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    Metal Gear Solid 
  • Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes was the updated version of the original MGS for the Nintendo GameCube, graphically enhancing the maps and adding the new game-play additions from MGS 2. The problem is that the narrow layout stages and limited number of enemies are the same as the PlayStation original. The new game-play features like first person shooting allow you to pick off guards and security cameras from a distance. Additionally, the silenced pistol has pinpoint accuracy and no maximum effective range. This makes the game much easier than the original.

    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 
  • In Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 3D, the Photo Camo feature, which lets you create camouflage from pictures taken with the 3DS' cameras, can generate camouflages that grant a 100% Camo Index, normally only obtainable with the Stealth Camouflage item only available in a New Game+, or the Moss Camo, obtained by holding up The End.

    Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots 
  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has the M14 EBR. In gameplay terms, it's essentially a cross between an assault rifle and a sniper rifle, with none of the drawbacks of either (it can be switched between an accurate semi-auto mode and a fast full-auto mode at will). It's also able to be modified (the only sniper rifle in the game that can be, in fact), almost eliminating any disadvantages of using it at close range, in third-person mode, or when you don't want to alert enemies. You can get this weapon very early in the game, before any setpiece battles; it's cheap enough you can often immediately buy one after Drebin's introduction with the points you retroactively gain for weapons picked up earlier on, or grab one and unlock it for even cheaper from the PMC snipers in the very next map area. Ammo is also incredibly easy to get for it, as about 95% of the PMC soldiers use weapons that share ammo with it.
  • There are several points in the game where, either due to a programming oversight or deliberate break, you can do something extremely minor and break any sort of challenge in the level, allowing you to waltz through whole stages easily:
    • When fighting Crying Wolf, hiding under the truck directly in front of Snake as the fight starts will make Snake impossible to damage except from directly in front, give him a fixed 99% camo index, protect him completely from stress or stamina loss due to the blizzard, and make the whole battle a matter of waiting for Wolf to wander into view and blasting her with the biggest, meanest gun at Snake's disposal when she does (unless you already have her rail gun, which is too bulky to use while prone but will pretty consistently kill her in one shot).
    • In the first section of the third stage, you're supposed to be disguised as Young Snake and sneak past the guards while tailing your mark. If you switch your FaceCamo to anyone else, though, everyone in the entire level ignores you.
  • Act 4 has at least one area that easily allows you to farm Drebin Points: simply equip as many healing items as you can, let the Dwarf Gekko in the tank hangar spot you, and then let one of them knock you over. They'll begin pulling out guns and shooting at you at this point. The thing is, though, Dwarf Gekko have three hands, but are using two of them just to stand up, so they can't reload - once the mag is empty, they toss the gun away and pull out a new one. Endlessly. Most of them have the GSR, but a few will also drop the Desert Eagle, which is otherwise unobtainable except by buying it from Drebin (thus saving points if you plan to use it later) and worth ten-thousand points afterwards. In about thirty minutes, you can make a million points by simply not killing the swarming Dwarf Gekko.

    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 
  • The Fox Blade in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. In terms of stats, it's similar with HF Blade, but is capable of ignoring armor. Fully upgrading this blade not only carry 50% chance ignoring armor, but also dismembering heavy enemies, eliminating the need of Ripper Mode. You won't be able to get high regular combos, but that's easily remedied once you realize that combos ONLY count hit number and nothing else, as long as you make use of your blade mode to toss in a few dozen hits (really easy considering you don't even need to weaken enemies for it to work) and you can get easy S ranks provided you don't get hit. The only downside is the armor cutting doesn't do much to bosses so you're better off using one with raw power at that point.
  • The White Armor/Medical Armor. It allows Raiden to carry ten Repair Nanopastes (which are an auto-revive if actively equipped when Raiden's vitality hits 0%) and Electrolyte Packs (quick refill of the Blade Gauge when there are no enemies around to attack and/or Zandatsu) on his person instead of five.
  • A fully upgraded Armor Breaker makes quick work of armored enemies.

    Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker 
  • The bandana. As per the franchise's tradition, it provides unlimited ammo. Unlike the stealth camo, it does not affect your rating. Very useful for boss battles, as it eliminates the need to keep requesting supply drops, though it does have the major drawback that it is equipped instead of rations and many bosses can kill player characters in one hit.
  • The Gatling gun. It has an enormous rate of fire, high damage per shot and is the only weapon that doesn't require reloading, which goes very well with the bandana.
  • The M47 is a guided surface-to-surface rocket launcher with the highest damage per shot of any rocket launcher in the game. It only comes with three shots, but those are usually enough to inflict heavy damage on whatever you're shooting at.
  • The Carl Gustav Fulton Launcher allows you to fulton soldiers from long range. It isn't just restricted to a single soldier, either. Groups of soldiers can be cleared off the map with this weapon. Many players find it to be an essential tool when S-ranking vehicle boss battles and at least one extra op can be cleared in seconds using it. Keep in mind that this weapon was so powerful that when it was reintroduced through the FOB mode in The Phantom Pain, it was rank-restricting, required a direct hit to function correctly and its range was drastically reduced.

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 
  • Once FOB platform and event missions are unlocked, the game just showers you with rewards that would otherwise take forever to farm. Resources and money are rendered a non-issue entirely, while recruiting five S+ soldiers of chosen type is a matter of finishing a single mission. Or getting thirty of "only" S rank. Any other method of farming for just about anything simply can't compete with rewards from FOB missions.
    • Certain types of FOB missions are faster and easier to finish than others. This means you spend more time picking and loading the mission and skipping post-mission report than playing it. And even the slower ones are a matter of 4 minutes on average.
    • The game automatically enrolls people into weekly PF league. You don't have to do anything at all, it just auto-resolves based on your PF stats. By the end of the week, you are granted reward points regardless of your final position in the league and trade those points just like the ones for FOB missions.
  • The Rocket Arm is a remote-controlled One-Hit KO projectile that is undetectable by enemies, and functions without any ammo limit other than auto-regenerating energy. The rocket arm can even knock out Heavy Infantry, who normally require CQC to stun because they're immune to tranquilizer darts. It's also the best way to knock out Quiet during Cloaked In Silence [Extreme].
  • Maxed-out Stun Arm allows to load a full charge into it, knocking out everyone in range of 45 meters. It also renders mentioned above Rocket Arm a pointless gimmick, since rather than single-target, it can easily clear entire outpost at once. Certain missions turn into a complete joke with it, allowing to finish them within minutes. And most importantly, there are no counters against it, nor it generates any sort of counter-equipment on enemy side. The only downside is the amount of time it takes to load the charge and then to recharge the battery, so it has to be prepared in advance, rather than used in emergency, but other than that, there is nothing as effective for knocking out multiple targets at once.
  • Quiet. She might seem useless at first, but spend some time with her and she can easily become the most helpful of your potentially formdiable companions.
    • She has two modes as a buddy: Scout and Attack. Sending her to scout will mark all the targets that are in the open, thus working like the D-Dog. Then she will align herself on the best spot to pick them all out, just awaiting order to do so.
    • With enough of a Buddy bond (50% or more), you will unlock the "Cover Me" command, which allows her to fire on all targets until told otherwise. With a tranquilizer sniper rifle and this command, Quiet will clear out entire swaths of the map without any further prompt. Most players who use her report giving her the command, going off to do a side objective in a mission and running across a mission area where everyone has been knocked out, setting them up for easy Fulton extraction. Though her starting gun isn't silenced, her attacks don't trigger Combat Alerts for you, and more to the point, it draws enemy attention towards her position. This is one of the most efficient ways to farm high-level recruits for Diamond Dogs. The only downside is that she can't snipe through heavy armor, but that just means that she'll end up shooting them in the arms/legs and tranq'ing them, just somewhat slower.
    • Quiet makes most (if not all) side ops involving soldiers incredibly easy. Just park her on a hilltop outside of the enemy base, have her shoot somebody with an unsilenced sniper rifle, sneak into the mission area and take care of the objective while all of the enemies are busy trying to take out Quiet. Conversely, her skills make battles with the Skulls very easy, as she will hunt them while they're going after Snake.
    • Once Quiet gets the Sinful Butterfly rifle, she can one-shot kill guys wearing helmets, and she can bring down helicopter gunships with two shots. She can even kill tanks and armored personnel carriers, although this requires several shots during which time the vehicle is very likely to start shooting back at her.
    • A minor, but relatively handy ability of Quiet is the fact she calls re-supplying drops on her own in regular intervals. This means you don't have to bother with it yourself nor pay attention to your ammo reserve or suppressor's condition.
