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A Fan Fic of the long running Super Sentai series. This story written by an author known only as 'Redryuranger 11' has gone through an interesting history regarding its first appearance.

The plot starts out as a boy named Ryunosuke Rekka first finds himself being driven into a war between two sides, Legend and Shadow. He must take on the mantle of a red ranger of a team known as Elemental Sentai Kodenranger. He is later joined by his childhood friend, Ryn Tsubasa, a girl aspiring to be an idol, Karen Hibiki, an honest but funny boy, Lee Hamura, and the gentle school president, Rai Shishi. Much later there is not one but two Sixth Rangers, a team of siblings, Miku and Kousuke Sorahane. Though even with the amount of rangers that the story had, every chapter detailed on the path of the hero, Ryunosuke Rekka, as he strove to become a great protector of the people from despair . . .


Then came the Creator Breakdown.

After writing twenty five chapters, the updates for the fic stopped. There had been wonders for where the author may have went and why he hadn't been updating the story. Suddenly the author returned, and he was mad. Redryuranger 11 had always been shown to be nice in his author notes but his return brought upon rage in everything that he wrote. Why was he mad? Because he realized that Ryunosuke Rekka was a Mary Sue.

For once, every one was surprised about this author bashing his own work because one character turned out to be aMarty Stu. During this period of madness the author wrote a fic which brutally murdered all the rangers of the original fanfiction itself. He changed his profile so that it ended up bashing his own works and announced his canceling of everything and never again putting up any chapters for any of his fics. He lied.


Come one month later, a fic titled "Elemental Sentai Kodenranger" note  appeared. It gathered up everything that the original story had established and threw it out the door. It turned what was a comedic fic into a grim and dark fic.

Ryunosuke was now a wimp who was unsure of himself. Every chapter that has been shown show him needing help from all his friends. Back Stories for certain characters changed though mostly everyone remained the same. Some characters have been shown in a more different light. Rai seemed more like a jerk and Lee appeared to have lost what made him a funny guy. Some characters who had been shown to be total jerks all of a sudden became friendly. Redryuranger11 claims that none of the characters (except for those who had been total jerks in the original story) have their personality changed and the reason it seems that way is because the original fic never dealt with the other characters because the other characters were only there to make it a team of five. It shows.


So came a new fic which unsubtly bashes the original fic while rewriting the whole entire premise of the original fic so that Mary- I mean Ryunosuke- does not overshadow the other characters.

Can be found here.The original story which led the author to a breakdown can be found in there

As of January 17, 2011, the author is continuing the original fic in a new fic with the subtitle of "Second Turning". This can be found here

Has a small character page which is in the works.

Recurring Super Sentai Tropes:

