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Nightmare Fuel / The Smurfs 2

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  • The entire scene where Smurfette is forced to write the formula for Gargamel. Seeing Hackus and Vexy's blue veins showing up is also very unsettling.
  • Later, Gargamel sees the other smurfs near Smurfette and the now blue skinned Hackus and Vexy, inside the cages. Gargamel, catches the other male smurfs and all of them are locked into cages as well. Gargamel then turns on a switch that gets the essence and The Smurfs are horrified and in pain thorough the entire scene.
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  • While also a Tear Jerker, the entire scene where Papa Smurf along with Clumsy,Grouchy and Vanity see Smurfette being given her own magic wand while also having fun with it along with having fun with Hackus and Vexy and Gargamel. Especially the way Papa Smurf reacts to Smurfette using the wand. He decides to climb up and try to reach to knob but when he heard Gargamel that he's now his daughter you get to hear Papa Smurf yell out Smurfette's name in pure agony and sadness doesn't help that Clumsy is the first one to hear Papa scream and pulls on his foot which Grouchy and Vanity later join in until she zaps the window causing the other smurfs to fall.