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Fridge / Jack Ryan

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Fridge Logic

  • In Jack's introductory montage, he's shown rowing with a particularly grim expression on his face. You might expect that he's just exerting himself, but in a later episode he reveals that rowing helps him cope when his PTSD flares up.

Fridge Horror

  • In Season 1, Hanin Ali is shown to have adolescent children but is portrayed by Dina Shihabi, who was in her mid-to-late twenties when she filmed the role. This leads to the implication that Hanin was a child bride, which is strongly implied later in-universe when Suleiman tells the "romantic" story of how he met her- by buying her from her father. It is further implied that the reason Hanin flees from Suleiman with their daughters is to spare their eldest daughter the same fate.

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