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  • Luca and Paolo don't want to talk to Olmo, thinking that he has to give them some news related to work. When he finally finds them they can't run away so, as a last resort, they petrify in a starting position.
    Olmo: Guys, I have to tell you something!
    Luca: Shut up! Can't you see that we're running a race?!
    Olmo: ... what kind of race is that?
    Luca: The winner is the first one who arrives... at 6PM!
    Olmo: And who's winning?
    Paolo: Me! I set my clock twenty minutes ahead!
    Luca: Damn!
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  • The majority of the interactions between Luca and Paolo are this, thanks to the fact that one is a Deadpan Snarker and the other a Cloud Cuckoolander extraordinaire.
    Luca: You should do as in the "25th hour".
    Paolo: You really should stop buying watches from peddlers, you know.
  • Also the interactions between Luca and De Marinis, if only for the snark between the two.
    De Marinis: Nervi, do you think I forgot anything?
    Luca: Nothing, apart from common sense.
  • There's also De Marinis who, one day, told everyone that they had to work Sunday too.
    Wanda: "But even God rested the seventh day!
    De Marinis: "And that's why we fired him!"
  • Silvano and his relationship with his mother tends to be full of funny moments- when it's not bordering on Nightmare Fuel.
    Silvano: *on the phone* "You know what? I'm tired! I'm going away! No, you're going away! I don't want to see you when I get back home!"
    Luca: *behind him, makes a call with his mobile phone*
    Silvano: "And I'll tell you something I wanted to tell you a long time ago, FUC-" *'his phone rings* "...Hello?"
    Luca: "Come on Silvano, two or three years more and you'll finally do it!"
  • "Nuovo Look" ("New look") has Patti trying to change her style, hoping that it'll help her getting pretty. This episode sees Silvano and Patti almost kissing (and Luca and Paolo dragging him away, screaming "we're doing this for you!"), Luca and Paolo reenacting the almost kiss in the most idiotic way ever and, finally, Patti's tale of how the first appointment with the Image Consultant went.
    Patti: "So I sent him a photo of me and in the afternoon I rang at his office and he answered altering his voice and saying "No, the doctor moved, I'm the new tenant, keep your face and, oh, I changed my number too" and then he added "and by the way, from which way I'm supposed to look at that photo?"."
    • Patti's ugliness when she gets the titular new look is still present, though - when Paolo comes out of the bathroom and sees her from behind (mind you, she only wore a Funny Afro and a big pair of glasses other than her normal clothes), this occurs:
    Paolo: "Whoa, today we're getting visited, huh?"
    Patti: (in English) "Yes, baby! [It's] Julia Roberts!" (turns around)
  • When, in "Che cosa fai stasera?" ("What are you doing this evening?"), Paolo tells Luca that it is indeed Friday, his reaction could be summarized with "Crowning Moment of Funny".
    Luca: *giggle* "Friday?" *hamming it up* "How can it be Friday? Why the week has only five days?! How can I live two days without seeing you, HOW?!"
    Paolo: *hamming it up* "And how can I live without you?! It's pure agony, I can't live without you Luca, please, do not leave me!"
    Luca: "Let's hide! Let's stay here Saturday and Sunday too! Let's stay togetheeer!"
    Paolo: "Let's hide in the bathroom, then wait 'til the guard ends his round and then we will be here in the office, me and you, in this marvellous place!"
    *Both burst in laughters*

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