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  • In the movie, when Jack and Cathy are getting ready to enjoy their champagne and we see Jack awkwardly hobbling across the bed in his boxers; when caught, he just gives a goofy grin as Cathy smiles.
  • Captain Robby Jackson interrupts Jack's class to present him a medal for his actions in London: The Order of the Purple Target. Cue a very nice medal in the form of a bullseye with the inscription "Please Shoot Me".
    • In the novel, he puts the center of the target directly over Jack's gunshot wound.
  • When the Royal Family announce that they will present Jack with a medal for his actions in London, Robby asks Jack if they had already given him one for that...
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  • Sally Ryan attempting to break a Royal Guard's silence at the gates of Buckingham Palace, even doing a funny dance for him. He doesn't buckle, but Sally leaves saying she's very impressed.
  • Sean and his cohort getting temporarily thwarted in their attack on Jack's family by a crossing guard.
  • Jack analyzing the satellite footage of the camp he believes to be Miller's hideout. He closes in on the individual he believes to be O'Donnell's girlfriend. His response when he makes her image out?
    Jack: Tits.
  • A darkly funny moment is when Paddy O'Neil gives Jack the info he wants on Miller's unit, revealing the identity of O'Donnell's girlfriend. He swore not to betray his fellow Irishmen, except she is actually English. Jack and Marty both seem to smirk at the irony of it.
  • A meta-example: Had Gates McFadden returned as Caroline Ryan, we would have seen a sci-fi crossover marriage between Han Solo and Dr. Beverly Crusher. As it was, we still got Han Solo, Mace Windu and Darth Vader fighting against Boromir.

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