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The Uniques is a series that definitely knows how to balance its moments of drama with humor.

Volume 1: Come Together (Issues 1-4)

  • Kid Quick's Motor Mouth tendencies can be very amusing. She claims that she only does it when she's nervous, but nobody else is fooled.
  • In the third issue, Hope telepathically connects with Quake to help him concentrate on controlling his powers. In the next panel, he describes the experience as "stimulating". Hope happens to look down and see a bulge in his pants. She promptly freaks out.
    Hope: "If it doesn't involve your junk you just don't care do you?
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  • After the team's first training session together, Hope is massaging her head with an ice pack after the disasterous attempt.
    Hope: "Lies! There's nothing you love more."
  • The team bonding sessions are equal parts funny and heartwarming, whether its going out bowling or sitting on the couch at 2:00 in the morning watching the news.
  • The second training session has some hilarious dialogue from the simulated bad guy. Motherboard creates a simulation where a group of bad guys have taken the president hostage.
    Villain: "You nincompoops will never save your precious President!"
    Telepath: "Wait, what? Oh. Ohhhh...."
    Singe: "Hey, he could still be alright, though."
    Singe: "Oh. Nope. Definitely not, now, no."
  • When the team finally moves into their new headquarters, this conversation occurs.
    Telepath: "This place is going to cost a fortune to heat in the winter."
    Telepath: "Oh, yeah. Sweet."

Volume 2: Paint it Black (Issues 5-7)


Volume 3: And Justice for All (Issues 8-10)

  • Hope and Connie's cheerful reunion is derailed when Connie keeps flirting with Quake, leading to Hope repeatedly using Connie's full name. "CONSCIENCE SAGE!"

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