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Everybody's aware they're being watched on some sort of television program, but decide to make the best of it.
They know that people are watching them, day in and day out, so they decide to try and tell people that everything they do in their lives is not fight, but then some jerk who wants publicity will pick a fight.

To follow from the above theory, the TV producers stop caring round about the Tatsunoko saga.
I mean, what was the point of the characters fighting Yami if its never gonna be acknowledged again?!

Yami escaped to the Tatsunoko Vs Capcom world to get back to full power.
He wasn't destroyed, he needed time to recharge, so he escaped to the world of Tatsunoko vs Capcom, unfortunately, he didn't anticipate a few potential threats.
  • And in order to do so, he needed to screw the reality...note 

Yami required more power to restore himself. (Coming from the 3rd. WMG entry)
This is pretty simple: Yami was distorting the reality, and in order to do so, he needed to make some mess for it, since there wasn't so much power in his dimension. He created some sort of "Tournament" in order to obtain the energy he needed to restore himself. (Think about Dragon Ball Z's Majin Buu) There's also a reason of why he's missing two of his five original forms from Ōkami.

If Tatsunoko vs. Capcom gets a sequel, some of the new characters will come from out of the blue.
Remember Capcom vs. SNK 2, where they surprised us by putting in the likes of Kyosuke, Maki, and Ryuhaku Todoh (who took several levels in badassery from the perpetual Running Gag he was in AOF and KOF)? It actually worked, and provided a good amount of variety to cast dominated by Capcom and SNK stalwarts. Sure, I think we'd all love to see fan-favorites get in (people are still clamoring for Dante, the Samurai Pizza Cats, and Speed Racer, by the way), but adding a feasible amount of B-listers (or long-since forgotten characters) from both properties might garner some interest. Then again, it probably won't stop the Public Medium Ignorance of "What's a 'Tatsunoko'?"
  • The Marvel series also added Marrow and Shuma-Gorath, (who is rumored to come back in 3) so that wouldn't be strange.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is Purgatory for Frank West.
"Otis, out of film, no helicopter, zombies are too fast, not going to make it." --Frank West

(Which would mean that Bill is there too.)

Yami is a Time Lord.

Viewtiful Joe WAS fighting alongside them.
  • Viewtiful Joe was part of it, he was just in of those dimensional portals, and than when Yami was defeated, he was sent back to his dimension. This can also explain the heroes talking about him after he was gone and Joe saying ANOTHER dimensional portal. Add some logic, and this can be pretty sad...

If there is a TvC2, the game will add Helpers to the roster a la MvC1.
This branches off from the above "If Tatsunoko vs. Capcom gets a sequel" WMG. It would allow for a variety of characters from each stable, whether they be familiar faces, company faves, or the obscure, to still play a role in the fight without upping the roster count to the point that it may be detrimental to character balance. More importantly, this circumvents the "character lacks fighting prowess" (or unique abilities that could be reasonably translated into a palpable moveset) problem that allegedly plagued and prevented certain characters from making it in the first time. For example, don't want to go the "Captain Falcon route" with Speed Racer/Go Mifune? Have him barrel down on the opposition while blazing through in his Mach 5. It wouldn't be terribly hard to implement, especially if they stick to the 2-on-2 format.

[[Possible characters for a [TvC2]]]

  • Tatsunoko:
    • Speed Racer: He's arguably the most famous character Tatsunoko has on their roster. Considering that the Tatsunoko side in the first game suffered from a lack of familiar faces (Gatchaman being the most well-known in the States), his presence will definitely help out. Plus, we'd pay anything for Speed to be the Captain Falcon of the series.
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    • The Sket Dance crew: Tatsunoko's resident Badass Normals. No, really. While Bossun, Himeko and Switch are normal with regards to power (least when compared to guys like Karas, the Gatchamen and Tekkaman), their downright wackiness and Hot-Blooded desire to fix problems will see them through. Instead of putting them all in the game, expect The Hero and Face of the Band Bossun to take point while Himeko and Switch appear as special attacks, in a similar manner to Captain Commando in the older Marvel vs. Capcom games or Doronjo in Tv C.
    • Shinji Ikari: Him piloting the EVA 01 would help add another giant character in the vein of Gold Lightan and PTX-40A. Plus, Evangelion proved to be very popular around the world, so he can get in with the same logic behind why Speed Racer should.
  • Capcom:
    • Jake Mueller: Jake's whole design and movelist would work hand in hand with the type of foes he'd be facing in battle. Considering his dad Wesker's appearance in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, he can make it in. He can play the role of a melee-firearm hybrid (or a cross between Chris and Wesker to be exact) which can see him bust out his father's old moves while mixing in assault rifles, revolvers, grenades and the like.
    • Masamune Date: The Basara series is HUGE in Japan. Masamune's Crazy Awesome. He's been in a fighting game before. End of story.
    • Mega Man X. He long deserves to be at last playable in a proper Capcom vs. title. Plus seeing fight alongside Zero again would kick ass.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is an Alternate Continuity sequel to Okami where The Bad Guy Wins.
After flawlessly defeating Amaterasu, he then moved on to consume not just the Okami world in darkness, but also the Tatsunoko and Capcom universes at large. His stage is really the remnants of the Okami universe, and it must be restored via destroying Yami for good. This is also why Amaterasu isn't in the game - because she's dead. At least, temporarily.

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