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The Multiverser Saga is a collaborative fanfiction Multiverse started by VindictiveDunc on The concept of a Multiverser is a non-scripted being (i.e. a being from a world such as ours that doesn't exist as fiction somewhere else)that has been given the powers of a god. The official description of the concept and all the "canon" Multiversers is given on the fanfiction profile pages of all the authors working on the Saga. It reads thusly:


MULTIVERSERS What people call self-inserts, taken to an all new level. A Multiverser is a person from our reality who ends up in another. With practice, they become forces to be reckoned with. Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent, they exist throughout multiple realities with the power to do whatever they wish, only limited by their imagination. While they do possess the ability to die, it is only possible when they so choose. So they remain immortal. The only thing capable of "killing" a Multiverser is another Multiverser of equal or exceeding power. To date, only these Multiversers exist:

Duncan Verser, the "Aspect of Chaos" and self-proclaimed ''King of the Multiversers." Duncan is known by many other titles throughout the Multiverse. A thrill-seeker at heart, he comes across as rather arrogant. However, he still strives to teach people to better themselves while increasing his own power, and retains enough of his quirks as a normal human being to keep himself relatively sane. Throughout his travels, he has done many horrible things in order to ensure peace, though he hopes his inevitable final act will be something truly good, not evil or morally gray. He is hoping to one day find someone to continue his legacy when he finally deems himself worthy of rest. (Created by VindictiveDunc.)


Michael Verser, the "Aspect of Hope", one of the first Multiversers of the second wave, and Duncan's protege. Michael is unique compared to other Multiversers after Duncan, as he is still receiving training from Duncan after going into his first world (believing its more fun to learn as he goes along). Another thing that makes him different from other Multiversers is that he still retains most of his sanity (possibly due to not experiencing eternity like other Multiversers), and as such is still the same as he was when he was human (though is starting to become a bit more and more like his mentor). He tends to put the safety of others before himself, and possesses a strong moral code. (Created by Hero of the Multiverse.)

Adam Verser, the "Aspect of Time," and one of Michael's closest friends. He also goes by the name of "Timeshifter," or "the Timeshifter of the Multiverse," due to him possessing the suit from the Timeshift video game, allowing him to freeze time for a moment. Not much else is known about him at the moment, other than his apparent sense of honor and willingness to protect the innocent and the weak. He likes to train by beating up copies of the villain Agent Smith. He goes by the alias "Shadow" when assisting others, as he helps them from behind the scenes. (Created by BioshockerN7.)


LaTrell Verser, the "Aspect of Power," is a young Multiverser who- like many others- gave his life to save someone. He was recruited by Michael to become a Multiverser. He also claims the role of "The God of the Multiverse." He is loyal, dependable, caring, adaptable, and responsive. Once his mind is set on something, there is no stopping him. He depends on his powers and weapons to help in most situations. He is good friends with Duncan (the King of the Multiverse), but has a fierce rivalry and strives to be better then the king. (Created by Multiverser Kronos.)

Prime Death, the "Aspect of Death'' of the Multiverse and the closest Multiverser to The End. His real name long forgotten, he grew up with difficulty expressing emotions, thus he took refuge in literature. He grew up seeing much death, both in real life and in fiction. This led him to question what Death was, exactly, up until he died. Duncan brought him to the Multiverse, where he wanted to understand everything about death itself. By the end, he became the embodiment of Death for all things in the Multiverse. His first act was to kill his past self before he was born, thus negating his old existence and cementing his new one as the Aspect of Death. His new goal now is to keep the balance between Life and Death, while teaching others to enjoy their lives until their inevitable end. (Created by RealmOfEmptiness; is now written by Fanfic guy01.)

Alexis Verser, the first female Verser and the "Aspect of Knowledge", Sexy Lexi (as she likes to call herself) is the team's mental powerhouse- as well as the biggest cum dumpster you can find (she has strict standards though). The only Verser besides Prime to not take on another person's role in another universe, as she refuses to live vicariously, she instead creates new identities from scratch to each world she goes to or just says "fuck it" and teleports there. Nerdy, a bit excitable, and a freak in bed, this slut will definitely charm (or blow, depending on if you're a hot single male who's sexually attracted to women) her way into your heart. Slept with LaTrell and he is currently part of her harem, while Michael is on the verge of getting into her bed. (Created by Crazy Cakes 23.)

