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Fan Fic / Koden Sentai Koukenger

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A Fan Fic of the long running Super Sentai series. This fic actually has quite a bit of history in its hand. At first, it was a Fan Fic by an author known as Honoomaru. It was meant to be an alternate universe to one of his fics, only dealing with Super Sentai instead of Kamen Rider.

Or so he said.

One author realized that this fic is somewhat of a copy of one of his existing fics. That author was Redryuranger 11 and that fic was Elemental Sentai Kodenranger.


Honoomaru wrote two Koden Sentai Koukenger fics, one which was meant to be a remake of the original fic since he didn't like where the first fic was going. Both fics ended up only having two chapters.

Koukenger went through a long period without any updates, that was until Redryuranger 11 started writing the fic, starting with a reboot.

Now Koden Sentai Koukenger is a fic in the Redryuranger 11 verse and features cameos from characters from Elemental Sentai Kodenranger, while also being a complete parody of Super Sentai in general.

The Redryuranger 11 version which is the most recent one can be found here. The two originals that Honoomaru wrote can be found here and here.


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