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  • The introduction of Sister Monica Joan is somewhat amusing, despite the character's senility.
  • While discussing a character's history of kissing (or lack thereof) in 2x04:note 
    Trixie: But to have lived her life without so much as a kiss!
    Sister Bernadette: You're speaking to a nun, Trixie.
  • How Sister Evangelina takes care of the unspoken feelings between Chummy and Peter:
    Sister Evangelina: Constable Noakes, would you like to take Nurse Browne to the pictures on Saturday?
    Peter: ...yes. Yes, I would.
    Sister Evangelina: Nurse Browne, would you like to go?
    Chummy: ...yes, very much.
    Sister Evangelina: Excellent. I'm so pleased for you both. Now I can enjoy my cake.
    • And earlier in the same episode (quoted from memory):
      Sister Evangelina: It's times like this that make me very glad I took vows.
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    • Almost anytime Sister Evangelina uses her blunt personality to take care of a situation.
  • When Trixie goes to deliver a baby, the patient's sister doesn't approve of her modern medical techniques and keeps trying to interfere. When the sister demands to know who sent for a midwife, Trixie cheerfully says "No one. We operate purely on telepathy!"
  • Any time Sister Julienne thinks someone is an idiot, but can't say so. God bless Jenny Agutter!
  • Sister Evangelina being volunteered for crowd control during a free medical examination hosting, and by Sister Monica Joan no less! Sister Monica Joan makes her decision on the basis that Sister Evangelina's voice is "reminiscent of a foghorn". (Which... is a rather apt description.)
  • Sister Evangelina getting Crazy Cat Lady Mrs. Jenkins to warm up to her... by farting loudly over and over again.
    • And earlier in the scene, when Mrs Jenkins decks her when she tries to take her pulse (after berating Jenny for being unable to do so):
      Sister Evangelina: [taking notes] Pulse attempted. Patient demonstrated a strong right hook.
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  • When Chummy comes back to Peter after she'd been pressured by her mother to break off their engagement, she proceeds to "turn herself in for criminal cowardice and robbing two people of something that would make them both very happy." She then tells Peter "because underneath this raincoat, I am practically naked" and they start making out. Two scenes later, Chummy is talking on the phone to her mother, discussing her wedding plans.
    Chummy: You may take me to Norman Hartnell [a famous fashion designer], where you can buy me a skirt suit. Preferably crimplene.
    Lady Browne: [through gritted teeth] Will it be white?
    Chummy: [bashfully] Sorry. No longer entitled.
  • In the final episode of series 3, when a frantic Shelagh is trying desperately to find something for her choir to sing:
    Shelagh: Puff, please!
    Patrick: [gives her a puff of his cigarette] You know, you could always have one of your own.
    Shelagh: No, because that would make me a smoker.
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  • In the otherwise very heartwarming moment where Shelagh and Patrick go to pick up their adopted baby girl, the toddler in the next cot is standing up in the background taking a great interest in proceedings.
  • The Turners' preparations for their camping trip in Series 5. It's funny enough seeing the normally unflappable Dr. Turner burst into the room saying "Shelagh, I can fit the tents or the children in the car, but not both," but the sight of him in shorts is enough to make all the Nonnatus nurses burst into giggles.
  • Patsy describing a dessert as looking "Like Stonehenge, made out of penises."
  • In 05X07, Tom and Barbara get a little carried away in a moment of passion and are horrified to discover they've left a greasy patch on the wallpaper from Tom's Brylcream. Tom suggests they lie and say Barbara slipped while carrying the butter dish. Later, Barbara tries to deflect attention away from the stain...with hilarious results.
    Phyllis: Good grief! Where did that stain on the wallpaper come from?
    Barbara: What stain?
    Sister Mary Cynthia: Oh, dear, I hope it's not another patch of damp. Sister Julienne is worried the building is getting wet rot.
    Barbara: Oooh, perhaps it's just an optical illusion!

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