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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a very open-ended game, to say the least. Of course, such a game is usually expected to have a few items that break it in varying degrees. And this game definitely has its fair share.

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    Weapons and Shields 
  • The Master Sword. It has durability like any other weapon, but when it "breaks", it simply goes on a cooldown for a while, meaning once Link has this, he'll always have some weapon on hand, even if he has to wait a bit. This also makes it a good tool for mining and logging should Link lack the proper tools. The sword itself has a good attack power of 30, which doubles to 60 when in the presence of Malice or Malice-infused enemies like Guardians. The only caveat is that Link needs 13 permanent hearts to obtain it, but it's well worth acquiring. The Trial of the Sword DLC upgrades it further. The trial has three stages, and each one adds 10 extra points of damage to the Master Sword's base power, so once it's fully cleared, it'll basically be in its glowing, double attack state against Malice but permanently. Its durability also shoots up through the roof to 200, 5 times as durable as the base form's already above-average durability of 40. The only issue now is that the trials are quite difficult, but if the player is skilled enough, it's possible to power up the Master Sword right after obtaining it, thus giving Link an incredibly powerful sword for the rest of the game.
  • Ancient and Guardian weapons are some of the strongest and most useful weapons in the game. They're all effective against Guardians, so Link can slice off the legs of a Guardian Stalker to debilitate it and get more Ancient parts. The Ancient Arrow can instantly kill any Guardian if aimed at their eye, and will also vaporize any other enemy, although they will not leave behind any loot that way. These weapons are also effective against the four Blight Ganon bosses as they also have Guardian technology. They can be even stronger if Link has the Ancient Armor set upgraded to have the Ancient Proficiency effect, which boosts the power of these kinds of weapons by a whopping +80%, which can then stack with attack buffs. Give Link an Ancient Bladesaw or Guardian Axe++, start swinging, and watch the carnage. Finally, as a nice little bonus: Ancient and Guardian weapons are neither wood nor metal, so they will not burn up in the Eldin region, and they will not attract lightning in a thunderstorm, making them pretty safe in any weather. Guardians in Shrines will regenerate every Blood Moon, giving the player plenty of chances to harvest them for their weapons and Ancient parts. The Guardians in Major Tests of Strength in particular tend to carry either three weapons or two weapons and a shield, allowing Link to quickly stock up on parts, weapons, and shields.
  • Ancient Arrows. They are basically this game's equivalent to the Light Arrows, being able to One-Hit Kill almost anything they touch. Any organic, living monster is instantly vaporized upon being hit by one of them. From the Yiga guards in their base, to the ferocious Lynels, one Ancient Arrow shot will do them in. The only downside is that they will not drop any loot. Guardians will not be destroyed in one hit unless their eye is struck (instead dealing fixed damage equal to 1/3 of the Guardian's max HP), so they just require a bit more aiming (Or not, if you carry a bow that shoots 3 or 5 arrows, as only 3 need to connect with any part of the guardian to kill it (3 * 1/3 = Dead Guardian)). And unlike the Light Arrows of old, these can be obtained pretty easily. All of the resources needed to make Ancient Arrows are obtained when a Guardian is destroyed, so as long as the player can aim their shots well, the player will have a nice self-sustaining loop. Purchase Ancient Arrows from Robbie, destroy Guardians with them, use the materials to sell for rupees and to use for buying more Ancient Arrows, and repeat.
  • Multi-fire bows. These seemingly strong-but-not-overpowered weapons fire anywhere from three to five arrows per individual shot, with one major caveat- each shot still uses one arrow per firing. While this includes the Great Eagle Bow, which also has a fast firing rate, (80% faster than conventional bows) the Savage Lynel Bows are what's especially broken in this regard. Savage Lynel Bows boast good attack power, but they can fire at least three times. Some of these can get a Five Shot Burst effect, letting them fire five times. With proper aiming and use of updrafts, Link can just arrow spam and annihilate any Lynel or Guardian if he aims for their respective weak spots. Each arrow can be a Critical Hit, which can help Link fell these enemies without breaking a sweat. Combine a multi-fire bow with the aforementioned Ancient Arrows and the end result is something like a shotgun blast; even if your reticle misses your immediate target, you'll still kill it. Yes, even Guardians.
