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Annalise wears a wig because she had cancer at some point in the past.
Some cancers can cause infertility, which could explain why she and Sam are having problems having a child.
  • Jossed; Some black women just like to wear wigs.

Asher is going to be used as a fall-guy by the other four in the flash-forwards.
They used his statue to kill Mr. Keating, are trying to return it, and he was seen shouting and banging on the door to Annalise's house, there were likely people that witnessed that. It may be their payback for him being such a douche.
  • Jossed; Connor, Laurel, and Rebecca were in favor of getting Asher to walk in so he could implicate himself, but Wes argued against it. Michaela ended up texting Asher and telling him to meet her at the library, thus getting him away from the crime scene.

Bonnie is really the killer.
The main four walked into Annalise's house and stumble upon the body of her husband and assume Annalise did it. They scramble to cover it up, while Bonnie used her rendezvous with Asher as an alibi.
  • Jossed

Oliver will turn out to be important.
He seems to be a skilled hacker, and it's established he and Connor are still on good terms by the night of the murder. There are likely security cams somewhere near Annalise's house. Perhaps Oliver's skills will be used to cover up evidence, or plant it on someone else.
  • Confirmed. Oliver starts to play a more and more important role, and by Season 2 is instrumental in the main plotline.
  • As of season 3, the actor who plays Oliver is a series regular, and Oliver plays an important part in Murder Night when Annalise sneaks her phone to him and asks him to wipe it clean just before she is arrested. We see him doing something with the phone in another flashforward, so presumably he followed her instructions.

Bonnie is Sam's first wife.
As much as she seems to like Annalise, it's obvious that she cares a hell of a lot about Sam, and she's going out of her way to protect him. Maybe despite not being married to him any more, she's still holding a torch, so she works for Annalise to stay close to him.
  • Annalise says she and Sam have been together for 20 years. So Sam must have married Bonnie when she was a teenager.
  • In season two we find out that Sam was Bonnie's therapist after Annalise somehow saved Bonnie from her abusive father. So Annalise is the reason Bonnie met Sam.

Annalise will represent her husband's killer.
She will either be convinced that they didn't do it, cares too much for them, or simply doesn't care that Sam is dead.
  • Or they'll offer her a lot of money.
  • Jossed

Bonnie is in love with Annalise
It explains a good amount of her actions and makes sense given how emotionally she reacts around her compared to everyone else.
  • In season three, Bonnie tells Annalise that she loves her.
  • Later in season three, Annalise kisses Bonnie. Bonnie doesn't seem reluctant to do it or upset by it.
  • Bonnie also tries to convince Frank, who she slept with and who she says she loves, to take the fall for all of them, making it clear that her primary loyalty is to Annalise.

Asher is Sam's killer
.The scales fell off the statue, what if they did fall off at his house? Also, we don't know where he was when Sam was murdered. He's strong enough to deliver a single fatal blow, and what better way to hide than in plain sight, acting too suspicious so everybody will think it's too easy?
  • Jossed

Wes isn't nearly as nice as he looks.
He joins Annalise's firm while knowing that he'll have to shed some of his morals, and goes from sweet, naive and upset when he thinks that Annalise is bribing him to ready and willing to lie and manipulate Michaela, Laurel and Connor into helping him get rid of a body in a few months. He could have done similarly dark things before, given how he seems to be willing to do anything if it's to help Rebecca.

Connor really does have a drug problem
On the night of Sam's murder, Connor returns to Oliver's place in a frenzied panic and promises to tell him everything, then after taking a shower and calming himself, he opts to tell Oliver he has a drug problem instead of admitting his involvement in Sam's death and disappearance. This could be a way of diverting attention from the truth because while it certainly isn't all that pleasant or noble sounding, it's far less damning and could still work as an alibi in the future. HOWEVER, it's also possible that he's telling Oliver the truth for once. Connor could have actually tried a new concoction of drugs in order to help cram and study for exams as they were planning to do, and it would help explain how his behavior went off-kilter even earlier into the night before any traumatic events occurred. It works so well at explaining his behavior that it feels almost too good of a cover to be entirely false.
  • Considering Connor's other hedonistic tendencies, this wouldn't be surprising.
  • And there's the fact that Connor mentioned having/being able to get adderall when pitching his study group idea to Wes...

Oliver was right. Connor is a sex addict.
Just a hunch.

Oliver's not quite as together as he appears... and sooner or later, he's going to snap.
If he realizes/thinks (depending on how truthful Connor was in 1x09) that Connor used him as an alibi. If you thought him kicking Connor out of his apartment was
the dog biting back, you haven't seen anything yet.

