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Heartwarming / Patriot Games

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  • While Sally is in the hospital, Jack reads The Cat in the Hat to her.
  • In a more Papa Wolf manner of heartwarming, the scene where Jack confront Paddy O'Neill in the pub. It doesn't matter that he's in a crowded pub full of Irish republican sympathizers who would side with Kevin rather than Jack. His daughter is lying in a hospital bed without her spleen thanks to Sean Miller. Jack Ryan will not stop when his family is threatened, because that's to Jack Ryan exactly what a father and husband is supposed to do.
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  • Even the villain Sean Miller has one such moment, when he gives his younger brother Paddy a reassuring smile before the attack on Lord Holmes, despite his evil nature he does love his brother dearly.
  • Jack gives his best analysis of where Miller is located, saying that he's not completely sure, which leads to this:
    Greer: Name me one thing in the world that's 100% sure, Jack.
    Jack: My daughter's love.

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