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Headscratchers / Call the Midwife

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  • In the first episode of the series, Jenny comes back from delivering a premature baby, and goes to listen to the nuns doing their late night songs. We see 8 nuns lined up (4 on each side, facing each other). We know four are Sisters Julienne, Bernadette, Monica Joan, and Evangelina, but who are the other 4? Are they also practising nurses and midwives? If so, why do we never see them out on the rounds, or at the dinner table? It's a running theme later on that they don't have enough hands for the work they have, and get new nurses sent to them, but these nuns never appear in the main stories.
    • Sister Julienne refers to them in passing as "choir sisters", though their exact function is never explained. Though the Order (in real life the Order of St John the Divine) is named after the patron saint of childbirth, it's never clarified whether all sisters of the Order are trained nurse/midwives, or what they do if they're not so trained.
    • Entirely possible on both accounts. Or they might even be from a different order, sharing a space. This troper's aunt is a religious Sister and one half of the building where she lived in Rome, Italy is the space for one order and the other half of the building is for the other. They don't tend to interact in their daily lives but do come together for holidays and church service.
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  • In the season seven finale, Phyllis notes how it's been a year since Barbara and Tom were married. In the same episode as the wedding, Sheilagh gave birth to Teddy. The season seven finale has them celebrating Angela's birthday - oughtn't it to be Teddy's? Granted, it's not impossible by any stretch of the imagination that Angela's and Teddy's birthday are very close to each other, but it seems an odd choice not to have it be Teddy's birthday they're celebrating. As if the writers already forgot that his birth was the day before Barbara's and Tom's wedding.
  • How realistic is it that Cynthia's religious name would simply be Mary Cynthia? I'm asking as someone who knows next to nothing about anglican nuns and the rules that they abide by. I presume they gave her the name Mary Cynthia so as to not confuse to viewing audience too much, but would she have been permitted to choose that name in real life? Isn't the point of choosing a new name when joining the order that you should set aside your old person and assume a new identity - meaning casting aside your previous name?
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  • In the third episode of season five Sister Winifred's plotline deals with Ms. Whitmore, an unmarried woman who became pregnant through an affair with a married man. Ms. Whitmore attempts to abort the baby and ends up in the hospital. When Sgt. Noakes informs Sister Winifred about the attempted abortion she asks if Ms. Whitmore succeeded and Noakes answers no. He then adds that she miscarried the baby later that day. Wouldn't that mean that she did succeed?

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