  • The Ice Rod can freeze an enemy solid, letting Link get some free hits on them, or it can be used to help Link flee from the scene in a pinch. The Blizzard Rod has much bigger radius, and a spin attack with it will basically freeze any enemy in a huge 360 degree radius around Link. The only limitation, aside from the durability, is that ice monsters and any Elite Mook (like Lynels or Hinoxes) will be immune, but everything else is fair game.
  • Fire and Ice weapons in general are good thanks to how Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors work with their Fire, Ice, Lightning set up. Any ice attack against a fire based enemy will be a One-Hit Kill, and vice versa, while lightning has no obvious exploit. Fire and ice weapons also serve a Mundane Utility, as an ice weapon can cool Link down in Gerudo Desert, while a fire weapon can keep Link warm in the Hebra region or in other colder areas. A fire weapon can also help slowly but surely melt ice blocks that hide items or Korok seeds simply if Link stands nearby, without using up any durability.
  • Thunderspears don't have much attack power, but have a good utility. It's effectively the Hylian equivalent of a taser, allowing Link to disarm his enemies. Poke them once, loot their weapons and either run off, or finish the job with a different weapon. However, this won't work on electric based enemies, as well as bigger enemies like Lynels.
  • Savage Lynel weapons. While Lynels are incredibly tough to defeat, they drop some of the strongest weapons in the game. The Savage Lynel Crusher and Sword can easily reach over 100+ Attack with the right bonus, while the Savage Lynel Bow is the only bow that can fire up to five arrows at once.
  • The Hylian Shield. It is the best shield in the game, with a high defense rating of 90, and the highest durability of 800. For comparison, the second most durable shield is the Daybreaker, with only 60 durability. In the hands of a skilled player, the Hylian Shield is all one would ever need. In the very rare occasion that it breaks, another one can be purchased at Tarrey Town once it becomes a full settlement. It's also not too difficult to obtain, if the player is brave enough to venture to Hyrule Castle. It can even be obtained almost immediately after getting off the Great Plateau if the player is brave and skilled enough.
  • Korok Leaves only have a base [1] attack, yet it can kill elite monsters if it's used properly. The wind gust it creates hits from mid-range, fans outward, hits multiple enemies at once, and sends them ragdolling a short distance. It only inflicts chip damage, unless you use it near steep cliffs, or deep water. Both hazards kill bokoblins and moblins instantly; including silver and gold ones.
  • Shock Arrows gain massive AoE and amplified damage during rain, or when used near/in bodies of water. It's possible to kill groups of silver and gold enemies (excluding Lynels) with only 3-4 shots in either scenario.
  • Stone Smashers have a base [42] attack with a durability of 40, which makes it one of the sturdiest weapons in the game. This also makes it a Disc-One Nuke, since it can be acquired immediately after leaving the Great Plateau by heading straight to Hyrule Castle - which has TWO of them. Getting them early allows you to farm multiple ore deposits and Stone Talums back-to-back. By the time either of your Stone Smashers finally breaks, there'll usually be a Blood Moon, so all it takes is a quick return trip to Hyrule Castle to replace it. If you're lucky, you might even get one that has an [Attack+] modifier. The highest you can get for a Stone Smasher is [Attack+17], which will give it a base attack of [59]. At that point, it goes from being a Disc-One Nuke to an Infinity -1 Sword.
  • Even better than the Stone Smasher is the Boulder Breaker, Daruk's signature weapon. All you need is the flint x5 and diamond standard for the other 3 Champions' weapons, as well as a conveniently located Cobble Crusher right next to the Goron blacksmith's house, which, even MORE conveniently, respawns each Blood Moon like the above Stone Smashers. It's even stronger and more durable than the Stone Smasher, being one point stronger than a fully upgraded Stone Smasher. And considering the entirety of the Cobble Crusher line is pretty much Made of Indestructium, that's saying a lot.
  • The Great Thunder- and Flameblades, not so much by themselves but due to an Outside-the-Box Tactic. If you swing one and then drop it midswing, they become a constant conductor of their element. Dropping a metal item or Chuchu jellies on the former will make a trap that will constantly shock non-immune enemies until death(including the Shrine Guardians), while the latter can be used to light wood to create campfires at any time, harm enemies and by extension, accelerate the rate you kill mobs stuck in a shock trap (i.e. shrine guardians).
  • Royal Guard's Gear. These extremely powerful items are only found in Hyrule Castle, and have piss-poor durability, except a glitch enables us to transfer durability onto them. This means we can give Royal Guard's equipment the durability of a spring-loaded hammer, which has a whopping 80 uses. Not only that, we can dupe them to no end, and by abusing a certain NPC, generate an infinite supply of rupees. There's a reason this set of gear is almost undoubtedly the best when glitches are factored in. The result is that the standard Infinity +1 gear gets completely and utterly outclassed in both damage and possibly durability, since said gear has severe limits on what buffs it can have.

  • In general, the armor upgrade system can help Link become tougher, stronger, and grant him all sorts of effects. Defense is based on a subtraction system, as in: Damage Received = (Enemy Strength + Weapon Strength) - Armor. With lower defense levels, enemies can still one-shot Link, but as Link continues to upgrade his armor, he'll take less and less damage, letting him stand up to even the toughest of enemies. Some armor sets also include bonus effects when each part of the set has been upgraded at least twice. Also, because Changing Clothes Is a Free Action, you can, for example, keep your best defensive armor on until the enemy is stunned or you get a Flurry Rush in, swap to Barbarian Armor to get an attack boost while you pummel it, then swap back to a defensive set before it gets a chance to hit you—effectively using two sets of armor simultaneously, much like a certain sword Pokemon attacks in an offense stance with tons of power, then switches to a defensive stance before the enemy attacks.
  • The Ancient Armor set. It gives an incredible amount of defense, and also helps Link withstand Guardian attacks better. Its set bonus is Ancient Proficiency, which gives a massive +80% damage boost'' to Ancient and Guardian weapons, which also stacks with attack buffs. Said weapons are also effective against Guardians themselves, allowing Link to tear them to absolute shreds. It can be quite cathartic given how dangerous they are early in the game. The Champion amiibos come with their own Ancient helmet that's based off of the Divine Beast that they are associated with. Not only do they also grant the Ancient Proficiency bonus, they can also be dyed like most regular armor, and they also come with other cool effects that match the Champion's region, like flame resistance for the Vah Rudania Helm, or cold resistance for the Vah Medoh helm. They also let Link view an enemy's remaining HP, just like the Champion's Tunic.
  • The Champion's Tunic has the highest defense rating in the game, with a defense of 32. With a bit of patience and a lot of Rupees, it can be upgraded to max pretty quickly, like say, right after obtaining it, making it a Disc-One Nuke of sorts. It also lets Link see how much health an enemy has left, to help give the player an idea of how much longer the fight will go on for.
  • The Thunder Helm. While it requires a lot of effort to obtain, requiring every side quest in Gerudo Town to be completed, it lets Link No-Sell any lightning damage. No lightning strike will harm Link, and he won't have to fear dropping his weapons around electric based enemies. Your enemies will also effectively take periodic heavy damage in a thunderstorm if you're holding metallic items, since the lightning will hit you with no ill effects, blasting your surrounding foes, who are not protected by a magic hat, much like the Skyward Strike. You can even drop your weapon when it starts sparking, then "trick" the lightning into hitting the nearest Bokoblin with Magnesis a la Thunderblight Ganon's boss fight. The Rubber Armor set provides the same effect as a set bonus, and can be obtained before stepping foot into a Divine Beast, but it requires the whole set to be worn while the Thunder Helm can still allow for Link to wear other armor. The Rubber Armor will also not protect Link against Vah Naboris.
  • The Zora Armor. The helm lets Link do a swimming attack, the top lets Link swim up waterfalls, and the whole set increases his swimming speed, with the set bonus increasing his swimming stamina. The ability to swim up waterfalls is especially great in Hyrule Castle, which has some conveniently placed waterfalls, allowing Link to bypass most of the dungeon and traverse it with ease.
