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Fan Fic / Shattered Eyes

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Shattered Eyes is a Naruto Alternate Universe Fic by Lithius Osmius It starts out with Naruto battling Haku, but with one twist: Naruto not only activates the Kyuubi, but also his kekkei genkai, and not just any kekkei genkai, but one that has to ability to copy other bloodline limits. While the battle proceeds as in canon, before Haku dies, he forces Naruto to promise to keep his kekkei genkai a secret. Naruto, while trying to keep his final promise to Haku, is now is trying to figure out how his kekkei genkai works, which he dubs the Kyoukagan, and what else it does. Although as Naruto learns how to control the Kyoukagan, he also learns the trouble of having the bloodline that can copy other bloodlines.



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