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Fate Worse Than Death / Web Original

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  • ARCHON implies this for undead. Overlaps with And I Must Scream.
  • In the web-novel Fragile, Severin's insanity is portrayed as such. During the course of the story, Page even says that he would have rather seen him die than experience it.
  • The SCP Foundation uses this quite a lot for horror.
    • SCP-145 is a telephone that is always ringing. Answer it while under supervision, and a woman's voice will describe people getting horribly tortured. Answer it while not being supervised, and you get taken to wherever the call is coming from, and become one of the torture victims.
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    • SCP-231-7 is legendary for its use of this trope, not only for the victim herself but for those forced to keep her from giving birth to the final "prince", as allowing her to give birth would probably lead to The End of the World as We Know It.
    • SCP-267 is a species of naked mole rat which feeds off tumours. They attack large animals, paralyze them, and drag them into their burrows, where they chew off their limbs and pump them full of carcinogenic venom to feed off the tumors this creates. This means that the larger creature, usually a human, is trapped in a pitch-black, reeking cave, in constant agony as the tumors swelling all over its body are chewed off by tiny unseen monsters that vomit root pulp into its mouth on a regular basis. This can last for decades.
    • SCP-2718 is a subversion, as humans continue to be conscious after their death, experiencing every single atom of their body being torn apart by natural forces. However, we're only told this by an unreliable Narrator
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  • Jim Jum from Skyblock, but Every 30 Seconds a Random Item Spawns. Sentenced to hang for eternity in the sky. Made worse for the fact he's hanging for a crime he did not commit and when Wilbur tries to free him he dies an Undignified Death.
  • Suburban Knights Big Bad Malachite. The end looked like he was destroyed by Ma-Ti, but an additional video revealed a worst fate... working in a Wisconsin coffee shop. Any attempts at villainy are met with a Dope Slap from his boss and escape is impossible. To make things worse, he's surrounded by the technology he sought to destroy.
  • Worm: Bonesaw has this as her M.O., to the horror of many. Grey Boy, a former member of Bonesaw's team, also does this - his power (to trap people into endless localized time loops that only he can affect, which he does by adding simple, painful attacks and letting them keep repeating until the person is driven insane) is built for it, in fact.
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  • The mal in The Sick Land.
  • Ax-Crazy Psycho Ex-Girlfriend Latrodecta tries to do to this to the protagonist of Superhero Black Hole: Every time he tries to use his abilities to prevent a car accident from occurring, she'll go back and worsen it.
    Latrodecta: You will try to jump back, but I will follow you. You will try to act, but I will prevent you. You will try to elude me, but I will outfox you. And every time you do, I will make this accident even worse. You will live with the full knowledge that you’re incapable of preventing this destruction. You will live in your own personal hell. Every waking moment of your immortal life will be your death.
  • Unfortunately common in Polyhistor Academy, ranging from graduating outside of the top 10%, to being Deimoss latest victim.
  • In Citadel there was once a man dying of cancer. His bitterness and rage transformed him into the being called Chemo. During his brief rampage through Carson City, he spread a cloud of toxin that left everyone exposed in absolute, horrific agony. No damage to their bodies, no illness that could be treated, just simple pain. It didn't end when he was killed and no Healer active at the time was able to so much as lessen the effect.
  • The 2006 Halloween episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd had Jason Voorhees forcing the Nerd to play the terrible Friday the 13th NES game and say good things about it, under threat of death. At one point the Nerd attempts to escape but is eventually cornered by Jason.
    Nerd: Don't kill me!
    Jason: [holds up Friday the 13th game cartridge]
    Nerd: ...Kill me.
  • In Twelve Hundred Ghosts besides being chained and doomed to wander the world for eternity, Jacob Marley is forced to be a traveling sales executive for Armitage Shanks.
  • Mahu: In "Second Chance", being captured by the Zracon priesthood is seen as this. If the victim resists the brainwashing, he is killed. If he does not, he is brainwashed to become a fanatic agent to the Zracon cause and ready to do anything and kill anyone to spread the "truth" of the Light.

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