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Heartwarming / Being Human (US)

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  • After Nora tells Josh that he only sees the best in people that he loves and confesses that she killed Brynn, Josh assures her that he's never had on the blinders and loves her completely.
  • Aidan's wife singing to him and comforting him after he had just been turned into a vampire, and making him promise that he would find love again after she died.
  • Nora asking Sally to be her maid of honor.
  • Josh and Nora's wedding.
    • Nora and Sally playing dress up so Sally will have something nice to wear as a ghost. Aside from the wedding, it's probably the most normal thing the housemates could do.
  • "Because she's in love with you, you dummy."
    • It's a tiny bit cute that Aidan calls Sally "baby" in the penultimate episode of Season 4.
  • The final two scenes: Aidan, made human by Sally, dies burning the house down to destroy Ramona, the embodiment of the house, gets his door and meets Sally on the other side, then Josh and Nora picture being back with Aidan and Sally, before waking up and chasing after their children, a boy and a girl, named Aidan and Sally.
    • There's also the fact Aidan's door even shows up as quickly as it does - ghosts exist because of unfinished business, and his unfinished business was to be able to say goodbye to Josh and Nora once the house was gone. That was important enough to him to delay his passing on, after roughly 250 years.


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