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Heartwarming / Jack Ryan

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Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

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     Black 22 
  • Ava handing Victor a dollar bill after he fires on Yazid, who was about to rape Hanin, despite orders from their chain of command not to engage.

     Sources and Methods 
  • After finding out that one of his targets was misidentified, Victor's sense of guilt over killing people with drones finally boils over entirely. To make amends, he flies to Syria with a backpack full of money that he had accidentally won trying to gamble away what he had earned from his Side Bet with Ava. There, he finds the family of the man he had killed, and tells them what he did. Seeing his remorse, he's invited in for tea, and while their culture doesn't allow them to simply accept the money as reparations, the dead man's son leaves and comes back with a crate of eggs, which Victor happily buys.