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Tear Jerker / Bridget Jones

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"All by myself....don't want to be all by myself anymore"

  • Bridget's parents' marriage, Pam is seeing other Men (the film has her say she doesn't feel appreciated) and Colin is bereft about it.
  • Sweet Bridget lip-synching "All By Myself" in the first film, dreading dying alone with dogs feasting on her body and feeling insecure about not being thin enough for a certain body ideal
  • Jude's lamenting over her relationship with Vile Richard, she tries so hard in the relationship and he doesn't care. They do get married but to make it worse, he walked out after 3 months of marriage and he blocks Jude on Twitter/Facebook.
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  • Bridget after having walked in on Daniel and his girlfriend and hearing the woman reply "I thought you said she was thin", ever seen a Playboy Bunny walking sadly on the streets? Well you'll see it there.
  • The parallel scenes in the first film concentrating on Mark and Bridget after he goes through with an engagement (that she loudly objected to) that he didn't agree to once and that position in New York while she goes home and writes "Bridget Jones: Spinster and Lunatic" in her diary, the playing of Gabrielle's "Out of Reach" emphasizes the pain further.
  • Mark and Bridget, in the second film, after arguing over how to educate their prospective son (waiting for the results of her pregnancy test stick), they're in bed later yet not touching each other and looking like they want to apologize.
    • Later it get's worse, especially after meeting their parents and the Alconburys for lunch. The older people poke and ask the younger couple for a wedding date, Mark states they're not interested with a bereft Bridget agreeing. Then Mark and Bridget argue over Rebecca Gillies (she called while Mark was in the restroom and they were fuming). Bridget then unleashes all her insecurities and her resentments about Mark, wondering where there relationship is going. Mark seems very exhausted and "do I have to repeat myself?" after Bridget voiced her body insecurities.
      • Later Bridget walks home alone, views a gravestone inscribed "Bridget Jones. 1972-2050. Spinster" starts crying at home with a cigarette, the camera shows a lot of couples silhouettes embracing and pans down to a lonely and bereft Mark walking around in Bridget's neighborhood.
  • Bridget thinking Mark doesn't love her after their encounter in the Thai prison.
    • It's a credit to Firth's own talents that he conveys a sense of Mark wanting to touch Bridget's outreached hand and of wanting to swallow his pride and embrace her.
  • From Shazzer's POV, seeing Bridget arrested is this. Your best friend is arrested for something she's totally innocent of and you could've been in her place if there was more room to stuff those drugs you had no knowledge of.
  • The third book fits due to Bridget's yearning for Mark especially this line "I fucking miss you and I miss fucking you." Amongst other things.
    • Bridget recalling that Mark was traumatized by his time in boarding school.
    • The fact Wallacker is suffering from PTSD
    • The flashback where Colin held his grandson before he died.
    • Bridget confronting her Mother about getting criticized and Pam bereft over not leaving things be and recalling how when she did it before, Colin Jones would take to her task in private about criticizing their daughter.
  • The 2nd book having Bridget catch Mark with Rebecca is this, leading to the disintegration of their relationship (for awhile). It had to take three more crises to reconcile and get back together again.
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  • Rebecca in the 2nd movie is this for many closeted LGBT viewers, one can only imagine how painful it is for her to keep her sexuality on the down low at work (a very conservative law firm) and the fact she has feelings for her boss/friend's girlfriend.
  • The third movie has a montage of flashbacks where Bridget tells us why she broke up with Mark after ten years: he was working a lot, she was often holding a sign for him at airports, he was emotionally closed off, onetime she surprised him wearing nothing but a frilly apron for his birthday only to see him and his colleagues with so much paperwork, and she still felt like a lonely old maid in the relationship than she ever did as a single woman.
  • A deleted scene from the third movie where Mark sends a letter to Bridget:
    Dear Bridget, I’m sorry about today. I think you were right when you said the fantasy of us was always better than the reality. What you want me to be and what I am just don’t add up. I do realise how difficult I make it for you to love me and it was never my intention to leave you so alone. Because in truth there must be something that I’ve never been able to give you. Why else did you go back to…. Daniel Cleaver. It’s alright Bridget. I always made myself believe that our history should lead us together, I want to live with you more than I ever wanted anything. But how can I commit to this again, when, in three months’ time, it could all come crashing down, and you’ll leave me? And now information has come to light that has led me to believe that my further involvement in this situation is impossible. Be assured of my concern for your well-being, and some sense of my responsibility in the situation. A financial contribution would seem to me appropriate. Should you have any practical needs, you need only alert my office. I wish you every happiness for the future. Mark.
  • A scene in the 3rd film has Bridget confronting her Mother about the latter's prejudices and how they hurt Bridget and other people. This is tied with Moment of Awesome but you see how heartbroken both Bridget and Pam are, especially as the latter realizes how much she has hurt her daughter and how little respect she has from her. This is softened as Pam tries hard to be more welcoming of people from different cultures, lifestyles, races, etc and not just for political reasons.
  • For some fans, that Bridget in the films is now a thin woman and no longer a representation of normal-sized, curvy women. It feels like a total disregard and middle finger to the audience and to how the media has improved enough for regular sized or plus-sized women and women of different bodies to achieve a wider range of representation.

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