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  • Chummy's introduction episode features a handful of scenes involving Chummy's attempts to ride a bike, some of which involve one of the local boys poking fun at her attempts to do so. Later on in the episode, after the breech delivery, it's implied that she bought him a bicycle and as a result, he became her guardian and helped her with her difficulties on a bicycle. The ending of the episode closes on the two of them riding together through the streets as Chummy makes her rounds.
    • Brenda McEntee's story in the same episode. She has a pelvic deformity that caused her four previous pregnancies to end in stillbirth. Then she unexpectedly became pregnant again in her 40s. She's very frightened of having another stillborn baby even though Patrick and Chummy assure her that she can have a C-section this time to prevent complications. The last scene reveals that she did have a C-section and her daughter was born healthy. She names the baby Grace Miracle.
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  • 1x02 features Jenny befriending Mary, a young girl who'd been taken advantage of and was about to have a baby. Throughout the entire episode, the midwives are shown to have nothing but the utmost compassion and respect for her, even the lay ones. This comes to a head after the baby is taken away and Jenny comforts her.
  • What has been dubbed simply "The Road Scene" in episode 2x08. Dr Turner finds ex-Sister Bernadette on the side of the road after she has been released from the sanatorium. Since she's no longer a nun, they are now free to act on their feelings for each other. And they do. Magnificently. Keep in mind, the dialogue below is said during a Held Gaze after he's wrapped her up in his coat and is laden with months, if not years, of unspoken love between them.
    Dr Turner: What if it had started raining? What if you'd got lost?
    Sister Bernadette: I was lost. I got the wrong bus.
    Dr Turner: I was on the right road.
    Sister Bernadette: Yes. [deep breath] I know you so little but I couldn't be more certain.
    Dr Turner: I am completely certain. And I don't even know your name!
    Sister Bernadette: [beaming from ear to ear] Shelagh.
    Dr Turner: [tenderly] Patrick.
    Sister Bernadette: There. We've made a start.
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  • In episode 2x05, Nora, the older woman who got pregnant after she'd already had eight children, survives falling into a coma and finally gets to move her family into a bigger home. And it's out in the country! It's at first implied that she'd died, but it turns out to be a bait-and-switch and we see her strolling through a field with her family.
  • After Chummy helps Fred's daughter Dolly give birth to her second born, Fred has a moment where he explains to her about how he grew up so poor that he didn't own shoes. He promised that his own children would grow up with shoes, hot dinners, and a happy home. "And I managed all three." He also states that his biggest regret was not being there for his family during the London Blitz and that being a good parent is all about being there for them. Chummy is touched by his words so much that she names her baby boy after him.
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  • Chummy and Peter's relationship, full-stop.
  • Six words: "Please will you marry my dad?"
  • In the second season finale, Jimmy tells Jenny about his baby daughter, and how even though it's more exhausting than he expected to care for her, he loves her very much. There's also his obvious desire to see that Jenny is happy and not pining away for him, even though he already confessed his love to her earlier.
  • When Winnie gives birth, it's immediately obvious that her husband Ted is not the father of her son. The midwives, Dr Turner and Winnie herself are naturally expecting (and dreading) that Ted will be furious, but to their astonishment and joy Ted immediately accepts the baby and proves to be a loving and devoted parent.
  • The Reverend Appleby-Thornton's explanation for his constant chatter, which is also something of a Tear Jerker:
    It was in the silences at the dinner table that I felt my parents' hatred for each other. So I became accustomed to filling them. [...} I talk so I won't know what the silence holds.
  • The relationship between Sister Bernadette and Sister Julienne is absolutely full of them.
    • When young Timmy Turner is struck down with polio, Shelagh is not allowed to stay with him at the hospital because she hasn't yet married his father and she's not his biological mother. Also, she's been avoiding all of Nonnatus because she's afraid of what they'll think of her for leaving the Order, but in that moment of crisis she goes back to the place that has always been her sanctuary, joining the nuns' plainsong during their evening service and quietly slipping her hand into Sister Julienne's as she joins them in song. Later, as Julienne is tenderly tucking her into her makeshift cot:
      Julienne: Did you believe for one moment that we wouldn't want you here tonight? That we wouldn't welcome you with open arms?