Zack Verser is one of the newest Multiversers and the "Aspect of Dreams." He is unique from the other Multiversers in that he was unaware of his true nature until fairly recently. Zack is a big dreamer, both in his human life and in his Multiverser one. His main goal is to have peace in the Multiverse, an ideal that has become one of his most defining traits. Despite his want for peace, he acknowledges that peace is not always an option. Zack openly admits that he is no hero, by any stretch of the imagination. He is also one of the few Multiversers who does not incarnate himself as heroes and other characters, believing it to be stealing the accomplishments of those heroes and characters from them. He is also slightly self derogatory, constantly doubting himself. In spite of this, he will not hesitate to do what he believes is right. (Created by ZenithBloodedge.)

Kay Verser, the "Aspect of Desire," and one of the three youngest Multiversers. Recruited by Michael and studying under him, Kay is a free-spirited person that does what he wants, often blurring the line between hero and villain. After meeting Iussum for the first time, he took the words 'Sometimes it takes a monster to fight a monster' to heart. Willing to do what it takes to defeat his enemies, this has earned him the title of "Devil of the Multiverse." Though his heart shows itself when he is with those he calls family and friends, which he shows with an honest smile. (Created by Fanboy of the Multiverse.)

Dexter Verser, the "Aspect of the Psyche." He has a fascination with the inner-workings of the mind that it borders on obsessive at times, but otherwise he is a fairly chill guy. He is a firm believer in the phrase "We all go a little mad sometimes," and as such believes that while there is a "breaking point" in every person, there must also be a "fixing point." Whether or not he tries to find it, however, depends on how generally evil/dangerous the person in question is, and he has no qualms about killing if he thinks it is necessary. When travelling to new worlds, he has a preference for taking in a character as a mental roommate in hopes that he'll gain some insight into their characteristics and behaviour (due to his general fascination with how the mind works). (Created by Anime PJ.)

There is also another Multiverser named Ken Verser, aka The Master, but he does not yet have a description on the profile pages of the authors. He was created by Fanfic guy01.

The Multiverser authors are VindictiveDunc, Hero of the Multiverse, BioshockerN7, Multiverser Kronos, RealmOfEmptiness (has since left the saga, though his Multiverser OC, Prime Death, remains and has been taken over by Fanfic guy01), Crazy Cakes 23, ZenithBloodedge, Fanboy of the Multiverse, and Anime PJ.

    Works in the Multiverser Saga 

  • The Multiverser: The Curse of Absolute Power by VindictiveDunc (Duncan Verser's origin story)
  • Multiverse Effect by VindictiveDunc
  • MLTI VRSE by VindictiveDunc
  • Multiverse Devil by VindictiveDunc
  • Young Multiverser by Hero of the Multiverse
  • Multiverser Justice by BioshockerN7
  • Fairy Tail of the Multiverse by VindictiveDunc
  • The Multiverser: Hunt for the Amalgaverser by Hero of the Multiverse (undergoing rewrites)
  • muLTIVERSER: Second Son by VindictiveDunc
  • Of Monster Girls and the Multiverser by VindictiveDunc
  • Amalgaverse Effect by Hero of the Multiverse (no longer canon and is undergoing rewrites)
  • Avatar: The Multiverser Story by Multiverser Kronos
  • The Antiverser by Hero of the Multiverse (the introduction of The Antiverser and the whole concept of Antiversers)
  • Red vs Blue with Multiverser: The Blood Gulch Chronicles by Hero of the Multiverse
  • Transformers: Multiverse by Hero of the Multiverse
  • Love is Multiversal: The Love of the Hunt by Hero of the Multiverse (on hiatus, pending further action)
  • Multiverse Kombat by Multiverser Kronos
  • Me Vs Me? Multiverser VS Antiverser! by Multiverser Kronos (the introduction of LaTrell's Antiverser, Erebus)
  • Multiverser: Time to Die by BioshockerN7 (the introduction of Adam's Antiverser, The Agent)
  • Red vs Blue with Multiverser: Project Freelancer by Hero of the Multiverse
  • Multiverser Creed by Multiverser Kronos
  • Dragon Ball Z: The Multiverser Story by Multiverser Kronos
  • Multiverser 10 by Hero of the Multiverse
  • Multiverser Ga Kill by Multiverser Kronos
  • Soul Reaper of the Multiverse by Hero of the Multiverse
  • The Multiverser: AAC Eing It by Crazy Cakes 23
  • The Seven Days of a Multiverser by Multiverser Kronos (a Breather Episode focusing on LaTrell Verser)
  • Noragami Multiverser by Multiverser Kronos
  • Legends of the Multiverse by BioshockerN7 (a Crisis Crossover featuring the Multiversers, their enemies, and many heroes and villains from across fiction)
  • Michael's Multiversal Week Off by Hero of the Multiverse (a Breather Episode focusing on Michael Verser)
  • The Multiverser: Death Re-Birth By Fire by Hero of the Multiverse (Michael Verser's origin story)
  • Multiverser!: The Birth of a God by Multiverser Kronos LaTrell Verser's origin story)
  • High School Dx M by ZenithBloodedge
  • Hyperdimension Multiverser by Anime PJ
  • Red vs Blue with Multiverser: Project Blacklancer by Fanboy of the Multiverse (a compainion story to Hero of the Multiverse's Red vs Blue with Multiverser series)
  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Multiverser by Anime PJ
  • The Multiverser Of The League by Anime PJ
  • The Multiverser: A Fascination Brought By Death by Anime PJ (Dexter Verser's origin story)

