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  • Why did Aidan turn Kenny? It sounded like he was doing it because Kenny was going to kill himself otherwise, but given that humans have souls and vampires do not, this doesn't make sense. Kenny, as a human, is effectively immortal in Being Humanverse, and would simply move on or, at worst, spend a while dealing with issues before moving on. Turning him into a vampire dooms him to eventually truly die forever. One would think that only the most monstrous of vampires would curse others into being one of the few beings on earth who eventually truly die.
    • Well for one thing it was what Kenny wanted and Aidan did try to talk him out it and if Aidan didn't turn him another vampire was willing to do so. Aidan didn't want Kenny to be sired by this vampire and felt it was best that he be sired by him, so in that case Aidan didn't have a choice as if he didn't turn Kenny. Kenny would have just found another vampire to turn him or would have allowed himself to die from his illness. Aidan was also obligated to do so because he promised Kenny that he would turn him in the exchange for his clean blood and that he wouldn't allow any other vampire to turn him.
  • Why can't Josh see Sally anymore now that she's a ghost agai]? Didn't he get turned back into a werewolf by McLane?
    • As seen with Nora in S2, werewolves can't see ghosts or get heightened senses or other werewolfy things until after their first turn. That's why they planned to delay the wedding until after the full moon, so that Josh could see Sally at his wedding.
  • OK, this is going to come off a little nitpicky, but couldn't they have put a little more thought into Sally's "final" outfit? It's not so much the sweater, leggings, and tee (although they aren't the best), but my main issue is the ballet flats. Assuming the series survives, and they perhaps turn Sally into an Action Girl, how much can she do in ballet flats? Those look like really low-cut ballet flats. Yes, I know she's a ghost and she died at home. bugs me. I would ask the same question, if she died in a maxi dress. How hard would it have been to put her in Uggs like Annie or in some other shoes?
    • Would you be wearing fancier (and decidedly less comfortable) shoes if you just walking around in your own house before being thrown down the stairs to your death?
    • Well, I did say it'd sound nitpicky. I'm saying 'Sally,' but really addressing the wardrobe folks. Annie is in Uggs, and plenty of people wear them around the house, so I get it. I don't think the outfit does anything for MR, who's quite pretty, but the ballet flats just seem like an even more odd wardrobe decision to be "stuck" in if the show survives and she ends up doing more. As I said, I would ask 'why?' if they'd had her die in a tube maxi dress that dragged the ground. I'm saying, they could have given her any last "at home" outfit they wanted...and that's what they came up with. As a viewer, it's something I observed, and in a nitpick way, it bugs me. Sort of how on Ghost Whisperer, JLH wore very heavy makeup and false lashes. A choice by JLH no doubt, but not practical or believable for 'Melinda.'
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    • In the UK version, "Annie" wears boots instead of ballet flats. Speaking as one who finds boots uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, I'd say "Sally" has it easy. However, since she seems to have the ability to touch, hold, or carry things, she probably now can change clothes and wear other things. Although the clothes she wears aren't "dead clothes", so if she walked around outside in public people would only see the clothes, not her.
    • Given the circumstances just before her death, it seemed like she was getting ready for bed. She may have been wearing ballet flats as slippers she could leave by her bed (and put back on in the morning) rather than wearing socks she'd have to toss into the hamper before bed.
    • Well come season 3, you won't have this to bug you any more. :)

Why couldn't Josh smell Emily?

Josh was able to sniff her out from an entirely different room earlier in the episode, so why couldn't he smell her when she was following him just a few feet away?

  • He only gets the wolf-nose (which was what let him sniff her out earlier) for a short period after he transforms.
    • No, when he was sniffing her out it was still before the full moon. He gets better senses both before and after the full moon.
      • It's possible she was never in a position to have a scent he could pick up. They were both moving in what amounts to erratic directions meaning there's less of a chance of him being downwind of her for long enough to detect something. In the hospital setting, the air is evenly filtered and dispersed so there was enough time for a scent to build up; not that she'd been there for some time before Josh noticed her. Though it doesn't really explain why her shouting at him was ignored. He may have been too preoccupied by anything other than what's in front of him.
        • He puts earbuds in just before she starts calling for him, and doesnt take themn out until he's in the room. Presumably, he was listening to an ipod and the volume was too loud to hear her, or they were the noise-cancelling kind.

Why didn't Josh call someone from the hospital to unlock the door?

Aidan isn't responding. Sally probably can't leave the house. His sister is about to get ripped to shreds. I know he wants to lead a "normal" life, and that requires secrecy, but at this point, not eviscerating an innocent family member should be the top priority. And he must have the hospital's number on his phone if he works there.

  • Another hospital worker wouldn't have known to shut the door again with Josh inside. In their ignorance they would've tried to help him and ended up letting a vicious wolf loose in a hospital. Calling anyone other than Aidan risked Josh killing, injuring or infecting dozens of patients and hospital staff, if not more.
  • It also would've raised the question of just what they were doing there in the first place.

There was a much better way to handle that situation at Josh's parents' house

When that vampire showed up in Season 1 Episode 7, all Josh had to do in order to protect his family was to tell them the incomplete but accurate truth: "That's the maniac who attacked Emily!" Boom. They wouldn't know the specifics, but they wouldn't bother engaging him in conversation (no chance to compel anybody) and they certainly wouldn't invite him in. I can't imagine why Josh didn't think to do that, I was thinking of it as I watched, at the same time he chose to go all cryptic and weird on his folks.

