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Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

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  • Given their firm friendship in the books, the live action series' depiction of Ryan and Greer's first meeting is jarringly funny. Ryan, riding a bicycle, swerves to avoid a carelessly opened car door, loses control, and almost gets run over by Greer as he's driving down the street. They cuss at each other and move on with their morning commute before learning that of course Greer is Ryan's new boss.
  • Jack has just met Kathy (his future wife in the books) for the first time, and just as they start to hit it off, they're interrupted by a Coast Guard helicopter landing near the party, the crew summoning Jack away for some unexpected mission. This is, of course, just after he told her he had some mind-numbingly boring logistics job at the State Department.
  • Jack has been ordered to go with Greer to Yemen to chase after Suleiman. Jack points out that he's just an analyst and can't go to Yemen. Greer briefly considers this input and then...

     The French Connection 
  • Jack goes to the hospital to get a checkup after his fight in the previous episode. He is advised multiple times that he should take up yoga to help his back.
  • When he goes to chat up Kathy, she asks what the helicopter was about. Jack's cover story is pretty terrible (that the Coast Guard dispatched a helicopter to pick him up due to a shipment of lettuce being suspected of contaminated with E. coli). He tries to justify their involvement by their slogan, Semper Paratus, and the discussion freewheels off onto the topic of Gratuitous Latin (something that doctors and Marines can both appreciate, due to medical school and... slogans.)
  • One of Jack's coworkers approaches him hesitantly asking him for advice with something. He initially assumes it's dating advice (because she works her daily routine just so she can keep sharing an elevator with the guy in question), but she wants help with the Fantasy Football bracket. He rattles off some stats before giving her the answer she wanted, right on time for Greer to summon him by calling him "Rain Man".
  • Jack ends up doing yoga in an empty conference room and Greer walks in on him, abrasively demanding to know what he's doing. Jack pointedly refuses to acknowledge the question.

     Black 22 
  • We see a man washing up and praying with his son before slinging a rifle and riding out of town on a motorbike. The scene lasts for a few minutes until he is suddenly blown up by an airstrike. It happens so abruptly that it borders on Black Comedy.
  • Victor has a hundred and seven dollars, one dollar each for each person he's killed as a drone pilot, per a unit tradition. Feeling guilty over what he's done, he tries to lose the money at a casino and has a spectacularly backhanded stroke of luck, ending up coming home with thirty thousand dollars from his original investment.

     The Wolf 
  • Greer ends up taking a ride with a French cop who goes on a xenophobic, Islamophobic rant, not knowing that Greer himself is Muslim. Greer then pulls out his tasbih, and the cop asks what it is, thinking it's a rosary at first.
    Greer: It's a tasbih. I use it when I'm unable to pray. Or when I need Allah to grant me restraint.

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