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The novel

  • Jack Ryan's foiling of the assassination attempt in the beginning of the book is acknowledged in-universe.
  • Later, he scares the piss out of the psychopath who's been gunning for him in the whole book, and Sergeant Major Breckenridge gets a CMOA for making sure Jack doesn't cross the Moral Event Horizon.
  • Both Awesome and Heartwarming, Jack straightens out the Prince of Wales, who was experiencing guilt for not seeming to do anything and be the hero. Jack tells him he had three options. Freeze and piss himself, get out of the car and get him and his family shot, or hold up, wait for The Cavalry to show up while doing his best to keep his family out of the line of fire. Jack's protection detail just gets more and more pale as Jack chews the prince out for thinking that he had anything to prove, as the prince is a naval officer, military trained, and has done far scarier things than Jack ever has. By the end of the conversation, the prince looks in the mirror, and realizes he likes the person he sees that moment a lot better than the person he saw in the mirror that morning.

The film

  • The climactic boat chase at the end of the movie.
  • Ryan singlehandedly disarming Miller and the other terrorists who attack the royal family, taking a bullet in the shoulder for his troubles.
  • Ryan and Robbie picking off the terrorists in Ryan's house in what becomes a game of cat and mouse.
  • Inspector Robert Highland; as he and his colleagues are rounded up to be killed when O'Donnell frees Miller, he is questioned on his "betrayal" towards his people. Instead of begging for his life, he simply retorts with this before he and his men are executed:
    Highland: Get on with it and be on your way.
  • Ryan's keen sense allows him to pick up on Ned Sterling's intentions when the latter is waiting outside the academy gates to have him killed, and when the moment presents itself Jack attempts to disarm him. He still needs to be saved by the academy guards, but nevertheless puts up a good fight before they intervene.
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  • Ryan swearing to destroy Paddy O'Neill's IRA right to his face for refusing to aid him in finding the real culprits who attacked his family. In an Irish pub, no less.
  • Ryan's "Eureka!" Moment when Paddy O'Neill presents him with a lead on O'Donnell's girlfriend Annette, who happens to be British. Marty doesn't feel the evidence is reliable until:
    Marty: You tell him you're looking for a girl, he gives you pictures of a girl. He obliges you to get you off his back and you believe him?!
    Ryan: ......I never told him I was looking for a girl, Marty.
  • During the final battle at Ryan's home, Cathy knocks out Annette with a shotgun.
  • The CIA and SAS launching an attack on the terrorists' camp, all while watching on a satellite feed.

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