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  • Aidan 'fanging out' when visiting Josh's home, and his subsequent Freak Out!. Apparently garlic can't hurt vampires, but it can reveal their true nature.
  • From "You're the One That I Haunt", Josh's reaction to Evil Dead's Sally.
    Josh: If we videotaped Sally right now and showed somebody, they'd be dead in three days.
  • Aidan (to Sally): "Why are there ghosts in our kitchen punching each other in the balls?!"
  • "You two are totally about to go on two separate killing sprees for women. That is so hot."
    • On a related note, Sally doesn't want Josh to kill Ray with a gun, as she fears it will ruin his (& her's) favorite shirt. Cue her asking if he could run Ray over with a lawn mower as a possible alternative.
  • Josh during the dinner party with Sally's recently-deceased mom and her boyfriend, particularly the expression on his face as he leaves. He laments the fact that he keeps cooking dinner for people who can't eat and downs two glasses of wine like shots.
    • To top if off, from what we've seen, he's actually a pretty good cook too.
  • Aidan's hallucination of Bishop criticizes Aidan's choice of internal decor, claiming he's gone soft.
    Bishop: Is that a cat wearing a catcher's mask? That's cute... Aidan, you're cute.
    • The cat statue in question becomes a running gag in subsequent seasons. Aidan dances with it in season 3, Kenny 'borrows' it in season 4, and in the last episode before the series finale, the roommates bicker over who gets 'custody' over it and wonder for a surreal moment if it's sentient.
      • To be fair, it does seem to move around offscreen if you pay attention, and it remains constant throughout all the weird changes the house goes through, so perhaps it is something more than it seems...
  • In a dark way, the scene where Josh tries to get Aidan to drink his blood in order to prevent him from doing the same to Zoe, at least until it goes horribly wrong. The look on Aidan's face as he tries to force himself to bite Josh's wrist is just so much like a kid being forced to eat some nasty vegetable.
  • Josh and Julia's double dinner date at the house with Aidan and Suren since Aiden has slept with Julia before and they were worried that Suren would try to kill her. The funny part being that the dinner goes well with Suren being a good house guest and getting along with Julia.
    • A real funny moment is when Suren straight up asks Julia about her past sexual relationship with Aidan and Aidan, Josh, and Sally both suddenly turn around in the fear that she is going to eat Julia, but instead Julia and Suren have a friendly conversation about it to everyone's relief.
  • The first episode when the guys first meet Sally. First, Josh freaks out because someone is in the house, and grabs a spatula for self defense, and then Sally's comments when she meets them and doesn't realize they can see her, while they don't realize she's a ghost.
    Sally: I am God. I am everywhere. I drive all night just to get back home.
    Aidan: Are you trying to scare us? With Bon Jovi?
  • Josh's terrible, terrible lies about a "reanimated" street cat that he needs to look after.
  • Josh tells new werewolf Erin he is no longer a werewolf himself because of smashing Ray's head in with a rock. Her reaction:
    Erin: (unperturbed, faintly impressed) Dude. You have layers.
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  • Sally's response to a ghost asking her for help.
    Sally: This isn't Ghost Whisperer! *stabs with a tire iron*
  • Aidan's incredibly out-of-date dancing during the party he throws, which becomes even funnier when you realize he probably learned those moves back when they were still popular.
  • In a Black Comedy sort of way, when Josh and Nora dissperse the two ghost girls in the house, we promptly hear Sally scream in shock before coming down and chiding them about doing that. Since of course, the ghosts reappear where they died and since they died in the room Sally is using...
  • Sally making fun of Aidan for being "backed up."
    • Double points for Sally being in a rather nice looking outfit and the two of them having already had a Ship Tease before.
  • Aidan pulls Kenny aside after Kenny absentmindedly drops hints to Emily about how awesome things will be once he's turned:
    Aidan: "First rule of vampires: do not talk about vampires."
  • Sally trying to take a bite out of Aidan's muscular torso, though that comes with plenty of Squick.
    Sally: "It's like trying to bite through a tire!"
  • Sally's Victory Dance after escaping from Donna the witch. "I did it! I did it!"
  • Nora calling Aidan's fake autobiography "dorbs." And then her declaring his high school nickname is "Chuggy."
  • "Werewolf Dance Party!" (Cue Aidan beatboxing)
  • Sally possessing a burly male werewolf and then passionately kissing Aidan, then swooning when Aidan says he can't punch a girl after a moment like that. Must be seen to be believed.
  • When Sally discovers a secret room, Nora asks Aidan for his sledgehammer. Cut to Aidan busting through the wall with his entire body, shouting Oh yeah!!! in reference to the classic Kool-Aid guy commercials. He's disappointed that it doesn't get much of a reaction from Josh.
    • Note poor Josh'es face when he realizes that he won't get to use the sledgehammer. He really, really wanted to!
    • Earlier in that scene, Nora walking in on Aidan's morning wood.
  • Every line of dialogue from the scene in which the roommates divvy up their possessions after getting evicted from the house.
  • A conversation between Nora and Aidan about the difficulties of going on vacation as a vampire:
    Aidan: And then there are some places like The Bahamas where I just can't go.
    Nora: Too much sun?
    Aidan: I killed their prime minister once. Bahamanians have a really long memory.


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