  • The Flamebreaker Armor set has a Fireproof set bonus, turning Shrines that rely on flamethrowers as their obstacles into a Breather Level, as Link would not need to fear burning up. It's also very useful on the Eldin region in general, and against any fire enemy as the set allows Link to flat out No-Sell Fire damage.
  • The Barbarian Armor set. While it is hard to obtain, being hidden in enormous mazes throughout Hyrule, and requiring Lynel parts to be upgraded, it permanently increases Link's attack power, giving him a permanent +50% attack buff while it's worn. Its set effect cuts down stamina cost when using charged attacks, like say, the spin attack, giving Link more opportunities to use it in combat. On top of that, given that it acts as a permanent attack buff, this means Link can take on other buffs, like say a speed buff, to make Link a Lightning Bruiser, being both fast and strong.
  • The Fierce Deity armor set is the exact same as the Barbarian Armor, with the same effects. It just requires different materials for upgrades, and it requires the Majora's Mask Link amiibo to obtain. However, this means it's far easier to obtain as the player just needs to scan the amiibo a few times and get lucky. It's also worth it to be able to cosplay in-game as Fierce Deity Link.
  • The Phantom Armor set is a DLC Disc-One Nuke version of the above two sets. It can't be upgraded, but it offers the same Attack buff effect when worn. Each part has a decent 8 defense, making it good in the early game, especially when backed by defense buffs. This makes it especially helpful in Master Mode.
  • Majora's Mask. It is a DLC helm that lets Link blend in with Bokoblins, Moblins, Lizalfos, and even Lynels. The majority of enemies in the game consist of the first three groups, letting Link walk up to most enemy camps without fear, steal their weapons, or defeat them easily. It can be obtained almost immediately after hopping off the Great Plateau, and can act as a Disc-One Nuke for Master Mode in particular. The monster masks from the base game also count, as you can get them Kilton straight after leaving the Great Plateau and each is useful in different situations. The Bokoblin Mask is great against Mounted Bokoblins, who have a massive aggro range and can outrun a non-mounted Link. The Moblin Mask is great when wandering at night, when Stalmoblins love to pop out of the ground in groups of three. The Lizalfo Mask makes any area infested with Lizalfos, such as the road to Zora's Domain and Hyrule Castle, a cake walk. And the Lynel Mask grants enough time to safely pass by Lynels (or get the jump on them while they're checking you out if you wish to harvest them for parts.)

    Abilities and Techniques 
  • The Champion's abilities. They are all very useful and effective spells, aiding Link in either combat or exploration heavily. All of these spells have quite lengthy cooldowns, making them feel like they're Too Awesome to Use at times. However, Hyrule Castle has a hidden property where the cooldowns are cut down to a third of their original duration as long as Link is within the Hyrule Castle area proper. If the player's waiting for the spells to recharge, the player can just have Link warp to Hyrule Castle quickly, like perhaps warping to the Shrine there, wait a bit, restock on items or weapons, and the spells will be recharged very quickly. The Champions Ballad DLC hastens the cooldowns even more after clearing the specific trials tied to each Champion, which includes challenging and defeating the Blight Ganons once more. This stacks with the Hyrule Castle effect however. In these conditions, the once quite lengthy Mipha's Grace now recharges in two minutes and forty seconds. Daruk's Protection takes two minutes, while Urbosa's Fury takes a minute and twenty seconds. Revali's Gale, the most useful spell in exploring Hyrule Castle, will recharge in simply forty seconds.
  • Revali's Gale creates instant, tall updrafts where Link stands, giving him incredible vertical height. This can only be used three times before going on cooldown, but proper timing and planning can trivialize a lot of climbing sections and even dungeons, including Hyrule Castle. It also has combat application, as Link will go into Bullet Time when he draws his bow in midair, letting him destroy his foes by simply spamming arrows at their target's weak point. Link just has to be mindful of his stamina.
