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Nightmare Fuel / How to Get Away with Murder

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    Season 1 
  • Paxton killing himself in the fourth episode.
  • 'He Deserved To Die':
    • Rebecca's actions in the flashforwards, especially how shocked to her core she appears, which can initially make the audience think she's responsible for Sam Keating's death before the reveal.
    • The Wes/Rebecca sex scene is juxtaposed with Lila Stangard's body being exhumed for a second autopsy in loving detail.
  • In "Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me", we finally see the murder play out. Sam starts attacking Rebecca, and only stops for a moment when the other students arrive before trying to attack whoever gets in his way. His drunk and violent behaviour is especially disturbing considering how calm he's been in most of the scenes we've seen. Eventually during the struggle he's pushed over a railing by Michaela when he goes after Laurel. While they all try to figure out what to do, it turns out that Sam's Not Quite Dead, and he grabs Rebecca and tries to strangle her. The worst part is the final act doesn't have any music or anything, all they hear are Rebecca's choked cries, and even then it takes them a while to realize what's happening.
  • Episode 11 features a woman trying to get a slap-on-the-wrist plea deal for being an unwilling accomplice in helping her husband imprison two girls in their basement as his sex slaves. Annalise is at first determined to help the woman, whom she believes is as much a victim as the girls, but it's revealed over the episode that the woman not only drugged the girls shortly before each time they were raped by her husband (albeit according to her, so they wouldn't suffer from remembering the experience) but had kept one of the children they bore and lied that it was stillborn. She intended all along to continue raising the little girl as her own (and reveals that she usually kept her all alone, in a cabin, with nothing but a toy giraffe to keep her company,) insisting that the girl was "her" baby. Annalise is clearly disgusted and makes sure the girl is brought in by the authorities, while withdrawing as the woman's lawyer.
  • The Reveal of Frank as Lila's killer.
  • One of the final shots of the first season finale is Rebecca's body underneath the basement stairs, and Annalise and Frank questioning if the other killed her.

    Season 2 
  • In the premiere "It's Time to Move On", the reveal that Bonnie killed Rebecca in the basement by gagging her and asphyxiating her in a plastic bag. Especially how calm and unemotional Bonnie is... even as Rebecca breaks down and begs for her life.
  • The flash-forward cliffhanger for Season 2: Annalise has been shot, seemingly by Wes.
    • And when the subsequent episodes expand on it, we see that Emily Sinclair is also dead - dropped from a great height, with her eyes seemingly gouged out.
  • In Episode 4, Annalise's client having a breakdown and outright threatening her false friend while she's on the stand, inadvertently revealing herself to be the killer, is a very frightening sight.
  • At the end of Episode 6, Oliver reveals that he found the identify of the serial killer who murdered Helena Hapstall, and is justifiably chewed out about it by Connor. Oliver surprisingly doesn't understand the severity of the situation as he's become overzealous after assuming the role of the Keating Five's Sixth Ranger, but the audience does when the serial killer himself is not only revealed, but is shown watching both Oliver and Connor in their apartment through the webcam.
  • Episode 7:
    • Oliver being cornered by Philip Jessup, who snuck in right behind him. Ollie is completely trapped alone with the same murderer he's been tracking overconfidently and he's about to pay the price for it.
  • Episode 8:
    • Annalise is alone with a drunken Nate who outright states he should kill her, demands Annalise to approach him, and suggests a way for Annalise to "earn his forgiveness". Thankfully nothing of the sort occurs, Annalise tells him to shove it and that she won't sleep with him, but the mood itself is unnerving as she's with a man who not only could physically overpower her, but right then and there stated his murderous intent.
    • The gang meet up at Annalise's house after Connor finds Oliver missing. Thankfully, Oliver turns up to the house in good condition, but he brought a guest - Phillip Jessup.
  • Episode 9:
    • Asher calmly snapping after a heated talk with ADA Sinclair, putting his car in reverse and running her over, only to immediately after realize the enormity of what he's done.
    • Most of the episode, as it deals with the night all the flash forwards so far have alluded to.
    • Annelise asking the Keating Four (Bonnie has already driven away with Asher) to shoot her to help uphold her charade, and how it goes pear-shaped once she managed to convince Wes a little too much.
  • Episode 12:
    • Laurel discovers that Wes was the primary suspect in his mother's death. Then we get a shot of 12 year old Wes holding a bloody knife and standing over his mother as she bleeds out. To make it creepier, he doesn't remember any of this.
    • While Wes didn't murder his mother, it turns out that basically his entire life is a lie — his father is his mother's rapist and he only made it into law school due to the machinations of a woman that was indirectly responsible for his mother's suicide. A woman who, as a result, has been more in control of Wes' life than he has been for practically his entire life.

    Season 3 
  • The scene in "Don't Tell Annalise" where Frank kills Bonnie's father by forcing him to breathe hydrogen sulfide until it melts his lungs. While in context the man was a pedophile who horribly abused his daughters and deserved even worse, out of context it's Frank forcing an old and infirm man to breathe in toxic gas, the man being too weak to even fight back and only able to twitch and jerk in pain.
  • The reveal of who died in the fire: It's Wes, and half his body is horribly burned. Even Nate is visibly disturbed by it.
    • The music that plays during the reveal doesn't help.
    • Wes' death scene in Wes. It's a long and disturbing scene.

    Season 4 
  • Episode 8:
    • Simon's body laying on the floor of Caplan & Gold, blood coming from the back of his head.
    • Excess amounts of blood leaking down Laurel's legs followed by her screaming in agony as she's forced to give birth to her premature son on the floor of the elevator. So. Much. Blood.

    Season 5 
  • Nate's murder of ADA Miller where he essentially beats him to death in blind rage over believing him to have ordered his father's murder behind bars. Made even worse by The Reveal that Miller was innocent, and had even tried to stop the murder from happening.

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