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Drinking Game / How to Get Away with Murder

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Take a drink every time:

  • Annalise takes off her wig.
  • Someone cheats or is mentioned to have cheated on their partner.
    • Two if it's Sam.
  • Someone thinks aloud that Wes and Rebecca are a couple.
  • There is a sex scene.
    • Another if it involves Connor.
    • Another if it's interracial.
  • Annalise asks Wes an overly-personal question.
  • Asher acts like a dork.
    • Two if he's dancing weirdly.
  • Asher makes a weird sound.
    • Asher makes a weird face.
  • Sam lies.
    • Two if it's to Annalise.
  • Connor and Michaela express contempt for each other.
  • Frank hits on someone.
    • Two if it's Laurel.
    • Three if she rebuffs him.
    • Four if she does it back.
  • The Keating Five attempt to pull an all-nighter.
    • Two if they fail miserably.
  • Annalise asks her class a question.
    • Two if everyone in the class puts their hand up to answer it.
    • Finish your glass if Annalise chooses someone to answer it who isn't a member of the Keating Five.
  • Rebecca does the exact opposite of what she's been asked.
  • A female character is shown without makeup.
    • Two if it's either Annalise or Rebecca.
  • The scratches above Wes' bed are shown.
  • Connor smirks.
  • The penis picture is shown or mentioned.
  • Wes is referred to as "Waitlist".
  • Exams are mentioned.
    • Two if it was Michaela who mentioned them.
  • Someone gets arrested.
  • A dead body is shown.
  • Every time someone mentions how tired they are.

Take a sip every time:

  • The trophy is seen or mentioned.
    • Two if it's in relation to the murder.
  • One of the main characters does something illegal to win a case.
    • Two if Annalise encourages it.
  • Annalise doesn't trust someone.
    • Two if it's Sam.
  • A Flash Forward to the murder is shown.
  • Wes cocks his head to the side.
  • Someone acts like a Deadpan Snarker.
    • Two if it's Laurel, Connor or Annalise.
  • Something related to Connor's sex life is mentioned.
  • Wes does something stupid or unethical.
    • Two if it's for Rebecca.
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  • A phone call is refused.

  • Bonnie cries.
    • Two if it’s because of Annalise.

Finish your glass every time:

  • Someone smiles.
—- A much simpler version:
  • Every time someone drinks, drink along with them.

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