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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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     Season 1 
  • In the fourth episode, Annalise tells the main five students (who are all working for her) to investigate their client's employees. Wes asks her how she knows it was one of the employees who did the crime, and Annalise simply says that she doesn't, but what she does know is that everyone hates their boss. The main five all just look at her.
  • After egging Asher on about his father being a corrupt judge Asher attempts to lunge at Connor and completely stumbles over the pile of evidence in front of him, face planting onto the ground.
    Connor: That's the best thing I've seen all day.
  • In a moment of black comedy, Laurel calling out the other three students in a flash-forward for questioning her about her relationship with Frank while they're all standing around with the body.
  • Connor using Grindr while court's in session.
    • Also the fact that in universe the website is called "Humpr."
  • The four main students and Rebecca freaking out about the repercussions of the murder in Wes' apartment? Not that funny. Connor spending the entire scene wrapped in one of Wes' blankets like a burrito? Hilariously adorable.
     Season 2 
  • After a long, hard day in the Season 2 premiere, Annalise leads the Murder Four down a dark and gloomy basement. Connor predicts that she plans on killing them.
    Annalise: You'd get no warning if I was going to off you, Mr. Walsh.
  • When Connor is moving into Oliver's apartment during the season 2 premiere and he gets a phone call while they're making out.
    Oliver: Don't answer it.
    Connor: It's my Annalise ring tone.
    Oliver: Oh God, answer it!
  • Season 2, Episode 3:
    • The montage where the Keating 5 trying to convince various people who had been at their client's sex club to testify to her innocence. Most of them had good reasons not to do it, but there were multiple bits that were just hilarious. Like Asher's awkward innuendos about the construction worker's dick, which ends with said construction worker biting into a hot dog.
  • Season 2, Episode 4:
    • Doubling as a CMOH, Annalise gives Michaela a special mission to investigate Caleb and Catherine, and reminds her that she's a smart girl...and that she has boobs, which she could use to draw out information. When Michaela comes back with "indefinite" information, Annalise, of all people, drops this line:
      "What's the matter? You don't know how to use your boobs?"
      • If anything, after what Annalise has gone through that entire episode, her body language while saying that made it seems like she was absolutely done with Michaela.
      • And then Michaela refers back to this in season 5 when Annalise wants her to convince Gabriel not to tell the truth to his mother.
    • As she arrives at the door, Michaela is on the phone with Levi, who convinces her to start dirty talking...right as Caleb gives a Right Behind Me moment.
    Michaela: Spank me daddy!
    Caleb: Whoa.
    Michaela (panicking): I’ll call you later!
    • Annalise's client absolutely snapping at her with her so-called friend's testimony before ripping into her with a scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech. It's not epic and frightening, but hilarious, and Laurel's expression is priceless, especially she spent a good portion of the episode in disbelief of the client's innocence (she's too appalled to be satisfied about being right that the client was a teenage psycho).
  • Season 2, Episode 5:
    Annalise: I caught Wes and Nate together last night.
    Frank: Screwing?
    • Laurel mockingly suggest the K5 have an orgy before they all get arrested. Connor rolls with it, asking Michaela and Wes for their input despite their annoyance. Wes does later follow up by jokingly offering to get orgy drugs.
    • Michaela again gets caught dirty talking with Levi, it’s played for drama as it’s right when Annalise learns that Levi is talking to both Wes and Michaela, but the idea is hilarious.
    • Foreshadowing for later events: Oliver says he hacks the police station every other week for Annalise, and asks if he’s ever going to get paid.
    • The rest of the K5 catches Wes with Levi, Michaela’s first reaction: “Are you gay for each other?”
  • Season 2, Episode 6:
    • After Connor confessed to doing something that could land him in jail, Oliver tries to figure out what. His first guess, terrorism, much to Connor’s disbelief. Could also be a reference to the producers’ other show Quantico, affectionately given the Fan Nickname “How to Get Away with Terrorism”.
    • After seeing Wes still obsessing about Levi and Frank’s suitcase, we get this shout-out:
    Michaela: Figure out a way to Silence of the Lambs or I will serial-kill you!
    • With Levi arrested, Connor is egging Michaela to get together with Caleb. Laurel then realizes Catherine was secretly recording their conversation. Later, Michaela tries to apologize to Caleb about what she said in the recording.
    Caleb: The part about me being guilty or the part about my butt?

  • Season 2, Episode 7:
    • Oliver finally meets Annalise, and says she’s a lot nicer than what Connor says.
    • Eve is back to defend Nate, she can’t help laughing when he asks what’s her deal with Annalise.
    • Asher loudly fake-coughing in court to draw attention to the material witness Laurel tricked into arriving.
    • Eve suggests to Annalise that they run away to Paris, open up their own firm. She declares that she wants a place with a view of the Sacre Coeur, no matter how expensive it is.
      Annalise: That's okay. I've got Sam money. (they both crack up)
  • Asher's excited and spastic silent dance when he realizes the bug (listening device) the D.A.'s office is using to find out information from Annalise is inside the pen they've been using.
  • Annalise's mother and sister peeping from the curtains when Nate comes to visit her in her mother's house.
     Season 3 
  • In Episode 2, everyone's assumption that Connor screwed-up/cheated on Oliver as the cause of their break-up.
    • Made funnier in the next episode, when Asher mentions the break-up to Annalise her immediate response is an incredulous "What did you do?!"
  • In 3.04 "Don't Tell Annalise," Annalise arrives home absolutely plastered, stumbling and slurring her speech badly. After reassuring Nate she did not drive herself home, he tries to help her up the stairs to bed and she protests, saying she can do this much. She then trips and says "No, I can't." It's Played for Laughs in the moment, fairly effectively, though it might become less funny when re-watched after it becomes clear later in the season that Annalise actually has serious substance abuse issues.
  • In Episode 6, Asher's goofy dance while playing "Cotton Eye Joe" by Rednex. Michaela's exasperated expression really sells the scene.
    • Followed by this exchange:
      Asher: Look, I get you not wanting to talk about your family in front of everyone else, but I'm your boo.
      Michaela: You're my what?
    • And then followed up by Connor coming in while wearing Michaela's robe.
     Season 4 
  • Despite the seriousness of the situation, Nate asking Bonnie how she got her job as the ADA.
    Bonnie: I didn't blackmail him.
    Nate: In what world does Denver hire anyone who worked for Annalise?
    Bonnie: So I blackmailed him.
    • Followed up by Nate suggesting they make a support group for people who've been hurt by Annalise and call it "Annalise Anonymous".