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Tear Jerker / Brightburn

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  • The simple fact that unlike Clark Kent/Kal-El, who embraces and cherishes his humanity, ironically embodying the very best of human nature despite not being a human, Brandon Breyer ends up drawn to his true alien nature, and becomes further detached from human compassion, and instead becomes intoxicated and twisted by his superpowers, knowing that because he is not human, he has even less reason to care about them, thus turning against even his parents.
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  • Tori Breyer truly does love her son and considers finding him a gift. She and her husband raise him with love and tell him that he is meant to do great things. But then, even as Brandon becomes darker and twisted as he discovers his powers and starts to use them in violent ways, she still believes in him, despite increasing evidence of his instability as well as her husband's well justified fears.
  • Kyle Breyer, despite being able to see Brandon's instability and the danger he poses better than his wife, still raises him. It is implied he had a more loving relationship with his son before he got his powers, only for things to go downhill when Brandon gets his powers and shows homicidal tendencies. He outright tells his wife that Brandon is not their son.
  • In the scene where Kyle tries to shoot Brandon and fails, Brandon actually looks shocked, even hurt, that his father has just tried to kill him. Of course, he quickly becomes homicidal and murders Kyle, but it serves as a reminder that he was at one point, a normal kid who loved his parent.
    • Before Kyle tries to kill him, Brandon is acting completely normal and non-creepy for the last time in the entire movie. He really believes that he is just on a normal deer hunt with his dad, who he trusts and loves, and is clearly enjoying himself. After his dad shoots him, he waits and watches him for a few seconds, apparently hoping that it was just an accident. Only when Kyle reloads the gun and levels it at him again does he attack him.
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  • Finally there's Brandon himself. He was a normal little boy with a loving relationship with his parents before he discovered his powers. But then we see him slowly become corrupt and twisted as he starts abusing his powers to hurt people, even turning against his own parents. His powers are corrupting him, which means a normal kind little boy is being turned into a monster by his powers with his parents having no idea how to help him.
  • The sad way in which Brandon says "I want to do good, Mom. I do." It's a reminder that Brandon only became evil because of his ship brainwashing him to "take the world".
  • All that above is even worse is that Brandon knows of his alien nature. He tries to fight it for his loving mother but fails, all while the mother didn't know until it's too late.
  • Even after everything, including about to be dropped from thousands of feet in the air, Tori still shows affection towards her son by stroking his face before he lets go. It's almost like an apology after she tried to kill him.
  • According to director David Yarovesky, there was a planned post-credits scene where Caitlyn Connor, the girl who Brandon stalked and ended up breaking her arm when she called him out on it, and later resulted in killing her mother Erica Connor, is shown in a lab getting a robotic arm attached to her mangled one, with a pissed look on her face, which means she clearly plans to get revenge on Brandon for ruining her life. The heartbreaking thing being this middle school-aged girl, who had showed an outcast boy kindness and even seemed to be attracted to him, ended up severely crippled and her mother brutally murdered because said boy severely overreacted to being called out for his stalking her, showing just how thoroughly he has ruined poor Caitlyn's life.
    • Possibly making this scrapped scene even more awful to think about is remembering that Brandon is a Walking Techbane when he wants to be. Had that scene been made, Caitlyn's new arm would have ended up being an absolute nightmare for her. In a cruel irony, her attempt at becoming stronger would have just made made it even easier for Brandon to hurt her.

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