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     Twerps Imitating the Team Rocket motto 
  • EP021 "Bye Bye Butterfree": The gang breaks into the warehouse where Team Rocket was stashing the kidnapped Butterfree, and fires off the motto.
  • EP037 "Ditto's Mysterious Mansion": With the help of Duplica, they have two guys and two girls reciting the entire Team Rocket motto, with Pikachu in Meowth's place. The imitation is not perfect, however, and Jessie and James angrily correct them.
    • What really sells it is Jessie and James' annoyed reactions throughout.
      James: Quit imitating us!
      Jessie: This is insulting!
  • EP136 "The Chikorita Rescue": Ash says some similar lines, prompting reflexive responses from Jessie, James, and Meowth.
  • DP044 "Mass Hip-Po-Sis": Dawn, Brock, and Pikachu say similar lines to Team Rocket while really pissed off.
  • DP056 "The Keystone Pops!": Ash and gang copy the Sinnoh motto, with an exasperated response from Jessie.
    Jessie: It's that kind of imitation they invented lawsuits for!
  • XY010 "Mega-Mega Meowth Madness!": Bonnie and Serena didn't take long to put a pastiche together. This time, James complains of copyright infringement.

     Meta humor 
  • Rica Matsumoto gets her hands on one of the new Ash plushies:
    Satoshi: Ugh...Alola is so hot. Phew~~"
  • So what happens when Veronica Taylor and Rachael Lillis get together and spend the day driving around Los Angeles? Magic happens, of course!
    Rachel Lillis (as Misty): Ash is driving me around L.A.
    Veronica Taylor (as Ash): Yeah, and Misty's just driving me crazy.
  • During Team Rocket's 2018 April Fool's "takeover" of the official Pokémon YouTube channel, James has a moment of clarity that gets promptly ignored:
    James: Jessie? Meowth? Do you ever think, just maybe, our fruitless, never-ending quest to capture this specific Pikachu—even though there are PLENTY of other powerful Pokémon—is only a metaphor for some larger search for meaning in the universe?
    Meowth: Naaaaah.
    Jessie: It's not like we've been doing this as long as we can remember.
    James: (scoffs) Yeah, who would do that?

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