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The Teeth Of The Tiger

  • Dominic Caruso deliberately provoking a child rapist, after having found a missing little girl dead in the man's bathtub, into picking up a knife. The guy is less than 21 feet away from Dom, a crack-shot FBI Agent. Big mistake.
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  • Brian and Dominic taking down a terrorist assault at a mall by themselves.
  • Jack Ryan's son taking down a high-level terrorist operative with a death laden in Irony.

The 2018 Amazon Series

  • Ryan's first trip into the field after years at a desk job unexpectedly involves a massive battle with Suleiman's men as they come to his rescue. The close quarters when he starts fighting gives him some advantage, but it finally runs out and he has a gun pointed at him. So he reveals he's holding a grenade with the pin pulled, and his attackers will die if they kill him. As they back away in a stalemate, he also reveals he's figured out Suleiman's identity, and they both leave with a new view of each other as a Worthy Opponent.
  • Drone operator Tombstone deciding Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right! and bringing what seems to be the wrath of God down on what seems to him to only be a potential rapist, which actually provides a huge break for Ryan and Greer by letting Suleiman's wife and daughters escape.

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