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  • When terrorists attack Giant Steps to kidnap President Ryan's daughter, Agent Don Russell has less than a second of warning. Armed with a 9mm pistol, he takes down three AK-toting assassins in seconds, and nails a fourth in the knee as he goes down. Special Agent Patrick O'Day, caught inside with a horde of kids (including his own that he'd just come to collect), manages to convince the hostiles of his harmlessness and then take them down with no collateral damage. His real CMOA? A "See you around, champ" to the deceased Russellnote .
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  • Jack himself gets one for his Rousing Speech, in which he calls out the nutcase who tried to use biowar on his country and rats out his evil scheme to the world. He also manages to make the Smug Snake Indian Prime Minster realize she pissed off the wrong guy.
  • The 15,000 National Guardsmen ripping apart two UIR army corps. The National Guardsmen are reservists, while the Army Corps are professionals who've been training pretty hard. They also outnumber the Guardsmen by almost 6 to 1. The UIR doesn't stand a chance.
  • John Plumber schooling Tom Donner on what it means to be a journalist by giving a memorized speech on national TV, admitting to the fact that they ambushed President Ryan with loaded questions about his past and apologizing.
  • "Mr. Daryae, here is the reply of the United States of America." Cue laser guided bomb taking out one of the worst terrorist masterminds on worldwide television and introducing people to the Ryan Doctrine: you harm Americans, President John Patrick Ryan will make sure you pay.

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