  • Urbosa's Fury casts a tremendous thunderstorm that deals massive damage and stuns enemies in an enormous range around Link. This also has three uses before going on cooldown, but it is perfect in a pinch when Link is surrounded, or if there is a strong enemy that needs to be subdued. Not only do enemies stay stunned for quite a while, but they are also disarmed and drop their weapons, letting Link loot them.
  • Daruk's Protection creates a Beehive Barrier that surrounds Link while he targets an enemy. This protects him from three attacks, and anything that hits the barrier gets reflected back at the attacker. It's basically a perfect shield bash without any need for proper timing. After that, it goes on cooldown. This can especially help immensely if Link is surrounded by Guardians. It also emits enough light to make the Typhlo Ruins shrine quest much easier.
  • Mipha's Grace revives Link when he falls in battle, and it also grants Link some extra hearts upon revival. At lower maximum health, this doesn't sound like much, but at higher heart counts, it is a full heal and is nothing short of miraculous. This spell is the only one with a single charge before going on cooldown, given how effective it is.
  • Arrow spamming while using an updraft makes for a simple but effective way of destroying foes, and the easiest way to get an updraft is with Revali's Gale. However, this can be done even without Revali's Gale. Simply lay down five bundles of wood and light them all on fire, or lay down a Spicy Pepper and a Flint, let the flint's sparks hit the pepper, and either method gives you an updraft. The former is longer lasting, while the latter is quicker and doesn't necessarily require a source of fire. This works anywhere except in Shrines, and the materials are very easy to obtain.
  • Shield bashes. While they are difficult to master, they are very effective against Guardians since a shield bash will reflect their lasers right back at them, which can destroy them very quickly. This makes them far less threatening and much easier to deal with. Just be mindful on Master Mode, as they have a tendency to delay their shots to throw off the player's timing. Daruk's Protection can also be used for this effect, as the player just needs to hold down ZL and watch the Guardians destroy themselves as the lasers will auto-reflect. It can only be used three times this way and will have to go on a cooldown afterwards however. The Ancient Shield can also do this. It requires Guardian parts to even create, but it can auto reflect Guardian lasers without the need for a shield bash, so simply holding it up will do the job. This will damage the shield, but it is a very safe option against them as well.
  • Stasis+. It can be used to put a stop to any enemy coming at Link, even Lynels. Simply stop it, hit it quickly, and it'll be stunned briefly, letting Link get in some damage on it. It can also be used to stop a Guardian from firing at Link, giving Link time to move out of the way, or line up a shot with an Ancient Arrow.
  • Bombs, especially Square Bomb+ and Round Bomb+. Thanks to the games Ragdoll Physics the blast from a bomb is almost certain to scatter a group of small enemies with ease. Stal monsters are scattered instantly with one and killed with another, while Keese and Chuchus are wiped out instantly. Smart use of bombs can save your weapons and arrows from being drained, and they are able to be used while gliding.
  • In general, having an understanding of the game's physics and thinking outside the box will greatly reward the player in Shrines, like here for example.
  • The Sneakstrike skill is tricky to use but is extremely effective when executed. Performing this technique deals a 8x modifier on the attack from your equipped weapon on any unsuspecting mook. On its own, this is a powerful skill, but is balanced around using stealth and avoiding aggro (and it doesn't work on bosses, Guardians, and Lynels). The game breaking aspect comes from the fact that the 8x attack mod stacks with attack buffs from gear and food, which can potentially lead to possible One-Hit Kill scenarios — with even Gold tier enemies being susceptible with the right setup. This lets you save on weapon durability, which is very important early on in Master Mode and in the 'Trial of the Sword' dungeon. Additionally, sneakstrikes lets you effectively Stun Lock mooks by abusing the fact that they do not immediately aggro unless they have line of sight of Link when engaged. Thus, you can quickly run in front the enemy while it is recovering from the sneakstrike hitstun and perform the attack again and again until it dies. Assuming no outside interruptions, even Gold mooks can be easily eliminated this way, especially if it is isolated.
  • Shocktrapping. Performed by swinging a Thunderblade, Great Thunderblade or Thunderspear and unequipping them mid swing. Thunder weapons in this state will continuously apply electricity to metal nearby, and enemies that run into said electrified metal (that can be shocked) will get stuck in a loop of continuously getting shocked. This turns Guardian Scout IV's from Boss in Mook Clothing to Cannon Fodder and makes just about everything save Lynels and Guardians pathetic jokes.