The Flash Forwards will have a Twist Ending with the creation of Deadpool
Annalise's firm is a front for Weapon X and the death of her husband was a recruitment vehicle. The five students will be transformed into a Mind Hive, and go crazy as a result. How do you get away with murder? By becoming walking talking undead cancer.

Asher is bi.
He comes off as having a crush on Connor, seems to be awfully curious about his love life, and comments he wishes he were gay. Considering his background, it's entirely plausible that Asher doesn't even realize bisexuality is a "thing."
  • He even (perhaps jokingly) offers to have sex with Connor to prevent him from showing Michaela photos of her ex-fiancee's new fiancee.

There's something significant about the former occupant of Wes's apartment.
Those scratch marks have been featured too many times, and Rebecca spent several episodes mentioning the guy. Since he was a law student too, maybe he was in Annalise's class at some point.
  • Confirmed, his name is Rudy Walters and Rebecca was involved in getting him stuck at a psychiatric ward. Wes and Laurel meet him in 1x13.

Annalise will defend her students, while Bonnie and Asher prosecute them
Annalise because she wants to make sure Wes stays on her side so that the stuff he's discovered about her life (like the affair) don't come out, and Bonnie because she wants to get back at Annalise. And Asher because he's crushing on Bonnie.
  • Jossed. Bonnie reluctantly helps Annalise defend them while Asher remains clueless.

While pretending to have a drug problem, Connor will develop a drug problem
He'll have to get some stuff in his system and learn lingo and everything in order to be able to seem like an addict in therapy, but along they way will become the mask.

The second half of season 1 will flash forward to the students on trial
  • Jossed.

WES has a lot more to do with the initial murder that we think
All this case rely on one enormous coincidence : her neighbor (Rebecca) is also the best friend of the former lover of his boss's husband. Maybe, he did not take this flat by accident...
  • Jossed.

Annalise killed Lila and Nate is on to her
She felt obligated to defend Rebecca. She is desperate to prove Sam guilty even though she has shown signs of obviously missing him. Nate told her a straight up lie about what the evidence he found about Sam's involvement with the murder because he knew she would use the information to pin it on Sam. This also explains why he wanted to break off their relationship. She knows exactly how to get away with murder.
  • Jossed. Frank killed Lila, and it would seem he did so on Sam's orders.

Asher will accidentally shoot Annalise
Asher will finally figure out everything that's been going on around him, (more or less), and will start carrying a gun to protect himself. They'll be some kind of confrontation about what he knows at the adopted kids house while he, Wes and Annalise are there - and that he's been a mole, passion in info to the DA under threat of blackmail from the DA because of something in his past. (Something in his past that Annalise already knows). Annalise will try and tell him they're not going to hurt him or anything, but - paranoid - he'll pull the gun attempting to leave. He and Wes will scuffle, the gun will go off and Annalise will get hit/shot. Asher, really panicked now, will run off and Wes will chase after him, which is why there's the shot of him running through the woods.
  • Jossed. Asher doesn't do that, but he does murder Sinclair, which kind of leads up to that.

The Hapstall mansion hides a huge secret that someone very influential wants covered up.
Two wealthy people are killed and their adoptive children are accused of the crime. The key witness against them is the children's aunt, and the moment a hole appears in her testimony, she's killed too. This crime is also pinned on the children, but it's quickly discovered that the police planted evidence to make that case. Regardless, should the children be put away, the house would be abandoned, likely seized by the police. And the flash-forwards show that when the case is obviously still unresolved two months later, the lead prosecutor is killed and the children's defense attorney mortally wounded at the mansion. Given the level of conspiracy involved, it's obvious that whoever is pulling the strings has a lot of clout, either by way of money or position.

Wes is Annalise's son
  • Jossed.

Christophe isn't Wes
Christophe is the name of Annalise's baby. She gives birth to him, is too terrified of being a mother, and sells him to Wes' mother Rose. After Rose's death, Wes and Christophe are separated and placed in different homes. That's why the show doesn't explicitly say that Wes and Christophe are the same person. As far as Wes knows, Christophe was his adopted baby brother that he hasn't seen or heard from since his mother died, and that's how he confirms that Annalise knew him.
  • Jossed.

Wes is a Keating, but he's Sam's son, not Annalise's.
Sam, known for preying on naive women, knocked up Wes's mother. Annalise discovers this. Something goes wrong, and her baby and Wes's mom end up dead.

