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The MUSHU-Verse is a Massive Multiplayer Crossover series by Mon-Ra in which various animated protagonists band together against the forces of evil. That is if they can learn to stand each other.

Installments of MUSHU include:

  • Mega Ultra Super Heroes Unite: "The only thing Danny Fenton, Manny Rivera, Randy Cunningham, Jake Long, and Guy Hamdon wanted is to enjoy the world's largest comic convention. Now they must team up to battle a crazed villain bent on destroying the world's heroes by destroying comic books!"
  • She-Pooktacular: "Shezap comes to raise havoc in Amity Park and accidentally recreates the incident that created Danny Phantom! So now Danny has to team up with an unlikely ally to stop the world first Super Halfa!"
  • Ultimate Rocking Rivals Unite: "Mysterious alien invaders have captured most of the world's greatest heroes! So now the secondary heroes have to step up to not only save the world, but the entire universe as well!"
  • Vacationing Hero Families Unite: "After being abducted in Ultimate Rocking Rivals Unite, the heroes from around the world are taking some vacation time. Little do they know that the Villains have discovered something that could end up being a game changer!"
  • Super Eggheaded Geniuses Unite: "The world is being attacked by invincible monsters. The world's heroes are barely able to hold them off. So now a group of brave nerds are sneaking behind enemy lines to stop the greatest threat ever known! We're all doomed!"
  • Secret Files of OWCA: "The Organization Without a Cool Acronym. A secret organization dedicated to safeguarding the world using cute animals. But how did this come to be? Well it all started with the 13 Primes."
  • Grant a Wish: "Randy, Howard, and Julian travel to Orchid Bay City for a little fun. But what will happen when Randy starts seeing monsters everywhere? Is he going insane? Can he protect everyone? Does he have a chance against this little girl claiming to be a friend of the monsters?"
  • Amazing Mystical Warriors Unite: "A mysterious foe from the Land of Shadows has attacked Orchid Bay and taken down the veil. Revealing the hidden world of monsters to every human on the planet. Now it falls to a few brave Magical champions to stop this enemy and restore order before the world tears itself apart. Disclaimer: I don't own most of these characters."
  • Agents of WADDLES: "Waddles was supposed to drain his brain at the end of Abaconings. Instead he accidentally accelerated it, making him even smarter and more evolved. Thanks to his new heighten state, he learns of a grave danger to the world. Knowing that one pig can't save the world alone, he looks to create an elite team to aid him."
  • Crystal Noobs: "Strange and new monsters are attacking Beach City and the Crystal Gems seem unable to deal with them. Fortunately a team of specialist warriors arrive to help. The only problem, they believe that the Gems are just as much a threat as the monsters."

This series contains examples of:

Mega Ultra Super Heroes Unite contains examples of:

  • Adaptive Ability: Viceroy's adaptoid computers, which, when connected to a specific device, can make adjustments accordingly to adapt to and counter the tactics of a single hero. One was implemented into the comic con's security system, and five separate units each controlled a head of Viceroy's hydra-bot.
  • Boisterous Weakling: The Antihero. He only becomes a threat once the Sorcerer stanked him.
  • Butt-Monkey: Sam Manson in a non-violent fashion, where her first impressions on something are constantly proved wrong, and then others rub her face in it.
  • A Child Shall Lead Them: Guy Hamdon/Shezow is the youngest of the five main heroes and takes on the leadership position. Justified, as he's the highest ranking hero out of them.
  • Double Standard: Sort of Inverted. According to Sam, if a girl wears pink, then it's demeaning and perpetuating an old stereotype, but if a boy wears pink, then he's stating his individuality. Everyone present doesn't buy it.
  • Fan Convention: Mega Ultra Super Hero Comic Con.
  • Fantastic Rank System: Taking a nod from the concept in SheZow, comics determine the popularity rank of heroes, going from urban myth to comic strip to guest appearances to title comic to graphic novel.
  • Hijacked by Ganon: The Dark Dragon gets involved once the Sorcerer asks him to help destroy the Heroes' Tome once and for all. This of course leads to the Dark Dragon taking over the last third of the story with the heroes having to risk everything to stop him.
  • New Old Flame: The previous SheZow (Agnes Munroe) was this to Lao Shi, even leading to him mentioning that she could've been Jake's grandmother. Of course, considering Agnes's status among the living, Lao Shi learns that there is no chance at rekindling the relationship.

She-Pooktacular contains examples of:

Ultimate Rocking Rivals Unite contains examples of:

Vacationing Hero Families Unite contains examples of:

Super Eggheaded Geniuses Unite contains examples of:

Secret Files of OWCA contains examples of:

  • Origins Episode: Serves as this for the formation this universe's O.W.C.A..
  • Prequel: The events in this story take place before the first installment.

Grant a Wish contains examples of:

Amazing Mystical Warriors Unite contains examples of:

Agents of WADDLES contains examples of:

Crystal Noobs contains examples of: