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Funny / Call of the Wildman

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  • Neal's observation over having to possibly go after a bear (Fortunately for everyone, it turned out to be a wild horse).
    Neal: Scratch marks on trees, it's a bear! Broken down fence, it's a bear! Heaven help us if we ever find a bear!
  • The entire sequence where Turtleman and the others are trying to catch flying squirrels is hilarious.
  • The web-series where Animal Planet sends Ernie and Neal to Manhattan. Examples include Ernie going to Central Park (and trying to catch a squirrel and turtle), as well as Ernie going to the diamond district.
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  • Three women win the Turtleman in a bachelor auction. His date plan? Turtle catching! By the end of it, the women did have fun, at least.
  • Jake's trap to catch what they thought to be a bear it was a dog was a Rube Goldberg Device that looked like it was devised by Wile E Coyote. It included a bowling ball rolling down a track, a bucket of water, and fireworks.

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