Tropes found in this series:

  • Abstract Apotheosis - The Multiversers each have an "Aspect" which they represent and embody completely. They are as follows:
    • Duncan Verser = Aspect of Chaos
    • Michael Verser = Aspect of Hope
    • Adam Verser = Aspect of Time
    • LaTrell Verser = Aspect of Power
    • Prime Death = Aspect of Death (obviously)
    • Alexis Verser = Aspect of Knowledge
    • Zack Verser = Aspect of Dreams
    • Kay Verser = Aspect of Desire
    • Dexter Verser = Aspect of the Psyche
    • Ken Verser/The Master = Aspect of Truth
  • Absurdly Cool City - Level 2 of the artificial planet Terra Infinitas.
  • Action Girl - Alexis Verser is just as badass as any of the boys. Possibly even more so, considering she's the living embodiment of all magic.
  • Adaptational Nice Guy - Roman Torchwick of the web series RWBY. In the story The Antiverser, Michael Verser is led out of the afterlife by a shadowy figure which turns out to be Roman, who was killed by Duncan in the story MLTI VRSE. After this, Roman becomes loyal to Michael and, by extension, the Multiversers (though his loyalty is mostly for Michael).
  • Amusing Injuries - Whether it's someone going too far in the Multiversal Prank War or someone going through the hell that is training with Duncan Verser or Prime Death, the Multiversers often find themselves on the recieving end of these.
  • Anti-Hero - Several of the Multiversers fit this trope, though the most fitting to it is Duncan Verser himself. Duncan has done many horrible things in the name of doing his duty as a Multiverser in the past, but hopes that his last action before his death will be a truly good one.
  • Anti-Villain - Alexis Verser.
  • Anyone Can Die - With the inclusion of some of the most vile people in fiction as villains as well as a few bad guys vastly more powerful than the average character, the saga very much gives this impression.
  • Apathetic Citizens - It's genuinely astounding how little ordinary people seem to give a shit about the massive, planet-damaging battles the Multiversers often get into.
  • Ascended Extra - It's quite common in the Multiverser saga for characters who didn't do all that much in their source material to be given a sudden dose of importance.
    • Roman Torchwick of RWBY, for instance, is a villain in the series he comes from who, if one is being honest, actually only did something once, maybe twice, a Volume until he died at the end of Volume 3. In the Multiverser story MLTI VRSE, however, he is killed by Duncan in the events of Volume One, brought back by Michael later, and now acts as the Multiversers' spy within Cinder's little group. Quite the upgrade, I would say.
  • Autobots, Rock Out! - These stories are known to incorporate some pretty badass tunes.
  • Awesome, but Impractical - The Multiversers' methods, in general, seem to favour this approach.
  • Badass Crew - Multiple over the course of the saga.
    • The Multiversers themselves.
    • The Legends of the Multiverse from Legends of the Multiverse.
    • The Team from Young Multiverser.
    • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen from The Multiverser of the League.
  • Battle Couple - Rather a lot of them.
  • Battle in the Center of the Mind - In Young Multiverser, after a fight with Lucifer that ended with Adam suffering from severe Negatium poisoning, Michael, Rachel Roth/Raven, and M'gann M'orrs/Miss Martian are forced to enter his mind in order to fix things. His mental defences are based on The Evil Within and Michael has had a bad experience in there before (where he mistakenly thought Adam had left him to do all the fighting on his own). This incident ends with a fight with Satan Verser, who has been stewing in there since he separated from Michael awaiting a chance to escape. They fight, Satan escapes, shit goes down.
  • Battle Theme Music - The authors always make mention of specific songs they want the readers to listen to while reading the fight scenes.
  • BFS - A lot of them.
  • Big Bad - The Antiversers are the primary antagonists to the Multiversers.
  • Bigger Is Better in Bed - The male Multiversers all have ridiculously big dicks.
  • Big Fancy House - From what we've seen of Terra Infinitas, the planet of the Multiversers, all of the Multiversers have ridiculously big houses.
  • Bilingual Bonus -
    • The Multiversers themselves can speak multiple languages.
    • Satan Verser is known to break out some Gratuitous Spanish every now and then.
    • Dexter Verser occasionally uses words/phrases from the High Speech of Mid-World.