      Shelagh: I turned my back on you, Sister. I walked away. I became someone else.
      Julienne: No, you didn't, Shelagh. You found joy — and I've never questioned it.
      Shelagh: [brokenly] But there's no joy now.
      Julienne: But there is love — and it's Christmas. Have courage.
      [Julienne holds Shelagh as she cries]
    • Julienne's words when she asks Julienne to give her away at her wedding:
      Shelagh: You should be giving me away. You should be walking with me.
      Julienne: [visibly struggling not to cry] You belong to no one but yourself — and you know exactly where you're going.
    • When Shelagh walks down the aisle to marry Dr Turner, Julienne is sitting in the front row of the left side of the church, in the seat closest to the centre aisle — the place traditionally reserved for the mother of the bride.
    • The 2014 Christmas special reveals the Turners' adopted daughter's full name: Angela Julienne Turner.
    • In episode 4x02, Sister Julienne is confronted with the memory of the potential love match she turned away from in order to follow her calling as a nun — an almost eerie mirror to Shelagh, who left the Order to follow her calling as a wife and mother. Deeply shaken and struggling with her own feelings, she can go to only one person. This relationship is definitely not one-sided.
    Julienne: [to Shelagh] Who could I turn to, if not you? Who would console me, if not you?
    • Sister Julienne is the one to deliver Shelagh's baby. Think about that for a minute. But of course, how could it be anyone else?
  • After obtaining a hearing aid for Crazy Cat Lady Mrs. Jenkins in the first Christmas special, Dr Turner whispers "Merry Christmas" in her ear. The look of utter wonder on her face, when she probably has been going deaf for several years, is wonderful.
  • The end of episode 2x2, when Peter gathers all the Cub Scouts, midwives, and Sisters to serenade Chummy with their song "You Are My Special Angel" before they leave for Sierra Leone, where Chummy spends six months as a missionary.
  • Douglas Roberts, in season 2, deciding that he was going to keep his son, born with spina bifida and convincing his wife to agree with him by making her realize how much she loves the baby.
    • Also, her picking up her son after refusing to do so the whole episode.
    Ruby Roberts: He's not an it, he's a baby. He's my baby boy.
  • In series 4, Patrick Turner battles a rather serious case of recurring PTSD brought on by his service in World War II — PTSD which had, in the past, sent him into a full-fledged breakdown which ended with him in a mental hospital. When he finally recovers from his depression, he admits to his wife Shelagh that he had been terrified he was going to have a second. Shelagh assures him that they're not at war any more, and it won't happen again. Patrick's response?
    Patrick: I know. Because I have you.
  • In 4x05 when Dr Turner fails to diagnose a baby with osteogenesis imperfecta, an admittedly rare condition, and thus the child is taken from his parents for fear of abuse Dr Turner takes ill believing himself to be a bad doctor. As he recovers the whole of Poplar, remembering all that he had done for so many, pulls together to remind him with cards and gifts that no matter what he may believe he is a good doctor.
  • From the 2015 Christmas Special, Iris and her husband in the hospital as Iris gives birth to their very unexpected second child, 22 years after they lost their first. The emotion that Iris's actress puts into her realization - the fear, the hope - and then her husband's hand shaking too much to even hold a cigarette...and then the baby arrives.
  • A minor one from Sister Evangelina in 2x08. Sister Bernadette is considering leaving the Order and has thus asked for her worldly possessions to be sent to her. When gathering her things, Sister Evangelina— who does not wish her sister to leave— frets that all of her clothes are 10 years old, and she'll look out of date and attract attention. Even if Bernadette will no longer be her sister, she wants no unhappiness to befall her, even something as frivolous as outdated clothes.
