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Awesome / The Cardinal of the Kremlin

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  • Jack Ryan pulling off a magnificent plan to screw over the KGB chairman, rescue the titular Cardinal, and prevent a Russian power struggle.
  • Colonel Mikhail Filitov is a walking moment of awesome. Started out as a tank commander during the Second World War during which he was three times decorated as a Hero of the Soviet Union, once for taking out a German tank while his was on fire! Was demoted to a desk job yet became a Badass Bureaucrat, including serving as personal aide to the minister of defense. At the same time, he was so pissed off by the excesses of the Stalin government and its successors that he became the CIA's most effective mole for close to thirty years.
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  • The final battle between the outnumbered Soviets and the Afghani rebels demolishing their satellite technology is this for both sides.
  • The FBI rescuing Al Gregory from the Soviet kidnappers..

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