  • Bio-Augmentation - A variant. Michael Verser has an advanced healing system, called the AVALON System, built into his soul.
  • Bloodier and Gorier - Stories in the Multiverser saga that take place in worlds that aren't normally shown particularly bloody tend to have the concept of extreme blood loss introduced to them once the Multiversers arrive.
  • Butt-Monkey - Primarily Michael, but most of the Multiversers have at least one instance of taking on the role.
  • Calling Your Attacks - A lot of characters do this.
  • Central Theme - Despite the numerous Tone Shift s that occur between stories, a constant theme among the Multiverser Saga stories seems to be how one copes with eternal life and the decisions made throughout that life.
  • Character Death - Frequently, though not always permanently.
    • All of the Multiversers were once humans but were turned into gods after they died.
    • A version of Duncan that he sent to live in his original world killed itself out of depression.
    • Roman Torchwick of the RWBY series was killed by Duncan in the story MLTI VRSE. He was later brought back from the dead by Michael, however.
    • In the story Soul Reaper of the Multiverse, it's established that another version of Michael was in that universe before, but was somehow killed either by Aizen or an agent of Aizen - he still doesn't know how they accomplished this.
    • In the story Young Multiverser, Sebastian "Brother" Blood, who acted as the main antagonist of an arc involving the Church of Blood trying to bring Trigon forth using Rachel Roth/Raven, was killed off as punishment for his deeds.
  • Character Development - All of the Multiversers have changed quite a lot from their days as ordinary, mortal humans.
  • Chekhov's Gun - Negatium was revealed as a concept in the story The Antiverser and used to wound Michael's shoulder. It has since become a frequently-used way of damaging the Multiversers, who are otherwise invulnerable to other forms of attack.
  • Closed Circle - The Multiversers are all-powerful beings, so occasionally, in order to have them stay in the place where the story needs them, an excuse must be given for why they cannot leave.
    • In the arc of Young Multiverser involving the Church of Blood, there is a special barrier set up around the island the Team finds themselves on that keeps even the two Multiversers they are with (Michael and Adam) from leaving.
  • Crisis Crossover - Legends of the Multiverse.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle - Any fight where the Multiversers are going up against anybody "ordinary".
  • Dark and Troubled Past - Most, if not all, of the Multiversers have done things in their pasts they're either not proud of or utterly horrified by. Some have even had things happen to them they don't particularly like remembering.
  • Deadpan Snarker - Pretty much every character worth mentioning gets at least one moment of this at some point in the saga.
  • Death by Origin Story - The families of the Multiversers from Outbreak!Earth pretty much all died during The Outbreak.
  • Demonic Invaders - Outbreak Earth had a number of them.
  • Descent into Addiction - Kind of, in the case of Dexter Verser. He has stated that he isn't addicted to drugs, but occasionally smokes marijuana because his brother from his human life used to and it's his way of remembering him. Played straight in that, upon Dexter taking in Roland Deschain as a mental roommate, he picks up Roland's habit of chain-smoking.
  • Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male - Strongly averted. Twice.
    • Michael Verser was raped for serveral days by Viper/Madam Hydra during his time as Spider-Man because she wanted to use his DNA to create a super soldier serum.
    • The Pink Demon, which resides in the Pink Bend o' the Rainbow (part of Maerlyn's Rainbow, a collection of evil crystal balls), raped Dexter in order to get back at Walter Padick for his affair with Gabrielle Deschain, referring to it as "evening things out between them."
  • Dysfunction Junction - If there is a large group of characters at any given time in a Multiverser story, the word "dysfunctional" is probably the best way of describing their interactions.
  • Eldritch Abomination - Quite a number of them.
    • The Man in Black, Walter Padick, is even one of the originals: Nyarlathotep of the Cthulhu Mythos.
  • Eldritch Location -
    • The End, the exact opposite of The Multiverse.
    • The Empty City, a physical manifestation of the fear of being lost.
