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Fanfic / Mountain Sage and Desert Tiger

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A Fan Fic by CrossoverQueen set in the Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones universe, posted on FanFiction.Net here.

The story follows two characters—Gerik, the game's mercenary unit and leader of an in-game mercenary troop, and Saleh, one of the game's mages. The title is a reference to Saleh's status as a sage from the mountains, and Gerik's nickname of "the Desert Tiger." While it is listed as romance and the first two chapters are rather heavy on it, the subsequent chapters gain much more subtlety and the Seme/Uke dynamic is noticeably absent throughout.


It has few reviews, especially compared to how long it's been online (at least two years due to the author's ridiculous procrastination), but it has never quite reached Dead Fic status. The often months-long gaps between updates are generally due to the author actually caring about her work, and probably contributes to its low review count.

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