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  • The victory quotes in Ultimate All-Stars. Each character has 8 generic quotes and a specific victory quote for each character in the game. They all either lampshade, poke fun, or laugh at various stuff, which would ascend it to Meta Humor.
  • In Yatterman-1's CGoH ending, Doronjo and her cronies were about to escape with a large sum of money stolen from a bank, but they were stopped by Yatterman 1. He was not alone, as he had recruited everyone from Capcom's side (barring Batsu and the nameless pilot of PTX-40A) as Yatterman 3-9, finishing with a laugh. The look on Doronjo's, Boyacky's, and Tonzra's face is hilarious. The crowner has to be the brief scene that shows Ryu blushing!
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  • Ippatsuman's ending in UAS, where he reflects on all the people he's met from the Capcom universe that don't use Powered Armor. He decides to train his body, so that he can better fight evil. The next shot is of him standing under a waterfall, with Ryu's white dogi and red headband "training". The cutscene then cuts to Tekkaman, Viewtiful Joe, and Polymar hiding behind a nearby tree, whispering about Ippatsuman, and wondering if they rely too much on their suits too.
  • In Rock Volnutt's CGoH ending, he discovered a Dokuro-stone, a stone which grants wishes. However, he was oblivious of this, and decided to burn it in the incinerator. However, Doronjo and her henchmen were looking for that, and after hearing his discovery, they decided to pay him a visit. Doronjo and her company dug up all the soot, trying to find the stone, but gave up and cried hilariously. Rock was dumbfounded. His ending in UAS is slightly modified, as he gets the Dokuro Stone first, without the Doronbo gang even noticing it.
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  • Jun the Swan's UAS ending parodies Chun-Li's Super Street Fighter II ending with the player deciding to continue fighting evil as a member of the Science Ninja Team Gatchaman or live as an ordinary woman. Both choices are pretty funny: if she stays with her team, she's back in Tsundere mode with Ken the Eagle. If she goes off on her own, she eventually meets with Yatterman-2, Chun-Li, Roll, and Saki and they all talk about what it means to be an ordinary woman... something they have no idea about.
  • In Chun-Li's CGoH ending, we see a gang's hideout under attack, which is further complicated by the entrance of Yatterwan. The dog lowers its head and opens its mouth, and a battalion of several dozen chibified Chun-Li robots drive out (each one chanting, "Gomen ne! ([I'm] sorry!))" The thugs Oh, Crap! at the sight, just before they, and their hideout, explode violently. Chun-Li, some distance away, says, "Gomen ne!" just as the smoke takes the shape of her smiling face.
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  • In Joe the Condor's ending, we see Fiona and Hewie from Haunting Ground fending off Debilitas...which then Joe proceeds to blast with bird missiles. We then see the whole mansion blown up with the two safe, and Joe and Ken arguing about bird missile usage... which is a Shout-Out to Joe's impulsive use of bird missiles. Oh and check out the background for some other Capcom baddies Joe had a hand in rounding up, including Demitri and Pyron.
  • In Roll's ending, upon Yami's defeat, an earthquake knocks her into an underground lab, where she discovers a pair of large robots, Vector and Huitzil, and a computer console to activate them with. One week later, she has both of them dressed in maid gowns, helping her out in cleaning Doctor Light's lab, much to both Light's and Mega Man's bewilderment.
  • Frank West's "That's Hilarious" Level 3 Super... just try watching without a chuckle.
  • Doronjo's "Punching Bag Fiesta" Level 1 super, where she Groin Attacks her opponent after her henchmen beat them up for a bit.
  • Karas apparently does not like having his picture taken:
    Karas (upon beating Frank West}:...You have taken my picture... ...It can only bring you unhappiness... ...I will take it back now...

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