maybe they did, but they just didn't wanna f*** with Bernard. Consider this is the same movie where Jake and Bernard both, at one point, scare a much larger animal into working for them.
  • The above makes me wonder... throughout the movie Cody is shown as being able to talk to animals and get their understanding/sympathy. Why then can't Cody simply explain his plight to the Crocodiles and ask them not to eat him? Presumably (with how well-regarded he seems to be by the wildlife) he'd have enough pull to beg at least that much.
    • Not all animals in this movie's universe can talk (Marahute and Joanna being the main examples), so perhaps not all of them can understand the human tongue either. Plus, the crocodiles are obviously very ferocious so Predators Are Mean may be in effect.
  • What does that "Come with a whimper, leave with a grin" remark imply?
    • It's pretty much a poetic way of saying that the doctor mouse's patients come in with injuries (hence the whimper), and will most certianley leave with their impairments fixed and dealt with.
  • Did Bianca not notice that Jake was flirting with her? She kisses Bernard to wake him up during the flight to Australia and immediately accepts when Bernard proposes to her at the end of the movie, suggesting she knew the relationship had shifted to romantic and was happy with it. Did she not realize Jake was trying to put the moves on her, and if she did, why didn't she tell him she's "taken" already?


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