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Being Human takes place in the Anita Blake universe.

Nora will not become a werewolf
.Even though she revealed a scratch from Josh in the finale, she was also several months pregnant with a werewolf-human hybrid. This could have caused some sort of supernatural immunity to whatever causes werewolf contamination. However, season 2 will have werewolves trying to capture her in order to create a cure for themselves.
  • Jossed. She's a werewolf and unfortunately starts to turn while half-trapped in her car. Which, given the nature of the series, if she doesn't get out of, probably will prove unhealthy since there's no room for her to properly transform.

Josh will effectively become the leader of the first wolf pack.
His research into werewolves combined with his de facto alliance with Aidan will get out among other wolves and vampires. This in turn will cause ripples through said communities (or lack thereof for the wolves) and may very well end up being the wild card force that allows Aidan to 'prove' he is the right one to lead Boston. And over all, this will allow the show to develop more drama for Nora and Josh - intra-pack politics, leadership responsibilities, but also organizational drama between Aidan and Josh.
  • Nope. Wolfpacks are, if not common, at least not particularly rare.

Lycanthropy originates in the North/South America area.
Back in the day it could take months to get from Europe to anywhere in the Western hemisphere, so the likelihood of any wolves making that trip without changing, killing themselves by accident, or everyone on board by accident is practically nonexistent. Also in the show, while vampires and wolves both talk about the rivalry between the two species, no one ever says it's anything ancient or even long term, which means that it's entirely possible that the two only came across each other once Europeans (and therefore vamps) started coming over. Additionally, there really aren't any "natural" defenses that either vampires or wolves have against each other which would have developed had they been living in the same environment forever. (Outside of the seizures that wolf blood give vamps and that they smell weird to eachother) Alternatively...

The werewolf curse is relatively new to the Americas.
Even with some excellent timing, it wasn't until relatively recently that anyone who turns into an absolute beast on full moons could make that kind of journey without some of the things mentioned above occurring mid-journey, and so if the curse didn't originate over here then the first "American" wolf would have had to have come over more recently (and during Aidan's lifetime). (Think post-industrialization)

Josh is (currently) an Omega.
  • Expanding on the above, Josh tends to defer to other wolves whenever they're around (Ray, Nora, the Purebreds). Once he embraces his inner wolf, he'll be able to fight his way through the pack ranks.

Sally will become a reaper
  • As Reaper has said, she's got the potential, but she is very empathetic. As time goes by and the Reaper teaches her, she will lose her sense of empathy and join the reaper.
  • Jossed. She was already the Reaper... and being a reaper was just bullshit due to quickly fleeing sanity.

Josh will break the curse by (accidentally) killing Ray but circumstances will require him to become a werewolf if he wants to save his friends and family.
And Nora will be the one to curse him again.
  • Bit of both. Josh kills Ray to protect Nora. Doing does cure him but not Nora. Whether he'll become a werewolf again, we shall see, but as of season 3, Nora is a regular cast member.
  • I think it would be rather poetic if each of them were the other's maker. I'd imagine such a thing happening would be almost unheard of, and it might have some special benefit that would cause them to be different from other werewolves.
    • Partially confirmed, partially jossed. Josh does get turned again protecting his friends but it's Aiden not Nora he's saving and it's the twin's father, not Nora that curses him again. However being twice turned could have some interesting side effects.

The twin's father will be the one to reset the status quo for the group.
He'll release Nora on a full moon in order to 'recruit' her wolf into joining his crusade against Aidan. Aidan of course doesn't want to kill Nora but has to deal with the father. Josh and Sally try to reason with Nora and it will sort of work: Nora will kill Sally and attack Josh which will be enough to snap her wolf out of it. This will result in Sally becoming a ghost again and Josh becoming a wolf again.

Aiden will turn Sally into a vampire in order to save her.
That'd be another way to return to some part of status quo.

Sally didn't return as a human.
She's not a zombie or a vampire, but more like a succubus. This is teased at in season 3 x 2 where someone she's close with feels 'funny'.
  • Jossed, she's not a zombie or succubus, but she's definitely some variety of the undead.

Ray will return as a kind of zombie werewolf under the control of Donna.
He's also the werewolf in the teases with the messed up head.
  • Confirmed that Donna brought back Ray. Jossed on the second part: that werewolf was Erin.

Cat will turn out to be Aiden's descendant
Making the potential relationship uber weird but it might also mean that her blood will somehow cure Aiden of the virus
  • Jossed at least in part: Werewolf blood turned out to be the trick to protecting vampires from the virus
  • Probably Jossed in that Kat named Aiden's father and didn't seem to have any connection to him. If he was the father of her revolutionary "war hero" ancestor, then they probably would have drawn the connection that they were related.
  • Jossed. Suzanne unintentionally killed their only son when Bishop turned her.

Bubble Boy's actor was chosen for his resemblance to Henry.
...And that will become an important point.
  • Confirmed, though it probably wasn't the only reason they chose him.

Nora doesn't want to get married to Josh because she's worried that their child, being a pure-bred werewolf would turn out like the twins and Liam.
Above and beyond the uncharted (for them) territory of raising a child, much less raising a werewolf child, it seems like a legitimate concern that she might want not to see a child of hers become the monsters that the Mc Lean clan was/is.
  • Jossed. They get married near the end of season 3 and don't seem hesitant about it at all.

A new character will join the main cast: Zoe will return as a ghost
In an upcoming episode preview Josh makes an offhand comment about how easy/commonplace it's becoming for the group to bury/recover bodies. Considering how the March 11th episode ends it may not be a huge stretch when you consider how bad her chances of getting out of her situation with Nick are.
  • Jossed, Zoe is alive and well.

Cat is a descendant of Bishop, Henry, Suren, or heck... Mother.
'cause that's just the sort of messed up situation the show tends to do.

Cat is a descendant of Aiden.
'cause... that'd be even more messed up.
  • Jossed. Suzanne unintentionally killed their only son when Bishop turned her.

Josh is stuck as a wolfwere because he cured himself.
Basically, he 'killed' his wolf by curing himself. So upon re-cursing, his wolf is now completely terrified (and maybe a little pissed) that Josh will try to kill him again and thus exerting total control as much as possible. The fact that Josh is now back to completely hating himself and his wolf make things worse. Only when he comes to terms with his wolf (and himself) again will he be able to integrate both halves of himself and become human again.

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