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Fridge Brilliance

  • In 1x04, after Wes shows Keating the unlocked phone, she looks like she's thinking about seducing him. Since, as it turns out, she's just found her husband's dick pics on the phone, she's a) thinking impulsively about screwing him for revenge, and b) may have just realized that he's the only good, upstanding man in her life.
  • In the season finale, when Annalise learns that Agnes is in love with her client Father Andrew, she appears to have Agnes fake an alibi for him by claiming the two had an affair. This seems like a rather flimsy argument, especially when the prosecutor questions why she hadn't mentioned this before. Annalise isn't trying to make an alibi for Father Andrew, she wants to push Father Andrew into breaking his vows and reveal the true reason why he killed Father Bernard by shaming the woman he loves. Unfortunately, it has the opposite reaction and she loses the case.
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  • In 1x02, Keating makes a point of singling out Asher for her first example of "people not being what they seem" and refers to "actual skeletons in his closet". If she was aware of his dad's crooked dealings, which is fairly likely, she may have been giving some deliberate Foreshadowing for what they would all learn about Asher's father, especially the later reveal that a girl was gang-raped during a party Asher was throwing and his father pressured him to cover it up.
  • Wes has been going by Gibbins instead of his given name Christophe Edmond, saying that his foster family had it changed. Its possible the reason why they did it was so that his father wouldn't find him.

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