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Fanfic / Idiotic Rubberbrained Hottie

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Idiotic Rubberbrained Hottie is a one-shot One Piece fanfiction written by roxan1930

This one-shot involves a very jealous Sanji that isn't very pleased that women prefer Luffy over him.

This fanfiction contains examples of:

  • Berserk Button/Brutal Honesty: Sanji started to burn with anger when Zoro made him know that Luffy doesn't ogle at women chests and behinds like him.
  • Burning with Anger: Sanji blowed a fuse when discovered that the beautiful blonde girl dressed in blue was attracted to Luffy.
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  • Chick Magnet/Clueless Chick Magnet: In the aforesaid random island's bar, Luffy is siting at the bar table surrounded by ten beautiful women, but he doesn't seem to notice their fangirl-like crush.
  • Cool Scars: A girl with short green hair seemed pretty eager to caress Luffy's X-shaped scar.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Sanji didn't take very kindly to see many beautiful ladies attracted to Luffy.
  • Save the Villain: Downplayed. While Sanji isn't a villain at all, he acted like a total jerk and was very unrespectful towards the girl's attraction to Luffy, calling them and the entire island's population "retarded", making them pretty pissed off by his rudeness, but Luffy offered to be beaten up in his place.
  • Shrinking Violet: A beautiful blonde girl who's interest in Luffy, much to Sanji's chagrin, is shown to be very shy and insecure about being with him, but Nami encourages her.
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  • Unwanted Harem: Luffy seems to be quite neutral towards the girls who are trying to attract his attention
  • What Does She See in Him?: Sanji doesn't understand what makes Luffy so charming to the ladies, and the other Straw Hats answer him:

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