    Food and Recipes 
  • Pretty much the entire system. If you know what you're doing, you can brew potions to give you huge stat bonuses for fifteen minutes, cook dishes worth hundreds of rupees, cook dishes that will fully heal Link no matter how many hearts he has, and cook dishes worth more than it costs to buy their ingredients.
  • Meat skewers are simple, but effective. 5 Prime Meats will create a Prime Meat Skewer, which heals for 15 hearts, and sells for 210 rupees. 5 Gourmet Meats will create a Gourmet Meat Skewer, which will fully heal Link no matter how many hearts he has, and will sell for 490 rupees. The ingredients for both can be easily found throughout the game (wolves, deer, buffalo, caribou, woolly rhinos, and bears, will drop Prime or Gourmet), and Prime Meat can be farmed from a minigame in Hateno Village.
  • Hearty and Enduring items. Hearty items temporarily raise Link's maximum health and grant him extra hearts, Enduring items do the same for stamina. A side effect of this is that they always act as a full heal of those stats too, rendering all other items that primarily heal hearts and stamina obsolete. A single Hearty or Enduring item with an Apple or a monster part will yield a dish/elixir that fully restores your hearts or stamina and gives you some extra too; toss five Hearty or Enduring items in the cooking pan, and you can get recipes that grant Link +25 extra hearts, or two full extra stamina wheels. And Hearty and Enduring ingredients aren't exactly rare either, they can readily be found in many areas and even sold by some merchants.
  • High-level Attack Up foods in general. Mighty Bananas are the favorite of the Yiga for a reason. Recipes that center around them give you a huge boost to attack power, increasing the total by 50% at the highest level. Also, the above mentioned Faron Tower is directly north of a sizable grove of them, making stocking them as easy as the Hearty Durians. Just as effective are the Razorshrooms, which can be found all over the Woodlands and the northern part of the Ridgelands. Regularly farming both Mighty Bananas and Razorshrooms ensures you have enough Attack Up foods to shred through any encounter. Hilariously, Mighty Bananas also make the infiltration of the Yiga Clan Hideout incredibly simple. Chatting with the imprisoned Gerudo reveals that the Yiga Blademasters have a fondness for the fruit, which is proven in the first hallway as there is a cantrip you can use that drops a bundle of bananas in front of a Blademaster, which lets you pass. If you divert from the main path, you'll find a ladder that leads to a pallet of 25 Mighty Bananas, which you can then toss into the path of the patrolling Blademasters. Their line of sight basically disappears during their entire Happy Dance sequence, so you can easily scoot by as they devour the fruit.
  • Dragon parts. They require a bit of side questing first, as each dragon needs to be sought out and Naydra needs to be saved from Malice, but afterwards, they can be farmed for their parts. The horn fragments in particular are the absolute best in terms of effects, as they increase any buff timer to half an hour. Half an hour of extra speed, attack power, weather resistance, whatever it is, dragon horn parts are incredibly useful in this regard. They're also not too hard to find once the player finds a good spot to farm them, and any dragon's horn shard will do. One notable location is the Riola Spring. There's a Shrine for easy warping, and a waterfall that is easily ascended with the Zora armor. Farosh will spawn near there every morning, making its parts the easiest to farm (for both ingredients and rupees, as dragon horns sell for a whopping 300).
  • Monster Extract. While its effects are random, sometimes making the resulting recipe worse than it'd normally be, it's possible to get the same half hour bonus that a dragon horn would give. It can be obtained without having to encounter any dragons either, and the player can just save before cooking and then reload if the result was not desirable.
  • High-level Hasty items may not allow you to instagib enemies or become Made of Iron for a time, but they still have their uses. For example, using one in battle allows you to become a Lightning Bruiser with the right armor, allowing you to literally run circles around tough enemies. It can also be used to dodge attacks more efficiently; Lynels' aim with their fireball attack already sucks, but Guardian blasts are far less liable to hit you if you zip off to the side before they can shoot at 1.5x your normal speed. In addition, you can use it to escape a jam, such as with lots of tough enemies; combining this with an Ice or Thunder weapon works best. Exploring an area with no horses in sight, and the Master Cycle is too risky, such as the upper reaches of the Hebra Mountain? The Haste effect works wonders for traversal, too. Just down a Hasty item and you'll get where you need to be in a snap, since it works for running, climbing and swimming. It's telling that, when viewed from the side, Link's running animation almost looks like a Wheel o' Feet.
  • The Blood Moon. For half an hour from 11:30 to midnight on a Blood Moon, all dishes cooked will be critical cooks and have amplified effects. Stocking up on ingredients and waiting for a Blood Moon allows you to craft buffing dishes that have three times the potency and several minutes' duration. The mentioned Mighty Bananas, which are found in bulk in the Yiga Clan hideout and also in abundance in southern Hyrule? Toss five of them into a cooking pan for a triple Attack Up dish that lasts more than four minutes.

  • The Master Cycle Zero. While it borders on Bragging Rights Reward, it's still very useful for traversing Hyrule. It is faster and easier to control than the average steed, and it can be summoned almost anywhere much like what the Ancient Saddle allows, but it also doesn't have the horse AI to contend with. There's also no risk of losing it as horses are vulnerable to enemies. The Master Cycle just requires some refueling every now and then, but that's easily doable as it can take any material. Apples are highly common and fill up the tank by a good amount. It also negates fall damage to a point, as Link can ride off of a tall cliff and as long as he's still on the bike as it hits the ground, he'll be safe. If the drop is too high however, Link will automatically dismount, so he'll have to take out the Paraglider pretty quickly. Finally, it has good combat application. Simply summon it, ride up to some enemies, hop off it and start firing away in Bullet Time, then hop back on and repeat the process. If that's not your thing, you can use the burnout function on it, line up the cycle with your target, jump off, and watch as you launch the Master Cycle to run over your foes. Even better, you can use certain materials to boost the amount of fuel produced from items. For example, using Monster Parts will be improved by adding Kilton's Monster Extract.
  • Pick up a Cucco. You know, those chicken looking things that will summon a horde of fellow Cuccos to fly in and kill whoever stabbed them? Now take that Cucco to a high-level Elite Mook and goad them into attacking it. Watch and laugh as the series' infamous murder mosh-pit is turned against your enemies. It doesn't work against Lynels, however. Both the Cucco and Lynel know better to not provoke each other, and the latter will keep coming after you.
  • The Paraglider renders all other modes of transport moot if you exploit it. Towers, mountains, updrafts, and other high vantage points are plentiful. Just climb the nearest one, choose your destination, and set sail. You can glide across open chasms and large bodies of water in only a fraction of the time it'd take by raft, or horseback. Even the Master Cycle Zero can't cover as much ground in as little time.
  • The various stats a horse can have can make them this if they're high enough, although there are drawbacks in some cases (a horse with five stars in speed will be fast, but also difficult to steer with precision even with maxed-out affection). It's generally agreed, though, that two of the special horses found in the game are the best. The white stallion is considered the best all-around horse, with decent stats and good control. The giant horse is slow but by far the strongest, able to trample enemies with ease and kill most animals in one hit even without being able to gallop (saving on arrows while hunting, as it's still faster than the wildlife).
    • The 4-4-5 horsenote  can be found on the mountain range that overlooks the Serene Stable. Its stats make it the best horse in the game, thanks to its speed, handling, and resiliency. It can even survive two direct blasts from a Guardian. If you outfit it with the Ancient Bridle and Saddle (requires the Champions Ballad), its stamina will increase to 7, which allows it to sustain its top speed for longer periods and makes it even more of a tank than it already is. Plus, you'll be able to summon it wherever you are.
  • If you're in a shrine at midnight when a Blood Moon would normally occur, it gets postponed until the next night. Any enemies you've killed will stay dead, letting you explore areas you've already cleared out at your leisure. You can repeat this every night until you're ready to let the Blood Moon occur normally.


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