  • A community-wide one from 5x08 after Sister Evangelina's death. The entire community of Poplar comes together, with every business offering top-shelf services to Nonnatus, free of charge, as she was one of them as much as a member of Nonnatus, and they want to pay her back for her services to them.
  • Basically everything involving Barbara's wedding in season 6:
    • Choosing Phyllis as her bridesmaid, especially since Phyllis was feeling passed over since Shelagh chose Sister Julienne to deliver her baby.
    • Getting a deal on all the flowers because she had delivered the florist's youngest child in a breech delivery.
    • Her lovely conversation with her father about marriage.
    • The nuns and midwives pooling their resources to buy her a wedding dress instead of having her make her own or borrow from her sister.
    • Tom's Grand Romantic Gesture of the carousel
    • Patsy finally returning from Hong Kong and giving Delia a Big Damn Kiss (the first time they've kissed on screen in three series together as a couple)
  • In 7x01 when Lucille arrives unwell, without luggage and a scrapped knee the midwives and nuns welcome her with open arms and take care of her when she faints from an undiagnosed bladder infection.
  • The friendship between Phyllis and Barbara in general, but with some moments standing out more than others.
    • The very first episode Phyllis appears in, when she comes to assist at a delivery of undiagnosed twins where the first was stillborn. The first thing she does when arriving is not tending to the mother (who had Patsy with her) but to comfort Barbara.
    • As mentioned above, Barbara asking Phyllis to be her maid of honour.
    • What seems like a minor detail, but an early season five episode has Barbara calling Phyllis by her first name - something which Phyllis did not permit in the previous season, with the exception of the night they go square dancing. Barbara being allowed to call her by her first name shows how much closer they have grown.
    • After the death of Sister Evangelina all the midwives are seen sitting together on the staircase, crying. Phyllis has her arm around Barbara, who cries on her shoulder.
    • Their reunion in late season seven.
    • When Barbara passes away Phyllis is with her, together with Barbara's husband Tom. When Barbara is admitted to hospital, Phyllis tries to comfort him by saying: "She's a fighter, our Barbara is."
      • During that whole episode, several characters show a great deal of sympathy towards Phyllis, knowing how worried she is for her friend. And Tom has this to say: "I know how much you love her... and how much she loves you."
      • The mere fact that when Tom learns that Barbara is going to die he calls Nonnatus House and asks Valerie to send Phyllis to the hospital right away. His wife is going to die, but rather than be alone with her at that time he makes sure that his wife's best friend is there.
  • When the new uniforms arrive in season five the young nurses are all excited to try them on, but keep their poker faces on while they wait for Phyllis to arrive and get hers. Phyllis initially appears stern about the whole thing, then breaks into a smile and declares she'll race them to go try them on - and then takes off running, the others in pursuit.
  • There's a season five episode where Phyllis sits with Patsy and Trixie and listen to an LP with Spanish love songs, and the three of them bond. It's a very sweet scene, especially when Trixie says that she hopes the younger people attending Phyllis' Spanish class know that she has the two of them on her side, if any of them should give her grief over the age gap.
  • In the 2016 Christmas Special, after Trixie has had to perform a caesarion section with only local anaesthetic and very poor lighting, she walks outside and begins to break down after all the adrenaline has left her body. Barbara then comes out and sits with her, absolutely bursting with pride and telling her so. She then holds Trixie as she cries.
  • Trixie pointing out to Tom that Barbara is the woman he ought to spend the rest of his life with, but to not propose to her with the same ring as he gave to Trixie herself. Not because she has a problem with the thought of someone else being proposed to with "her" ring, but because Barbara has had so many hand-me-downs in her life and she deserves something brand new.
    • When Tom does propose to Barbara later that same episode he doesn't have a ring, so he makes one from a plate of grass. Later on he buys her a real ring, but she keeps and cherishes the grass ring he proposed with.
  • Everything about the ballroom of hope. May is returned to the Turners, Reggie gets to see his girlfriend, and Julie gets to dance under the mirror ball.

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