    • Terra Infinitas itself sort of counts. Being a planet of the Multiversers, a lot happens there that makes no sense to us and may even be considered somewhat unnatural.
  • Elemental Powers - All of the Multiversers, and a lot of their allies, have elemental abilities in one way or another.
  • Emotional Torque - Great effort seems to have gone into making the readers of these stories feel the right emotions from moment to moment, even to the point where they ask the readers of their stories to listen to specific music at certain moments.
  • Escalating Brawl - If the Multiversers are in a fight that seems in any way fair, the odds of it turning into this are pretty damn high.
  • Even the Girls Want Her - Alexis Verser has been known to attract attention from both genders.
  • Even the Guys Want Him - Dexter Verser looks so much like a woman that many men genuinely mistake him for one.
  • Everybody Has Lots of Sex - To the point where certain instances spend more time elaborating on the characters' sex lives than progressing any kind of actual plot.
  • Everybody Has Standards - All of the Multiversers, regardless of how dark their characters get, have at least some standards which keep them from falling right into the Anti-Villain or Villain categories, excepting Alexis, who is an Anti-Villain.
  • Evil Counterpart - The Antiversers to the Multiversers.
  • Experienced Protagonist - The Multiversers all go through training to get used to their powers before they're released into the Multiverse on their own.
  • Explicit Content - All the Multiverser stories are filled to the brim with strong language, violence, sexual innudendoes, and even a quite a few lemon scenes.
  • Fanservice - There's a lot of sexualisation in the saga, both male and female (though mostly female).
  • Functional Addict - Dexter Verser is addicted to cigarettes, but this does nothing to hinder him in any way.
  • Genius Bruiser - The Multiversers are all geniuses in their own way, even if their behaviour more often than not implies otherwise. And they can kick your ass without lifting more than a finger.
  • The Gloves Come Off - If you have the balls and/or stupidity to piss of a Multiverser, there's nowhere you can run that'll be safe enough to keep them from getting to you if they're serious.
  • Greater-Scope Villain -
    • The Antiverser is the leader of the Antiversers, making a step up from the Big Bad nature of the other Antiversers.
      • The Antiversers as a group are starting to seem like this now. The Author and his group, The Order, have been acting out a lot more than the Antiversers as of late, giving the impression that the Antiversers will be more of a "final boss" situation for each Multiverser.
    • The mysterious being known as The Author seems to fit this, as he caused the incident known as The Outbreak which ended in several of the future Multiversers having their human lives taken from them.
  • The Grim Reaper - Prime Death.
  • Guns Are Worthless - Against enemies such as the Antiversers, the Multiversers tend to favour melee/ability-based combat over guns because they know a firefight won't get either side anywhere.
  • The Hero - Michael.
  • Heroic Archetype - Michael Verser is this to a T. He believes that the ends never justify the means and aims to become a "Hero of Justice" in a manner very reminiscent of Shirou Emiya.
  • Hero of Another Story - The Multiversers are the heroes of this saga, but a lot of side characters would have been the heroes of their respective stories had the Multiversers not gotten involved.
  • High School - You'd be surprised how often the multiversal demi-gods end up here.
  • A House Divided - Not all of each Multiverser's decisions sit well with all the others, leading to instances of this every now and then.
  • Identity Amnesia - It's clear to the readers that the Michael who stars in Amalgaverse Effect is Michael Verser, but he has no knowledge of his own origins or past before waking up on Eden Prime during the events of Mass Effect.
  • Implausible Hair Colour -
    • Michael's auburn hair is more perfectly red in color than the usual ginger hair colors.
    • Dexter has blue streaks in his hair.
    • Ezran has slicked back, naturally green hair.
  • Killed Off for Real - Played with, as Duncan Verser was forced to watch as the last piece of his humanity, in the form of a double of him that went to his home dimension, literally killed itself before him.
  • The Lancer - Adam (to Michael).
  • The Leader - Duncan.
  • Loony Friends Improve Your Personality - The Multiversers are basically a dysfunctional family of immortals with various personality disorders ... yet they still maintain a rather large amount of sanity, considering the things they've been through and the things they've done in the past.
  • Love Interests - A LOT of them! All the Multiversers apart from Prime Death have multiversal harems consisting of many different love interests.
  • Main Characters - The Multiversers.
  • Mooks - Anyone distinctly ordinary who tries to go up against the Multiversers.
  • Narrator - A lot of the Multiverser stories are told in the first person by the Multiversers themselves.
  • Nobody Poops - It's never mentioned that any character has to use the bathroom for any reason other than showering or taking a bath.
  • Pacifist - Michael Verser refuses to kill anybody unless absolutely necessary.
  • Physical God - The whole concept of the saga involves humans who become these.
  • The Power of Friendship - The bonds the Multiversers form between themselves and the allies they gain over their travels through the Multiverse are a major driving point for all of them.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits -
    • The Multiversers
    • All incarnations of the SSV Normandy crew
    • The Legends of the Multiverse
    • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  • Recurring Character - Many.
  • Regular Character - Many. Which ones depends on which of the stories you are reading.
  • Screw Destiny - Most of the Multiversers have this attitude, but none moreso than Michael Verser.
    • Prime Death actually subverts this. If someone is destined to die, he truly believes they should die at their appointed time.
  • Serial Escalation - As each story in the saga goes on, each arc becomes more and more intense than the last. This escalation effect has led to some ridiculously MASSIVE action sequences that nobody but the Multiversers have been able to take part in, leaving the other characters standing on the sidelines giving witty commentary on whatever fight is happening.
  • Sexy Man, Instant Harem - SO. MANY. TIMES.
  • Shout-Out - The Multiversers can practically communicate using these at times.
  • Summon Magic -
  • Take That! - As shown in the first chapter of Multiverser 10, both Michael Verser and his mental roommate Ben Tennyson have a low opinion of some of the choices made in Ben 10: Omniverse (particularly the choice of breaking up Ben and Julie and pairing her up with Herve).
  • That's No Moon! - Subverted. Nyx of the Persona universe, which Dexter visits in the Multiversal Wild Card chain of stories, technically is the moon as the moon is her true physical body and comes to life once Ryoji/Nyx Avatar links up to it.
  • There Are No Therapists - Averted. Dexter is a licensed therapist, equipped to deal with most of the problems of his friends and lovers. In addition, some of the Multiversers are in relationships to those with therapist qualifications such as Harley Quinn.
  • Trash Talk - The Multiversers are not kind to the people they are up against when it comes to verbal abuse.
  • Trauma Conga Line - The Multiversers and their allies are magnets for horrific things happening to them.
  • True Companions - Or, as Dexter refers to them (in the High Speech of Mid-World), ka-tet.
  • We Would Have Told You, But... - The Multiversers almost never reveal what they are to their allies until quite a while into any particular story.
  • World of Snark - Everyone lets off at least a few smartass remarks in this saga, no exceptions.
  • You Can't Go Home Again - Averted in that it's possible for the Multiversers to send a copy of themselves to their homeworld if they so wish, but this copy cannot interact with the family or friends they once had. Duncan did this, but his copy killed itself out of depression, and with it died what little humanity Duncan had left.
    • Played around with for the Multiversers who originate on Outbreak!Earth. Despite the intervention of Duncan Verser in pushing back the forces attacking the world, the Multiversers who came from that universe have lost their families for the most part, thus have no reason to return home.
  • You Killed My Father - One of the big reasons for Dexter hating Walter Padick is that Walter killed Steven Deschain, the only man since his death as a human who Dexter genuinely saw as his father.
    • Michael lost his family due to the machinations of The Author. As a result, he has sworn to bring down everyone involved in The Outbreak, leading to him becoming a Multiverser.

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