Also, drama from accidental Patricide. (Worth noting that Alfred Enoch himself is biracial).

  • Jossed, except for one detail: Wes does have a white biological father).

Frank was involved with the car crash that killed Annalise's baby
The woman he'd spent the night with worked for the Mahoney family. While he was still passed out in a post-orgasmic stupor, she relieved him of his hotel room key and took pictures/key documents pertaining not just to the case, but also his as-yet untouched background. While Annalise was trying to convince Eve to come forward about Rose's involvement with the Mahoney case, Wallace Mahoney was meeting with Frank and gave him two options: tell him what Annalise was going to do (i.e, reveal that Wes/Christophe is his biological son by rape and that Rose had been threatened into perjury) or something bad would happen. After Annalise left, Frank called and told Wallace Mahoney where she was going...cue car crash and miscarriage.
  • This could also mean that Sam knew Frank's part in Annalise's accident, and that's what he meant by 'You owe me' when he ordered Frank to kill Lila.
  • Confirmed. Frank was bribed with the suitcase full of cash to plant a bug in Annalise's room. As soon as Wallace Mahoney was told that Annalise was going straight to the feds, he tells his employee to 'take care of it.' Cue car crash. And Sam finds out after Frank tearfully confesses to his part, and convinces him to keep quiet.

Frank is responsible for killing Wallace Mahoney
. Feeling guilty for inadvertently causing Annalise to lose her son in the car crash, Frank decided to kill Mahoney for revenge.
  • Confirmed. He confesses to Bonnie, who was secretly taping the whole thing.

The identity of the person stalking Annalise and setting her house on fire
My money's on the person Wallace Mahoney was speaking to. The person heard Wes confess to being his son, the words 'Annalise Keating' followed by a gunshot, and has decided to carry out a vendetta against Annalise in lieu of any real evidence tying her to the murder.

The body in the house is Rebecca's.
All Word of God has had to say about the identity of the body is that it was someone "integral to the show". Well, the spoilered character was pretty integral to the first two seasons. Frank will end up planting her body in the house before setting it on fire, knowing the fire would draw attention to the house, cause them to find the body, and bring all of Annalise and the Keating Five's dirty secrets to light, all as revenge for her trying to have him killed or for some other slight she commits toward him before the flashbacks and flash-forwards catch up with one another.
  • Jossed. Episode 5 confirms that while the body was unidentified, it was a male.

The body on the house is the body of the stalker.
Every season is focused on the Keating 5 + Annalise and her associates covering up a murder, why would it be different this time. the group discussed against the stalker, things went heated and they killed him. The fire was the way to hide the body.
  • Jossed. In episode 9, we find out the body was Wes Gibbins.

The body in the house is Wes (insert more letters to make the name look longer).
It's just so obvious but no one wants to admit it.
  • Jossed: Wes is shown to be alive at that point.
    • Actually, it's been confirmed as of the winter finale. The scene with Wes at the police station took place the morning of the house fire.

The body in the house is Simon Drake
  • Jossed. It's actually Wes.

Wes was murdered by someone working for the Mahoneys
  • He's the sole eyewitness who claimed to see Charles on the night of their father's murder. And Annalise has prior history with the Mahoneys, as did Wes' mother Rose. Charles' mother put two and two together and decided to kill two birds with one stone: have Wes murdered (thereby getting Charles' case thrown out) and plant his body in Annalise's home, framing her for his murder.
    • Jossed, it was Laurel’s father who ordered the hit.

Wallace was still behind Rose's rape
  • Charles might be Wes’s father, but Wallace is still responsible for what Rose suffered. Back when Charles was a teenager (probably no older than fifteen) he developed an infatuation for Rose, having seen her working at his father’s business. Wallace being the sort of man he is, decided to indulge his son, and threatened Rose into going along with it. Thus Rose ended up sleeping with Charles, and Charles (at the time at least) probably never even realised it was rape. Rose thus falls pregnant, and has Wes. It explains further why Rose was so unwilling to reveal the truth. If she did, the Mahoney’s would easily spin it to look like she was taking advantage of there son for his money.

is still alive.
  • He calls Dominic the day of the fire, identifying himself as Christophe and saying "I'm in trouble. We all might be." Dominic then "kills" Wes. The aforementioned scene at the police station wasn't a Red Herring after all, but an honest-to-God message that Wes/Christophe wasn't actually the body in the fire, either, merely intended to be identified as such.

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