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Helen Fielding is not the only writer of Bridget Jones

Authors and Websites

Still Waters Run Deep by sfaith

  • Recommended by toongrrl1990
  • Synopsis: A huge, devoted, and meticulously researched fan-fiction site that mostly involves crossovers, Alternate Universes, and other character's Point of Views in the Bridget Jones universe. Ever wondered about if Mark and Bridget dated when they were young, what would happen if Mark was 10 years older than Bridget, if the characters lived during the Regency England, had Facebook accounts, tweeted and watched Harry Potter, what was Mark's colleague Rebecca was thinking, Pam during the paddling pool incident, or what was on Mark's mind during the novels and movies? How about stories about people making sweet sweet love? This is the site for you.

Where Wishes and Words Collide: Weaving a Tapestry of Dreams by eggsbenni221

  • Recommended by toongrrl1990
  • Synopsis: A fan-fiction website with eerily well-done stories set in the Bridget Jones universe and with fanfic-style epilogues to Pride and Prejudice. Has Alternate Universe stories concerning a "What If?" that has been pondered by so many in the fanbase: What if Mark Darcy had survived that landmine? Also has a great wealth of humorous stories, including this one crossover fic that plays with the Celebrity Paradox trope. If you love Still Waters Run Deep, you're going to hella love this site.

I'll Be Seeing You by Reindeer Jumper

  • Recommended by toongrrl1990
  • Synopsis: An AU fanfic set in both the 1940s and the contemporary era of the 2000s. Bridget and Mark are separated by World War II and time. It all starts with Bridget telling a story to her granddaughter. "Almost 60 years after World War II, Bridget's granddaughter finds a box of mementos in a closet. Inside the box are memories of a man who isn't her grandfather, and Bridget has to face some ghosts that she hasn't dealt with in a long time."


  • Recommended by toongrrl1990
  • Synopsis: Just tooting my own horn here. Really it's mostly just a lot of Bridget Jones fics that primarily focus on the minor character of The Ace Lipstick Lesbian Rebecca Gillies (as she appears in the movies) with a lot of crossovers (especially with Mad Men). It's definitely an acquired taste but I am trying to find my voice.

Bridget Jones Online Archive

  • Synopsis: The Official website for the Bridget Jones column, novel, and film series. Includes film stills, film reviews, the original columns from "The Independent", production notes, book illustrations, articles about the series, press and premiere photos, and other media.


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