  • Panic in the moment. There's a difference between having the solution handy when you're safe and outside the situation. It's another matter when you're in eminent danger and fight-or-flight kicks in.
  • There's also the chance that in a fit of parental rage, Josh's parents could've tried to attack Marcus, which would result in them dead

Why can't they just tell the truth to their loved ones?

Seriously. I know most people won't believe them, but it's better than constantly lying to them. Of course Josh did try that with his parents and they didn't appear to believe him, and Aidan did so with Celine.

  • I suppose it's kind of a catch-22. You tell people you're a werewolf (or whatever) and they think you're nuts and probably put themselves in danger because of you. Nora's reaction to Josh turning is a normal one - rush up to someone you love and care about to see what's going on and probably start doing stuff like undoing any precautions. And at that point, it may be too late. Or you lie and pretend to be normal. As far as Nora not telling Josh that she might have become a werewolf... fear I suppose because doing so would confirm it as opposed to the sliver of hope that she hasn't. Granted, not the smartest thing but it's a pretty emotional thing.
  • It's pretty well stated in "I See Your True Colors - And I Hate You" even if they got their families to believe in what they were saying - like showing Aidan vamping out or watching over Josh during a full moon- and they learned how to deal with it. As stated by Aidan, they wouldn't be able to adjust their perspective from "He's my child and he won't hurt me." and would be vulnerable to the monster side. Eventually, they'd leave the cage door open one month and end up dead. That's if you get them to believe you in the first place. Better you make new relationships with new people who learn to deal with what you are now, than what you were.
  • Another good example comes in Season 3 "The Teens They Are a Changing'". Josh and Nora, both of whom should know better of all people, decides he needs to stick around in case Erin is an anti-social werewolf like Brynn. The result? Yeah, he's now stuck in a car with two werewolves and only a revolver to defend himself with. If not for the fact that Nora's wolf recognizes him, protects him, and displays dominance over Erin's wolf, he'd be meat. 'course, he still gets out of the car to follow up on the fight which is a whole different matter...

How does Josh have Heggeman's gun?

Didn't Aiden give it to one of the Dutch?

  • Nope. Josh took the rifle after Heggeman was killed, and kept it underneath his bed. The only time he gives it to somebody else is for Cecilia to kill the purebred twins. Even then, Aidan gives it back to Josh after he caps Connor.

Why hasn't Erin (the teenage girl) showed up as a ghost yet?
Her returning as a ghost would have been a lot more convenient and she could have appeared before Nora and informed her that Aiden did not kill her, that it was McClane!
  • It's all but implicit that other supernatural beings, other countries in the same continent, are incapable of turning into each other.
    • It was revealed, by the deaths of Werewolf!Sally and Astrid, that werewolves can actually become ghosts and, in the case of Astrid, that their door lasts long enough for someone who does not really have much unfinished business to speak to someone. Even then, doors seem to last for some time before disappearing and, if it is anything like BH(UK), the door would be persistent enough to come again. Basically Erin could have, but didn't.
    • That said, she might not have even thought or had the time to do so. A ghost's door only lasts for so long.
    • And most notably, ghosts doors tend to show up when they have nothing left to fulfill. Erin didn't really have much unfinished business.
    • Well, it is shown that ghosts don't always automatically appear right next to their bodies when they die as shown with the two girls Aidan killed in the house and their ghosts didn't start appearing to him or anybody until after a year when Aidan gets un-buried and returns to the house. So Erin probably did become a ghost but either ended up in a different part of the hospital because as shown with Sally ghosts have a hard time controlling where they disappear too or as stated she moved on immediately.

Why did Bridget date Danny in the alternate timeline?
Sally, her best friend of 20 years who had no reason to lie, tells her he's abusive and wanted to kill her, and yet she still ends up dating him a few months later. Did she just think Sally was completely mistaken and there wasn't any truth to it?
  • Well, they dated in the original timeline, so there was obviously some underlying attraction there.
  • It may be because of the fact that technically the first time Danny ever attacked her was when he pushed he down the stairs and because she prevented that from happening her claim that he is abusive is mostly a case of he said,she said and his earlier bursts of anger towards her in the relationship was stated by her earlier to be acts of passion. Of course Danny was also good at putting up a nice guy facade as us the audience had no reason to suspect that he killed Sally when he was first introduced and neither did Aidan and Josh. So these reasons may have caused Bridget to not believe her and fall for him for the same reasons she did in the original timeline.

What happened to the ghosts Donna ate?
Okay, I am confused. How on earth can a ghost be "destroyed" and what exactly happened to Trent, Stevie and Nick. I mean when Donna ate Sally, Sally was somehow able to kill Donna from the inside causing her to be released fully intact. Isn't it possible that when Donna exploded they got released, revived or whatever just like Sally did? After all, that's usually what happens in TV when an otherworldly, soul eating entity dies; all the souls they ate usually get released.
  • Fridge Horror: They probably ceased to exist when they got digested and Sally didn't cease to exist because she wasn't in Donna long enough to be digested and that was probably how she was able to fight from the inside.
    • Though another way of looking at it is that they became apart of Sally when she destroyed Donna as Sally did become more powerful after doing so.


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