  • All Your Powers Combined: Many combination finishing attacks. Usually with Ryu being the one to finish.
    • Remake seems to try to avoid Ryu being the one who finishes the monster as much as it can.
  • A Mech by Any Other Name: Kodenjyus.
    • Which are classified into different classes depending on what type of Kodenjyu it is. Sky Type or Land Type. The main five Kodenjyus appeared to be the named the Five Legends and the Sixth Ranger mechs are known as the Radiant Wings but other Kodenjyus that have appeared don't seem to have any sort of classification yet.
  • Big Bad: At first seemed like Kai is one since he's the only one around but after Raiju's debut, Raiju is obviously the Big Bad.
    • That's also not even the case. The true big bad is someone known as the Kage Lord . . . except Ryuuji sliced the guy in half before the story even began.
  • By the Power of Grayskull!: Release! Legend of the Beast, Koden HENSHIN!
    • Depending on the character, the incantation can change, but the above seems to be the default since said characters also seem to be able to use this to transform. Also every incantation also uses the words 'Release' at the beginning and 'Henshin' at the end.
  • Calling Your Attacks
  • Combination Attack: Other than Ryu being the one to attack, every one uses a combination attack at least once with someone else on the team.
  • Combining Mecha: As a special note, the remake claims that it is going to reinvent the way the combination works in the story.
  • Finishing Move: Mostly done by Ryu of all people. Not like the others don't do it, but . . .
  • Five-Man Band: Comes in many different flavors too depending on how it is viewed.
    • The Hero: Ryu
    • The Lancer: Rai note 
    • The Big Guy: Lee
    • Action Girl: Karen note 
    • The Chick: Ryn note 
    • Sixth Ranger: Miku & Kousuke
  • Home Base: averted actually. But Ryu's home is used as a home for the other rangers (that aren't Rai and Kousuke at least).
    • Although the remake gets rid of that aspect meaning every one just lives at their houses now, completely eliminating this trope at the very least.
  • In the Name of the Moon: It's phrasing is a Shout-Out to Juken Sentai Gekiranger even.
  • Law of Chromatic Superiority: Ryu is the first to obtain his powers, the first to use the team power up, the only one with a default warrior mech that can take on giant monsters, and the one who the spotlight shines on. Also the one who made the creator have a breakdown.
    • Ryuuji whose red as well gets most of the things that Ryu has, and stars in his own Spinoffs written by the author, plus Ryuuji has his own Cool Bike.
    • The remake inverts this a bit. Ryu is now made much less effective than his original counterpart, and gets the worst of a lot of things.
  • Make My Monster Grow: First batch seemed to be revived by dark magic used by Daisan, but later Kagejyus appear to be able to just grow on their own. Makes sense though, the first batch were sent out by Kai's forces while later Kagejyus are sent out by Raiju whose much more powerful than Kai is and most of the later Kagejyus were Raiju's doppelgangers with the ability to transform.
  • Mecha Expansion Pack: Sort of. When Rai, Lee, and Karen joined, their Kodenjyus became extra parts for Ryuoh to combine with. A true expansion came when Kodentiger was introduced and the Kodenjyus used by the Koden Fighters appear to be extra parts for Ryuoh as well.
    • The remake seems to do away with the old expansion but states that it will do something new with this that has yet to be seen.
  • Monsters of the Week: Kagejyus
  • Regular Caller: The Koden Gems used for transforming. Pretty practical when one thinks about it.
  • Super Mode: Winged Koden Henshin. Ryu was the first to use it and the only one so far to have used it effectively. Sadly the only other Ranger to obtain it is Lee who uses it for a few minutes, and the fic got cancelled before anything else could be done with it.
  • Supervillain Lair: Not exactly clear where it's located, but it's in a temple in a dark place at least.
  • Transformation Trinket: comes in many different varieties, Gloves, Braces, Cellphones, Card Readers, Spheres, some handheld thingy. One thing that all of them share though is the use of a Koden Gem as a fuel source for the henshin.
  • Transforming Mecha: Didn't even have to wait for the Sixth Ranger note , the red ranger already has one right from the start.
    • His dad gets one as well.
    • The Dragon has one too.
  • Weapon of Choice

Tropes Specific to Elemental Sentai Kodenranger:

  • Aborted Arc: The summer arc as Second Turning just starts after the vacation. Might as well since that arc wasn't going anywhere.
    • Also the side plot with Jun was also aborted as Second Turning went straight to revealing that Jun was Nue the whole time.
  • Ascended Extra: Takeshi was treated much like a minor character would be in the original fic. He was also never formally introduced as Kodengeneral what with the only reveal being an offhanded comment from Ryuuji in a segment that wasn't even part of the story, but the remake gives Takeshi more time in the limelight and he also transforms before Ryu even gets his powers in the fic. He also now appears a lot more often and helps Ryu out. It helps this time that no one is Locked Out of the Loop anymore.
    • Vice President. He was a nameless character in the original. The remake instead has him . . . actually he never gets ascended, he just gets retconned out of existence and gets replaced by a girl, Ayako, whose a love interest to Rai, a red herring to the blue powers (come on, every one knew it was going to be Lee), and also set to star as the main female in Radiant Sentai Seinaranger.
  • Badass Normal: Rai and Lee, both without powers, can fend off villains such as Kai
  • Badass Biker: Ryuuji as well.
  • Badass Longcoat: Ryuuji has one as a default outfit. Kousuke and Takeshi wear one on a daily basis an they're both badass.
  • Badass Teacher: Is there any other way to describe Takeshi and Takumi? Heck even Ojii-chan might count.
  • Chekhov's Gun: The fence on the roof was broken when Kai threw Ryu on it. This has repercussions later when Ryu gets blown off the roof in chapter 6 and when Lee tries to commit suicide and nothing is blocking him in chapter 8.
  • Creator Breakdown: The original story should be infamous for the cancellation of all Redryuranger 11 fics.
  • Creator Backlash: It seems nowadays that whenever the author has a chance, usually in a fic that has to do with Kodenranger, he will berate the original fic. He even does it in the remake of the fic. Hell, for a few months his profile was essentially putting down his own work with violent words and phrasing.
  • Darker and Edgier: The Remake was already sort of this for First Strike, but Second Turning, the actual continuation of First Strike, took this Up to Eleven! We now have Kai turning out to have killed Ryou the Real Kai and he turns out to be a clone of Raiju mixed in with Ryou's traits, and both Ryuoh and the Red Koden Gem have been destroyed. Also, Kousuke was Killed Off for Real.
  • Demoted to Extra: Sadly this happened to Ojii-chan. He only appears near the end of the first chapter of the Remake and he doesn't exactly make a regular appearance afterwards either.
    • Ryn too, from main heroine to just another girl friend except unlike Ojii-chan, she actually has more lines than her original incarnation, which might be a subversion.
  • The Dragon: Kai at first began as what seemed to be the Big Bad, but after an absence in the fic and the sudden appearance of Raiju, Kai was revealed to be just this.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Kai does not like Raiju's method for gathering despair . . . except Kai seemed to be doing the exact same thing in the very beginning.
    • Not anymore he doesn't. In Second Turning, Kai is now Raiju's loyal Dragon.
    • Kai's not exactly evil in the remake so he has a different set of standards . . . which he uses to kick evil in the butt.
      • Which makes sense, Both Kais are different characters. Remake Kai being Ryou Hinote, Ryuuji's son, and overall good guy and First Strike Kai is actually a Raiju Clone.
  • Evil Counterpart: The Kage Kodenjyus are evil versions of the Kodenjyus. Hebioh is in fact basically a snake version of Ryuoh.
    • The remake, Kai comes along a ranger named Kodenblack. He seems to be an evil version of a Kodenranger.
    • As of chapter 10, it seems that Kodenblack even has a true evil and feral version of Ryuoh, even more than Hebioh had been. The remake also subverts this with Hebioh itself, IT'S A GOOD KODENJYU! Along with the rest of the Kage Kodenjyus.
  • Evil vs. Evil: The remake actually has Kai, a villain (or so he claims to be), fighting Kagejyus alongside the rangers with his own Mooks.
  • First Kiss: Rai of all people ends up being real worried about losing his first kiss to some Tiger Girl he was freaked out by. And he loses it by the end of the chapter, which causes him to go berserk. He's surprised by the fact that Ryu isn't worried about his first kiss since Ryu already had his a long time ago. Ryu can't even remember his first kiss, and both Ryn and Karen are adamant that either one of them happens to be Ryu's first.
  • Fragile Speedster: Ryn doesn't seem to have much defense but she does use speed in her attacks.
  • Fridge Logic: Why is Kodentenma classified as a Land Kodenjyu when it has wings which it uses to fly?
  • Fridge Brilliance: Probably because it has four legs which many of the Land Kodenjyus have. The fact that it has wings doesn't necessarily automatically make it a Sky Type since Ryuoh also doesn't have wings yet is a Sky Type Kodenjyu. Besides, Kodentenma is more at home in the water. The Land Type Kodenjyu could actually be a classification for Kodenjyus which are more linked with the Earth itself as in Land and Water.
  • Hot Teacher: Mai-sensei who is described as one. She's also has the hots for Ryu.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: Even though Rai is not the hero, he appears to be the most balanced out of all the rangers.
  • Magic Knight: Miku uses a combination of light magic and melee attacks.
  • Noble Demon: The remake version is really a Noble Demon. He's so noble . . . he's not actually a villain. He's more like an Aloof Big Brother, since he fights against the bad guys himself, but the thing is, he constantly claims to be a bad guy. Yeah, that's not going so well since you're helping the heroes a lot.
    • And as of chapter 7, Kai has finally made a move in actually doing some damage to the rangers. He still seems noble as he takes the blame for apparently the death of Ryu's parents and Kai himself just wants Ryu to hate him.
  • Nominal Importance: If you have a name, then there is a high chance that you're important in some way. If you don't, good luck even getting the spotlight at all. Unless you're Ojii-chan, and that's because everyone calls you Ojii-chan.
    • One chapter even introduces a character named . . . Vice President. He even lampshades it by constantly crying over the fact that he doesn't even have a name.
      • It should be noted that the remake replaces Vice President with a character named Ayako, who has a hell lot more importance than Vice President ever had. Why? Probably because she has a name.
  • Power Trio: In the Remake, Kai, Kyoko, and Daisan serve as this.
  • The Psycho Rangers: There's only one but Kodenblack looks like Kodenred, has his own literal Black Ryuoh, and is a complete monster. Yep, he's a ranger whose a psycho version of Kodenred.
  • Shout-Out: A team of Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Pink who use the animals Dragon, Lion, Pegasus, Kirin, and Phoenix for mechas, where have we heard this before?
  • Three Plus Two: Inverted. It's actually Two (Ryu and Ryn) plus Three (Rai, Lee, Karen).
    • The Remake kind of plays this straight since the fic starts out with three rangers (Ryu, Ryn, and Karen). The thing is, Karen still uses the same Transformation Trinket as Rai and Lee so this is somewhat hard to judge.
    • To be technical, it's actually one (Ryu) plus two (Ryn and Karen) plus two (Rai and Lee).
  • Transformation Name Announcement

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