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  • The offhand reference early on that Zara, the then-recently born daughter of Princess Anne, is the new Queen at age 16 after the war killed everyone ahead of her in the succession.note 
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  • Prothero dressed up as one of his dolls going "Ma-ma... Ma-ma..." was Actually Pretty Funny.
  • Adam Susan: "I didn't call out. Er - I coughed."
  • Evey repeating the inscription on the arch in the big hall loudly ("Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici", but only the initials).
    Evey: V.V.V.V.V.
    V: Evey Evey Evey Evey Evey.
    Evey: Sometimes I could just punch you in your stupid smiley face!
  • Adam Susan says to Fate "I love you." Mr. Creedy thinks he's talking to him.
    • Later, Susan...cleans out his cannon to the Fate computer. The guards stationed outside the office has to endure listening to his moans.
  • After throwing the government's Propaganda Machine into disorder, V says he misses the Storm Saxon serials, the dialogues were better.



  • The comedy show segment.
    • There's a guy in a monkey suit involved, just to make things completely random. Stephen Fry even throws a Banana Peel in there to underscore how ridiculous the whole issue is.
    • The cut to Sutler reveals his furious reaction to him being made fun of. He shatters A Glass in the Hand... a glass filled with milk!
    • Mock!V's antics in general. He's acting like a Looney Tunes character throughout the whole segment.
      • A particularly good bit is when Gordon yells out that "V" is in the studio, pointing him out among the band where he's playing a washboard with a fork. He keeps playing for another few seconds as he realizes he's been found and then gives one last dejected scrape of the washboard. "Sutler" tries to get up and apprehend "V" himself, but "V" tied his shoelaces together a few minutes ago and, complete with cartoon sound effects, he falls flat on his face, leading in to the Benny Hill-like chase scene (Yakety Sax included!) mentioned above with the guy in the gorilla suit.
  • At the beginning, right after V has given his v-filled introduction.
    Evey: Are you, like, a crazy person?
    V: I am quite sure that they will say so.
  • When Evey first sees the Shadow Gallery, she is a little nervous after learning that it's filled with censored artwork that V stole back from the government. V puts it in perspective:
    Evey: God, if they ever find this place...
    V: I suspect if they do find this place, a few bits of art will be the least of my worries.
  • V's "sword fight" against the suit of armor while watching The Count of Monte Cristo, increased tenfold by his awkwardness once he realizes that he's being watched by Evey.
    V: Oh, er, oh God.
  • V. Cooking breakfast. Wearing a pink flowery apron.

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