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Hulk vs. Thor

  • Loki tries to lift Mjolnir. Even given the fact that he was using the Hulk's strength to do so, it doesn't go well.
  • Loki sending Bruce Banner skidding a long way across a room by casually backhanding him (barely even touching him). Yes, Loki just pimp-smacked Banner.
  • Thor tries encouraging Loki to march into battle with him, Loki is less than receptive.
    Thor: Fight with me brother! Or die alone.
    Loki: Not much of a threat considering we're already in Hel...

Hulk vs. Wolverine
  • All of Deadpool's dialogue, which was 90% improvised by Nolan North.
    • "Noooooooo! Thaaaaaat waaaaaaas my favoriiite gunnnnnn!"
    • "Logan, buddy! It's me, Deadpool! I shot yooooou. :D"
    • "Roooock-a-bye...BANG! Nyaha!"
    • "Hey, still have that unbreakable skull?"
      • *metallic ping* "OWW! Dammit..!"
    • "Who wants snacks? YOU DO!"
    • "Logan, I think we lost him!"
    • "And I shot 'im in the ass, with one of these! What? I did."
      Deadpool: Logan. We missed you. The Weapon X isn't the same without you. Nobody calls me "bub" anymore! And Omega Red's a bed wetter! [just then Omega Red enters with the Doc]
      Omega Red: One day I will tear out your flippant tongue, Wilson.
      Deadpool: [whispers] He's very ashamed.
    • Deadpool loves pointy things.
      Professor: We put considerable time and money into you.
      Deadpool: And pointy things!
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    • "You know, I'd would think that the last thing he said was, 'AAAAAAAAAAH, Sabertooth!'"
    • "Strike a pose!"
    • "BANG! Just kidding."
    • Deadpool struggling to get his arm back together.
      Deadpool: Could you give me a hand?
    • The Stinger at the end of the Wolverine segment:
      [Deadpool crawls out of wreckage]
      Deadpool: ...I can't believe it! I'm alive! I'm aliiiiiiiiiiii--
      [gets stomped on by Hulk's super leap]
      Deadpool: ...ow...
  • Hulk and Lady Deathstrike's yelling contest deserves a mention.
  • The fact that Wolverine eggs on the Hulk to destroy the Weapon X facility... only to realize Hulk is still quite pissed with him and bats him out of the facility with the support beam.
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  • On a meta note, Fred Tatasciore and Steve Blum recorded together and had to be pulled apart slightly, because the pair were acting it up so much that the staff were worried they'd both clock each other.


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