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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Tom Clancy novel

  • In an attempt to crack messages to terrorists encrypted with steganography, Jack Jr. inadvertently "decrypts" an image from a URC website into an image of a busty topless woman, much to Jack's chagrin and the amusement of other people at The Campus.

Video game franchise

  • Rio's Challenge has Zack send an invitation to the girls to win her freedom, which they read aloud in a bored deadpan tone.
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  • This exchange in DOA 2, though more for the hammy acting:
    Hayabusa: Leave. Now. This is not a simple combat championship. I don't think you commoners can handle it.
    Jann Lee: Keep your mouth shut!
  • Also in DOA 2 is Hayabusa's pre-fight dialogue before facing Tengu: "Let me take your life!" Tengu's response, sensibly enough: "That's ridiculous." It's certainly good manners to ask permission from those you seek to kill, but what was he expecting Tengu to say, "Okey-dokey"?
  • And again is Gen-Fu's ending, where he explains that his plan to cure his granddaughter's illness requires the Tengu's nose, and it ends with a freeze-frame shot on him about to grab his vanquished foe's giant honker. Extra funny if you consider the very likely possibility that the Tengu isn't even dead.


Dead or Alive 4

  • Bass's ending in story mode has him partake in a motorcycle race on a transparent highway. He's kicking ass and is in the lead, but then he becomes distracted by a glimpse of Tina on one of the monitors, about to kiss a man. He pleads for Tina not to go through with it, but once he regains his senses, he ends up crashing and driving off the course. In a cartoonish fashion, he flies into the air and straight into the monitor itself, and despite his efforts, ends up falling off.
  • Everything about Zack's ending. After he discovers a hidden treasure vault with Niki, they awaken the Skeleton King inside. Zack transforms into his ridiculous silver alien suit and engages in a comical sword fight with it. When he loses, Niki helps by stripping to distract the Skeleton King, which works, and Zack is able to defeat him. When they drive off with the treasure, a horde of skeletons chase after them, to Zack's horror.
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  • Lei Fang's ending. When the train she's on comes to an abrupt stop, she loses her balance along with a random salaryman, her blouse becomes undone and he ends up accidentally groping her boobs. In response, she kicks him off the train and into a river down below. The other bystanders applaud her skill, until she realizes her chest is still exposed.

Dead or Alive 5

  • Kokoro's segment in the story mode evidences her weirdly space-y sense of self-awareness. At the start she's watching a video of Helena on a large building-mounted display when the chaos that occurs after the Cliffhanger in Scramble starts up. Her reaction is to cover her head and crouch down but her voice and facial reaction are very understated, as though she has no idea why she's panicking, just that she needs to. Then in the next scene, she's tossed a pair of nunchakus only for her to completely miss the point and let them blissfully sail by and into a large vase behind her. Her only reaction is to confusedly ask why Jann Lee did that.
  • Lei Fang's ending from Dead or Alive 4 is homaged in the story mode during her segment (where a train stopping harshly causes a man to stumble and fall in Lei Fang's direction, seemingly reaching for her breasts). However, unlike last time where the poor fellow got kicked out of the train into a river, this time...Jann-Lee takes the grope instead.
  • During Mila's Story Mode chapter in #5, she's at work at the diner when Brad orders a drink. Mila gets sidetracked and leaves early to spar with Tina. Brad follows her to the gym and asks what's taking her so long to get his drink.
  • Brad and Eliot fighting over the last piece of food. Also a Moment of Awesome for both of them. The icing on the cake? The monkey steals it from both them.
  • Eliot in Taylor's Bar with Christie. Christie is intentionally distracting the poor kid...
    *camera on Eliot's eyes looking at Christie's boobs*
    Eliot: Yeah... milk... I mean, more milk, please!
    • In response to that, Christie fishes out a bottle of milk from underneath the counter and lays it out in front of Eliot, shocking him.
    • It gets a Call-Back in 6 when he gets just as flustered when Kokoro suddenly approaches him from behind and similarly looks down at her boobs.
  • Tina immediately seeing through Bass's Paper-Thin Disguise during the 5th tournament, followed by what she does after her fight against him by announcing her intention to run for governor. Bass is flabbergasted.
  • Zack's various antics while trying to recruit the cast into the 5'th DOA Tournament, which include:
    • Getting beaten up by Tina and getting left knocked out on the ground. Made more funny during his storyline, where his beating by Tina is shrouded by a black screen, and then some time later, Brad trips over him.
    • His mistaking Sarah for Tina in Sarah's introduction video, then getting put into a sleeper hold by the latter for it.
    • Shooting out of a cannon while Hitomi and Leifang are training in a circus area, and he crash-lands into a prop. Even his speaking lines are ridiculous:
      *After being shot out of the cannon*
      Zack: Hey ladies I have a question for you!
      *After crashing into a prop*
      Zack: GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!
  • When Zack comes to pick up Bayman and Hayate with a helicopter with the intention of bringing the two to DOATEC headquarters and Helena...
    Bayman: I'm afraid I won't be joining you either. I am sure you are a fine pilot... You just creep me out.
    • In the same cutscene, Ayane pulls off headphones that are playing Zack's theme from DOA4.
  • Leon's pre-fight taunt is simply, "Get outta here." And in DOA Dimensions, his pre-fight taunt is merely, "Smartass."
    • Also, one of Jann Lee's pre-fight taunts is a kiyap that sounds more like a duck.
  • The pre-fight quotes can be amusing depending on how they're combined. A couple examples:

Dead or Alive 6

  • A Comically Serious moment from Hayate early in Story Mode: He goes to see Helena, but Marie Rose won't let him in. She literally tries to push him away while saying he can't pass, but he just stands there and doesn't budge no matter how hard Marie pushes.
    • Marie's struggles continue in a later point of the story - when Bayman decides to carry her out of the situation, Marie tries fighting back, but the most she can do before the fight officially starts is claw at the unbudging Bayman like a flustered cat.
  • In a Brick Joke from 5, Tina is telling Zack about her plans on her campaign for governor. Zack ends up shooting her down by letting her know she's too young to run.


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