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Headscratchers / Hulk Vs.

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  • So, Word of God says this video takes place in the same universe as Wolverine and the X-Men. It also says that The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! takes place in that universe. Does it seem more likely that Hulk vs. Thor takes place before or after the founding of the Avengers? On one hand, you have Thor, Loki, and Amora knowing about Bruce Banner being the Hulk, but you also have the fact that Loki's not undergoing the punishment dealt to him at the end of "A Day Unlike Any Other".
    • I don't see how this works. Thor did not know the Hulk until meeting him on the Avengers so if it took place in that universe it would be after the Avengers. Yet the Warriors Three did not recognize the Hulk despite meeting him in the Avengers. Given also the radically different geography of Asgard being portrayed on a mountain in Hulk vs and a flat plain in Avengers and they cannot be in the same universe despite what Word of God says. Its a poor attempt to mash the two together.
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    • It could easily take place in the middle of the first season of Avengers, though I have nothing for the Warriors Three? As for Asgard, its a god's home, they can probably change it as they see fit. Odin just probably thinks "Today, I am in a mountain mood".
      • Aren't Thor and other Asgardians just really advanced aliens that look like humans rather than gods as we would understand the term?
      • Eh, yes and no. They consider themselves gods, other gods consider them gods, and most aliens and people consider them gods and a separate category from other aliens or superpowered beings. In the comics at least their powers and technology come from magic which most science-based civilizations cannot understand. On occasion they have been shown to hear prayers and be tied to the civilizations when the story calls for it unlike other superpowered beings. So for all intents and purposes they are gods, BUT since confirming the godly aspects that separate them from other beings is often difficult, inconsistent, and unnecessary for the story they often come across as superpowered beings from another dimension.
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    • Word of God is that the "Wolverine" short takes place in the same universe as WatXM and EMH; they said nothing about the "Thor" short being in it.

  • Why does Hulk actively go after midgard after defeating Thor? instead of doing his usual I just want to be alone routine.
    • I think you mean after Odin. Truthfully, like a lot of things in this video it makes little sense. Why did Thor just lay there and let Hulk pound on him while on the steps? Why didn't anyone just move Odin? What happened to those mages who were shown in the defense of Asgard? Of all his magic and tricks, why did Loki only restrain the Hulk so Thor could shoot more lighting at him when that did squat just a few moments ago? Why did Thor in the middle of a desperate battle bother putting his helmet back on? Why did Hela stand aside and do nothing when her death touch might have worked? Going by commentary and interviews this was little more than a story to show Thor getting his butt kicked. A reoccurring theme in Chris Yost's work.

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