  • D-Dog, made even more apparent because you get him very early in the game, and he has a whole host of overpowered and broken abilities that make most missions much easier.
    • Playing with D.D. is basically playing with a wallhack. Even before equipment or Buddy Bonds are factored into the equation, DD can identify enemies, prisoners, weapons, vehicles, medicinal plants, and pretty much anything of interest (aside from resource containers) from upwards of 100 meters away, marking them on the HUD without using the Binoculars, and essentially functioning as the Intel Team on steroids.
    • Getting the First Aid Manual after Mission 18 (located in Bwala ya Masa Village) makes D.D. a portable Fulton machine, who will automatically go around and try to Fulton all incapacitated/knocked out enemies (or prisoners) within 50 metres or so if the "Get It" command is used. Not only is this broken on its own, but it makes Mission 28 (Code Talker) the easiest place to farm high-level recruits early on. Simply equip D.D. with the Medical (Fulton) Suit, get a grenade launcher that fires non-lethal rounds, and go to town on the Puppet Soldiers you find (presuming you didn't defeat the Skulls). You'll be swimming in high-grade soldiers in no time.
    • He can be called upon to sit in a place and bark to draw attention away from Snake, and with the right equipment he gains the ability to ambush and kill, stun, or critically wound targets at Snake's command — most notably, unlike the aforementioned Quiet, he can non-lethally neutralize Heavy Infantry instantly — or be told to sit on a road to force vehicles to stop and honk their horn to force him to move, providing a window of opportunity to approach the vehicle from behind and Fulton it (and everyone in it) or take out the driver and/or passengers. Even walking near Snake has its benefits while sneaking, since if he gets too close to an enemy without trying to neutralize them, they'll stop whatever they're doing and try to shoo him away, making him handy as a distraction if an enemy gets too close. The only downside is that he can be injured while attempting to neutralize an enemy (especially if they're armed with shotguns), since they'll start shooting at him in self-defense.
  • The Cargo +2 upgrade for the Fulton device makes just about any sneaking mission a breeze. Look for a container, mark it on your map, complete your objective, sprint back to the cargo, fulton out with you on top of it by being on top of the container and fultoning it, then holding the interact button. This makes some of the nastier Chapter 2 missions (like Traitors Caravan [Extreme]) incredibly easy.
  • The weapon customization system can be a game-breaking tool, provided you have the proper weapons to play with:
    • Adding suppressors to almost any weapon that doesn't come with it for free? Check. Buffing suppressors for other guns so you run out of ammo before suppressors wears off? Check. Making a long-range assault rifle with good fire rate, suppressor and an underbarrel grenade launcher? Check. Using a 70 round drum magazine on a semi-auto sniper rifle to hardly run out of ammo? Check. Keeping it all at a very low deploy price due to bolting high-end attatchments to low-tier base? Check.
    • Among the weapons without suppressors that can be given suppressors with Weapon Customization is the AM MRS-73 Sniper Rifle, a rifle that happens to be one of only three Sniper Rifles in the game that can be fitted with tranquilizer rounds, and the only tranquilizer rifle to be semi-automatic (compared to the bolt-action of the other rifles, which greatly limits their rate of fire) and have a large magazine (20 rounds, compared to the 5 of the other tranquilizer rifles). Weapon Customization can even give it the medium-durability Suppressor from the M2000 Sniper Rifle, which lasts nearly long enough to fire its entire reserve of ammunition and turns silently taking down even the largest outposts into child's play.
  • The Parasite Suit. Despite the item description, it only restricts your rank to A or lower if you use the Stealth Parasite. Using it with the two other Parasite variations does not induce any restrictions.
    • The Armor Parasite makes "A Quiet Exit" (which is normally considered to be the hardest mission in the game, even with maxed Battle Armor and a maxed CGM 25) much, much more manageable. The drawback of having to call for parasite resupply drops is negated by the free ones Quiet calls down, and the only challenge is sprinting to each tank as soon as it appears. It's the easiest way to get an S-rank, and even makes the fourth optional objective (prevent Quiet from taking damage) simple when you're constantly drawing aggro.
    • The Mist Parasite in particular makes S-ranks incredibly easy — not only does it last longer then the Stealth Parasite of equal rank, but it is very easy to bypass the drawback of reduced vision it has by using D-Dog as a buddy and his passive marking to avoid getting too close to enemies.
  • Farming the Tsuchinoko (an Ultra Rare animal that is a callback to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater) can utterly trivialize the game once you reach Africa. If you have a maxed Capture Cage, some Bait Bottles and know where to find it (a small inlet at the northern end of Lufwa Valley), it can net you a maximum of 940 Heroism Points and nearly 1.6 million GMP if you catch eight at once. When you unlock the helicopter drop-off close to its location, it's the easiest way to farm money, and can net hundreds of thousands in minutes.


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