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  • Chummy delivering the breech baby completely on her own and without freaking out once. It's notable that she uses a technique that was described as dangerous by Sister Evangelina but the baby is born alive.
  • Trixie and Sister Evangelina on the ship.
  • Chummy delivering triplets with hardly any supplies, even to the point of using her nursing uniform as a blanket.
  • Dr Turner, Sister Bernadette, and Trixie delivering twins, one of which was lying transverse and had to be turned by Sister Bernadette, without losing mother or either baby, despite premature placental separation and uterine hemorrhage.
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  • Dr Turner and Sister Bernadette convincing the board to send a tuberculosis screening van to Poplar, which desperately needs it.
  • Jane making up for a lack of judge in the baby competition by deciding at the last minute to run on stage and announce Sister Monica Joan as the replacement. Considering how much of a Shrinking Violet Jane had been not so long ago, her addressing a large crowd of people is pretty notable.
    • In the next episode, she is able to press Fred into facing his fear of heights and climbing a ladder to get Sister Monica Joan out of the bathroom ("Normally I'd be sympathetic, Fred, but today I'm not"). Actually, pretty much anytime Jane is assertive could count.
  • Dr Turner coming back from a nasty resurgence of his shell shock just in time to save the life of a pregnant mother with diphtheria via emergency tracheotomy.
  • After almost a full season away, Sister Evangelina's voice is heard from beyond a pile of gale-induced rubble...and she's scolding the workers for panicking about rubble instead of fixing it!
  • Phyllis managing to arrange for the sanitizing of a women's shelter that's in an appalling state by giving a speech to the man in charge of such matters - a speech that sounds like she's entirely sympathetic towards him, but is in fact anything but. Essentially she says that dr. Turner has it so easy in comparison because he doesn't have to turn a blind eye to the suffering of women and children, doesn't have to ignore every ethical and moral impulse, and can sleep well at night knowing that his soul is not in jeopardy.
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  • Trixie is without a doubt the most skilled midwife at Nonnatus House. Among other things she has performed an emergency c-section with hardly any proper equipment when there was neither a doctor nor an OR, nor even proper lights available, she has delivered a baby in the backseat of a car at a time period when this was almost unheard of, and she managed to save the day when a woman's mother tried to hurry along the afterbirth by pulling on the cord and accidentally pulled part of the woman's uterus along with it. When things turn south, Trixie is definitely the midwife you'd most like to have with you.
  • The caesarion section scene in the 2016 Christmas special is a crowning moment for all the midwives involved. Trixie most of all, since she is the one to actually perform the procedure, and doing so with only a local anaesthetic available. The others do their part too. Sister Julienne acts as OR nurse for Trixie, handing her instruments as the procedure goes along. Phyllis sits by the labouring woman's head and comforts her, keeping her calm under the extreme circumstances and supplying her with gas-and-air. Barbara sticks her hand into the birth canal and pushes the baby back into the womb when Trixie can't budge it. And let's not forget Constance, the mother, who stays calm under extreme circumstances. Especially impressive since she's lost three babies in the past, yet manages to keep her composure when the life of her fourth is threatened. It's an amazing accomplishment for everyone involved, and it ends on a particularly heartwarming note as Trixie breaks down crying in Barbara's arms as the latter tells her how proud she is of her.

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