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  • From the trailer, Narrator Smurf introduces us into Smurf Village at the beginning of the trailer by saying "Deep in the woods, there's a village filled with joyful and happy Smurfs." We cut to him walking into what appears to be Papa's house, getting closer to the camera with Papa and Smurfette in the background:
    Narrator: Particularly a handsome, suave, deep voiced Smurf whose every word is-
    Papa: Ok Narrator Smurf, that'll do.
    Narrator: (disappointed) Oh, all right.
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  • Gargamel being flattened by the taxi he sent up and Azrael laughs at his expense.
  • Jokey giving Brainy Smurfette’s present for her surprise birthday party:
    Brainy: Come on Jokey, do you really think that I the smartest person in the village will fall for your sophomoric gag?
    Jokey: Yep!
This is followed by Brainy taking the birthday card from Jokey and it promptly explodes in his face.
  • Passive-Aggressive Smurf’s cameo voiced by Jimmy Kimmel:
    Passive-Aggressive: I think Brainy is . . . a really excellent choice. (smirks and gives two thumbs-up) Good luck with that.
    Brainy: See what he does? That’s not a compliment.
    Hefty: Go figure.
  • When Vanity faints, instead of catching him, Grouchy just rolls his eyes and takes a step back as the vain Smurf makes a loud "thud" sound.
    • Vanity's awful pun after Victor has been transformed into a duck, and his utterly smug followup:
    "You look fowl." (turns to the groaning, protesting Grouchy with a self-satisfied smirk) "Oh yes, I did. Oh yes I did."
    • The waiter who brought Gargamel’s food into the wizard’s suite being scared off by Vanity, who’s not even eight inches tall, saying “ooh, I’m scary ghost!” while Grouchy gives Vanity an annoyed look, Papa gives the waiter a sheepish smile and Clumsy's . . . doing something.
      It’s even funnier seeing a recording of John Oliver flailing his arms as he says the line in a high octave followed by “Come on, what’s fun about that? I’m an adult . . . I’m thirty-five years old with a wife.”
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    • The vain Smurf bringing up the fact instead of going through the window, they reach for the doorknob instead to gain entry into Gargamel’s dressing room.
      • Actually, Vanity in general.
  • Neil Patrick Harris impersonating Gargamel on the phone while ordering room service.
  • Hearing duck transformed Victor slam into the Winslow’s hotel window, considering it happens if not often in real life.
  • The voice Grouchy makes when saying “Hey, what’s that?” after falling over and hits a button to reveal a hidden room in Gargamel’s dressing room.
  • Upon first seeing Victor when the puppet smelling like corndogs comes off him:
    Grouchy: Whoa, Mr. Winslow gotten old.
  • The way Grouchy says “fell down the sewer” during his rant in the Winslow’s hotel room.
  • Some lines said by duck-transformed Victor:
    ”What are you so cross about? I am a duck!"

    “What are you looking at? (Patrick tells him to hurry up as he leaves with Blue) It’s global warming, buy a Prius! (flies off after Patrick)”

    “(After Papa agreed to what he said) See? The little Santa Claus Smurf appreciates me.”

    “(flipping through postcards of ducks) Duck . . . duck . . . duck . . . (comes across a postcard of a roasted duck) ah, goose! (laughs in quacks)”

    “What the quack is that!? (flies off to save the Smurfs from falling)”
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  • Clumsy having the strength to knock the waiter off his feet by accidentally hitting him in the face with the platter lid, leading up to the “Ooh I’m a scary ghost” line from Vanity as mentioned above.
  • Azrael being the Butt-Monkey for both Naughties and Smurfs, intentionally and unintentionallynote .
  • During the stinger, Azrael watches Gargamel go through the portal back home:
    Azrael: So long sucka!
    (Azrael laughs and begins to walk off, but a tendril of magic shoots out the portal and grabs him)
    Gargamel: And where do you think you’re going!?
  • How Gargamel says “I lied” when Azrael reminds him that the wizard promised him he could press the button on the Smurf Essence extractor.
  • Not only do Clumsy and Grouchy manage to shut the power of the opera house, but accidentally shuts off all the lights in Paris.
  • Gargamel screaming like a girl right after a gargoyle bit him in the butt.
  • Grouchy throughout the entire film calling himself, "Positive Smurf" since he believes he's getting tired of being grouchy.
  • Narrator at the end:
    "And so, after waiting patiently to be relevant again, our heroic narrator steps back into the leading role."
  • "Hi, I'm Greedy. Wanna share a cupcake?"
  • Hackus hurting his crotch upon landing and saying, ”Hackus real boy."
  • Gargamel saying ‘holy smurf’ when Vexy and Hackus become smurfs.
  • In a moment of black comedy, Gargamel gelling Smurfette to give him the “formula la la la la”